Ron Paul Wins Another Straw Poll

Kurt Nimmo
August 12, 2011

According to the corporate media, the establishment Republican “debate” at Iowa State University in Ames last night was a toss up between Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachman and the phantom candidate Rick Perry (who will announce tomorrow).

Average folks in Iowa, however, have chosen the candidate predictably given short shrift by the establishment media – Ron Paul.

Paul won hands down an online straw poll held prior to Ames Straw Poll that will be conducted tomorrow. The Ames poll is considered by most as the first real test of a presidential candidate’s organizational strength in Iowa.

Results of the online poll are as follows:

1st – Ron Paul with 44% of the unique online votes
2nd – Herman Cain 16%
3rd – Michele Bachmann 10%
4th – Rick Perry 8%
5th – (TIE) Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney 5%
7th – Sarah Palin 4%
8th – “Someone Else” 3%
9th – Rick Santorum 2%
10th – (Tie) Jon Huntsman and Newt Gingrich with 1% of the unique online votes

Perry and Palin have yet to officially announce they are running for the GOP nomination for president, so they will not be included on the Ames Straw Poll tomorrow.

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96 Responses to “Ron Paul Wins Another Straw Poll”

  1. These debates are a dog and pony show for the lamestream media. Of course they won’t talk about Ron Paul. He threatens the oligarchy’s gravy train by wanting to End the Fed.

    All the more reason to elect him. Let’s tell this New World Order they can suck our ass!! What are they going to do when Ron Paul abolished the Federal Reserve and the IRS and brings the US dollar back to the gold standard?? Try and have him assassinated as they did to JFK?? Technology has made leaps and bounds compared to 1964, and any attempt would be unsuccessful and they will get caught. (Even though they were able to dupe the majority of Americans on 9-11)

    This is war folks. We need to get control back of our country and tell these power hungry cocksuckers we’re gunning for them. WE THE PEOPLE will control our country, not a small group of overpaid, cowardiced and spineless criminals. They can’t defend themselves without help from someone else either. Let’s take advantage of that. Money is their only weapon. Let’s take it away from them.


  2. I hear he’s well organized in Iowa, so let’s hope he does well. He’s the only one I think that will end the wars, lower spending, get our credit rating back and create a place for businesses to create jobs.

    He’s ignorant about some social things, like why marriage laws matter, but I’ll take him over any of the others.

  3. Ron Paul looked like old Mr Scrooge that needed to be woken up to give his answer which most were good except he doesn’t understand the islam religion or thinking

    • Whats to understand just bomb them right?

    • Uhh, he is getting his advice about the Middle East from people like former CIA analysts like Micheal Shuerer, former Bin Laden hunter. Maybe you need to read the recommended reading list he put out in 2007, starting with “Blowback.”

      Even if you believe the official story of 9/11, when we pull out of Afganistan it will be a repeat of the post-soviet pull out, and will cause increased tensions worldwide. Our current foreign policy makes us LESS SAFE because it provokes countires that have no beef with the USofA, and does so in a blatantly hypocritical fashion as to provide sympathy for the enemies of the US.

      YOU and your NEO-CON scumbag friends do NOT understand Islam or the thinking of the Muslims. Ronnie RAY-GUN called them all crazy, and pulled the troops out of Lebannon because of it. The NEO-CON Rapture Freaks think by provoking these people, they can get Jesus to come back, and then God will come down to save them from Satan.

      Is that your thinking and understanding?


  4. Now is Our Time People

    An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government. -Ron Paul

    Gimme Warp..



    • Yes. Now IS the time. UP THE REVOLUTION!

  5. Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to corrupt myself by watching this fox”news” debate and it was a unpleasant experience watching everyone except Dr. Paul kissing the derriere of Occupied Palestine aka Israel. It was an idiotic display of neo-conservatives trying to look “presidential” by rolling out the same old tired cliches and platitudes that got Yomama elected. Same old tired NoxSnewz questions – pull a quote and try to trip up the respondent. Same politician answers, neither confirm nor deny. It’s disgusting and I felt like I should wash my ears with Octagon soap after I clicked the show off. Gingrich ‘appeared’ like he was trying to remain calm, I don’t like anything else about him. Dr. Paul stood with truth in hand, Constitution at his right side dodging pot shots like a gentleman. It was an unpleasant way to kill 2 hours.

  6. I don’t have an iota of confidence in the voting booth process. It is rigged and will probably reelect Obama because he is in power and his party will control the cookie jar come election time. There needs to be an “online exit poll” that will accurately reflect the will of the people and give an accurate account of how the voting is going. If you can bank online you can vote online. Only problem is who will be able to put this plan into operation and can they be trusted not to tamper with or unwittingly have the results messed with by some government spooks.

    Free PYO bumper stickers.

    • I never could understand why you don’t get a reciept when you vote. I mean, you get a reciept at an ATM, why can’t you have a printed record of your vote, who got it and a confirmation number. You can’t tell me that’s not ‘doable’.

      • Ok, good idea, but, assuming everyone got a receipt, if there was a disputed election who is going to count 100 million receipts? There needs to be some kind of independent, verifiable tamper proof system that can be trusted to give an accurate accounting of an election. As soon as you have official state and local election boards doing the tabulating it is already suspect. The MSM should not be forecasting the results with their asinine predictions and not give any on air results at all.

      • You don’t get a receipt because SECRET VOTING is essential.

        If you got a reciept, people could influence your vote because they would be capable of know who you voted for.

        There is a reason why secret ballots are essential.

        There is ALSO a reason why HAND COUNTED ballots are essential. The people who want to vote on-line are willing to throw away the voting process beccause they are too lazy to go to a building and vote.

        HAND COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS counted in FULL VIEW of the public AND in front of a camera streaming live on-line, and stored FOREVER.

        This is the ONLY wany to get a fair election!

        • Add

          counted AT THE PRECINCT, not brought to anywhere.

  7. Save lives…vote Ron Paul 2012.

  8. My new bumper stickers on both cars. RON PAUL WAS RIGHT.

  9. The globalist elite will have to assassinate Ron Paul because he is waking up a lot of Americans. But Ron Paul’s ideas cannot be killed so his supporters will pick up his banner and achieve victory because they cannot kill all of his supporters.

    • or.. there is always one more year to finish destroying whats left..and leave the pile of dung for us to live in..i dont envy him if he wins..there may not be much to work with…when he wins…go ron go… obama will be hard to beat.. and that says all we need to know of the state of the world..too many people are still blinded.. i am trying my hardest to spread the word.. and i never gave two shits before knowing that i was voting for one side of the same coin..i believe in what paul is saying because that was what i was taught was right about america…lets be positive..spread his name with good cheer.. without him now there would be no hope….Perry is being sent to destroy him..that is what i believe.. dont know why i think that but i do..never did trust him…

  10. ONLINE POLLS CAN EASILY BE RIGGED BY ANYONE! I support Ron Paul, but to BRAG about winning an ONLINE POLL is just ridiculous! It’s also because of Kurt and Alex doing this stuff that no one answering legitimate polls is picking Ron Paul.

    Thanks guys!

    • How do you rig an on-line straw poll? I would love to know just how easy it is to sneak in and hack polls and cause them to show results that are very unpopular with the so-called MSM.

      Why is it every time RON PAUL wins something, it is NEVER because he is the best and most popular candidate? And how is it that RON PAUL supporters and no other candidates supprters (even the candidates who are blatant criminal lying scum) are able to do this hacking and get their poll results?

      If it is so easy to hack in and change on-line poll results at a major media corporation, why aren’t other people’s supporters doing it? Are we supposed to believe that the criminals on the internet ALL support RON PAUL? EVERY TIME? IN EVERY POLL?

      Get a reality check!

      • how to RIG an online poll?
        Well, “I” would LOVE to see RP IN. ( had to say that so you don’t think I am AGAINST him.. Matter o fact.. I WAS a democrat, but am going to the GOP TONIGHT for a RP thing!.. anyway, the online poll thing..
        I think that YES, he is very strong with online people, I also know that there are alot of conservative, mainstream news believers, out there, that DIDNT vote, if it was an ONLINE thing

        we ALL need to get the message out. Try and educate the sheep. this is our last chance…

        • Thanks for the reply, but while there are conservative MSM “believers” out there that do not get on-line and participate in on-line polls, many of those people don’t vote.

          Next time you hear or see a friend or co-worker of yours talking about American Idol, ask them if they voted in 2010 or even 2008. Even if they are rabid political talking heads, most of these sheeple simply don’t vote. Participation is usually lower than 50% because the sheeple have been so dumbed down that they don’t know how to vote, so don’t vote to avoid looking dumb.

          The old timers, who are just getting too old to see there and ttry to read a computer screen, so while they do vote, they are getting older and older. The average FAUX SNews viewer is in his late 50′s, early 60′s, and all the other MSM outlets have viewership even older than that. As they age those baby boomers will be a smaller and smaller percentage of the vote, and THEY are hearing people talk about cuts in SS and medicare, so they may be interested in RON PAUL just for that.

          However, this post stream was about hacking a poll, or rigging a poll, and the lack of old people getting on-line to vote doesn’t really constitute a hack or a rig, and the fact that the average sheepled America doesn’t even know how to vote seems to indicate that the only voters in the next election will be old people who like RON PAUL, and computer savy people who like RON PAUL, which is why he is winning these polls all over the country.

        • This not brain surgery. Fox edited the CPAC video back in February. They had to admit it because any fool could see it, once they heard what to look for.
          The word is “integrity”. Has the integrity of the aforementioned online poll been challenged before? And proven? Fox has no INTEGRITY. This has been proven.
          Mainstream polls are easily rigged- biased by geographic sampling, time-of-day demographics (who is at home), area codes, zip codes, and downright lies. The so-called TV poll is very easy to “hack”, especially when the broadcaster conducting it has no integrity, and doubly so when advertising income is directly impacted by results of the “poll”- can you say ‘conflict of interest’ ? The truth is that broadcasters used to be very careful about these things. Those days are long gone, but the sheeple still trust them. UP THE REVOLUTION!

      • listening to the crowd i would say ron paul won hands down…. cheers for Paul.. people know he is not b.s… i just kept wondering who a good vp candidate would be if it gets that far..

    • Kinda like his record breaking online campaign donations as well? Just a figment of your imagination that really didn’t happen, or if it did, it was “rigged”. YouDumb!

  11. **************************Run Ron run*************************

  12. Is Herman Cain the GOP/RINO equivalent of Obama? I watched a Herman Cain rally and saw the same type of messiah worshiping utterly clueless idiocy on display by the GOP sheep.

  13. I can’t believe I’ve bee so oblivious to how horribly biased Fox News is within the GOP race. Ron Paul winning the poll by more than the next top 3 COMBINED. Nothing to report here fox says. They are so biased it makes me sick.

  14. Devotees of Ron Paul pass links on sites devoted to him to vote in these straw polls. He won most of the straw polls last year for this reason but bombed in the elections. It served a purpose last time to get him noticed but now it’s just fogging the mirror. We need to know where he really stands in the polls. How is he doing in random telephone polls? Last I heard he was way down.

    • EVERY candidate tries to stack the polls! EVERY SINGLE ONE of the candidates tries to get peope to log on and vote in the polls that mention their names.

      RON PAUL wins those polls because he has the most support amoungst people who know how to use a computer and find the polls on-line. Those who do NOT use a computer, who watch FAUX SNews, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars, don’t vote in polls, but they rarely vote in elections either.

      RON PAUL is winning, because RON PAUL is winning. He has more people supporting him, and therefore wins more polls. If Mitt Romney had as many people on-line as RON PAUL did, they would do the same thing and they would be winning the polls.

      But even Rassmussen says RON PAUL has best chance of beating Obama in the general election, and that was a random phone survey.

      Also, keep in mind, random phone surveys do NOT include cell phones. So, while 1/3 of the USofA is cell phone only, and MOST of them are computer savy and on the internet supporting RON PAUL, they do not get counted.

      A random phone survey is a land line subscriber, in the middle of the afternoon, at home, who answers the phone, and willing to take a poll.

      Housewives and geriatrics who watch cable news all day.

    • that is one way to manipulate the voters mind… tell them he is so far down in a telephone poll that they believe he doesnt have a chance…. again..i heard the cheers for his message… people believe he is a man of substance

  15. Fed Insider/Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Denounces Federal Reserve Audit


    Herman Cain:

    – was Chairman of the Kansas City FED

    – had an Enron-esque disaster: “″

    – supported TARP

    – praised Bush for his economic policies

    – supports waterboarding

    – probably running to siphon votes from candidates public perceives as outsiders/pro-free market

  16. Oh, did I miss something? Didn’t even know there was a debate; I don’t get cable–just old-school teevee. But I might have taken a quick look-see. Most of these debates are just more window dressing in the main. Nothing much of substance.

    Since the Repubs rarely seem to field viable candidates, this time Perry will be trotted out as a staunch ‘Reagan’ conservative, no doubt. In NYC, Alec Baldwin is thinking about running for mayor. (as a Dem) His detractors point out that he is merely a successful ACTOR…forgetting that Reagan was a merely a grade B actor and grade F president. I love the lack of depth perception in political bias. Perry opened his unannounced run with a prayer meeting. His ilk give religion a bum rap.

    Ron Paul’s nomination would be a miracle in this political climate. His assault on the military/industrial complex is viewed as unAmerican in Repub circles. They are tethered to the ultraright fascination with flexing Yankee muscle–in the mode of Grover (no new taxes) Norquist and Karl (greed is good) Rove. With such stalwarts as Norquist and Rove steering their ship, small wonder the GOP is sailing toward the reefs. The shame is, the Democrats answer is no better.

    • Maybe you should have watched the debate. Or the after debate polls.

      The economic climate is the dominate climate, not the concerns over Iran and the Middle East. Everyone in the country (even the vast majority of Republicans) understand that $1 TRILLION a year to drop bombs on brown people is no good in a time of economic hardship when you want to cut entitlements.

      Even Ronnie RAY-GUN talked about ‘Guns and Butter’ and the inability to have both. You can’t cut granny’s $600 a month entitlement while dropping multi-million dollar bombs on countries that pose no threat to anyone.

      • They all talk real good until they get in office. Look Obama standing in front of closed factories saying he was gonna bring the jobs back, didn’t happen! Bush swore to the Christian citizens that he would place the embassy in Jerusalem and would never attempt to make a palestinian statehood. Lies, all polititions are croked. Some more than others, but thats like saying which would kill you faster, a train come at you 60 mph or a bus at the same speed.

  17. My Wife say’s I’m to critical of Ron Paul, and should give him a fair chance. We gave Bush a chance and now we have 9/11 and patriot act. Patriot Act, what a slam that is to every American! My Wife thought Obama would bring more compassion to the WhiteHouse. She now knows different. Stay away from the ballot 2012. Look if Paul wins, the strings will be the same, just attached to a different puppet.

    • i agree they are all puppets, but ron paul is the only guy since kennedy to challenge the fed and the irs, so there is something different about him. we can’t just sit around and do nothing in 2012, even if the chances that ron paul gets silenced, the fact is right now he’s voicing real issues, and we have to support that because no one else is

    • Judge people by their actions, not their words. RP has the MOST consistent voting record to the Constitution for 35 YEARS. If people did this w/Obama, they would have know what they were getting.

      But never forget, this the message (Liberty) not the man (Ron Paul). But he has done far more than ANYONE to expose our fraudulent banking cartel Federal Reserve system than anyone. Which I would argue is the root of all our global economic problems and beyond.

      • I believe Mr. Paul voted for the invasion of Iraq didn’t he.? Yes of course he did. We all know this was an unprovoked attack. Sorry, but no more D.C. government gets my vote. However I have respect for most of my State (Virginia) polititions as they have gone up against Obamas health care bill. I think we should be the US without the middle man (fed) F**king us up. Each State can be self-sufficient, and if needed, it can help those States less fortunate. Call me a dreamer, but this Nation was built on dreams that became reality.

        • No he didn’t. He was one of six who didn’t vote for the invasion of Iraq.

          Why is it always the assclown who himself utterly lacks credibility that questions the integrity of others? If you’re too stupid to educate yourself on Ron Paul’s impeccable and unwavering record to the adherence of the constitution and can’t distinguish Ron Paul from a standard politician, then you’re the type of hopeless imbecile who will someday fall prey to a Nigerian prince, or maybe you have already which is why you take an extreme position that everyone is a con artist.

      • unconquered, you have been conquered by your trust in D.C. and Mr. Paul.

        • Former true believer Obama supporter, huh? Had your heart broken by the false promises of the Messiah and now you can’t trust your childlike naivete, so you’ve taken the equally childish assumption that everyone is lying to you and is as phony as the teleprompter reader in chief.

          You’re like those broken heart white pride socialists who lost their minds and accuse AJ of being a disinfo agent after their hero Hal Turner was exposed in court as an FBI informant who sold out his listeners for a few hundred dollars. It’s a case of misery wanting company. It’s a case of pitiful and pathetic low grade morons judging others by their own naivete stupidity.

        • SJ27, Your wrong dude! I watched a report on the vote. It was shot around Senator Byrd who resisted the invation and attempted to get other Senators to vote nay. At the end it showed all that voted for the invasion, Ronnies name was in the yea box. As for thinking everyone to be a con artist, well you sound like seeing you lied to be in that catagory. Not only did it show the votes but gave a audio recording of the votes. RP vote yes for the invasion.

  18. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich for 2012. They’d get the independent, conservative, Republican, and liberal votes. It’d be a landslide victory over Obama.

    • Kucinich voted for “Obamacare”! He is also a known gun-grabber!

      • Ron Paul would veto any anti gun legislation. You wouldn’t have to worry about that. Dennis Kucinich is just who is needed as Ron Paul’s vice president to beat Obama in 2012. Kucinich is a socialist and a leftist but he is an honest socialist and leftist. I’d support him over any cookie cutter Democrat or Republican. He’d get the left vote and independent vote to get Ron Paul the presidency. Obama would have no chance in the popular vote without the far left.

        Ron Paul is my favorite then Dennis Kucinich and they both happen to be friends and name each other as running mates. You can’t find a politician that’ll agree with all of your ideals unless your ideals fit into a certain political ideology. Dennis Kucinich wants to get rid of the health insurance corporations almost entirely. These are the corporations that have been collaborating with the bankers to leech everyone dry.

  19. Way to go Ron!!!!!

  20. 3 things i judge truth by.
    1 it must set me free…not buy 1 get 1 free.
    2 it must lead me to be a better person. if it only serves me it will destroy me.
    3 it must be practical. if it dont fit its gota quit.
    ron paul has qualities of all 3 of these.
    i like to call him practical paul…care to make a t shirt?

  21. Ron Paul is not going to save America. The BELIEFS of the American people are what can and will save America. Ron Paul right now is our voice. No one person can come in and do it. It has to start in the beliefs of the American people about what is working and not working in our country. It is not about what is right or wrong as much as it is about what works and what doesn’t work. Ron Paul has been saying the same stuff for 30+ years, but now the beliefs of the American people are synchronizing with him. It is WE who can set ourselves back on the right path, and the amazing Ron Paul is who is voicing our announcement that we are taking our country and our liberties back!! Go Ron Paul in 2012, but more importantly, go American people! Don’t let other people try to inject symptoms as causes, and let’s stay on the path that we need to get rid of all these big banksters that are shredding our Constitution more and more every day! We, and ALL people deserve to be FREE!!!!

  22. Ron Paul for president? hmmm well at least he is more qualified than any other Republican candidate so far. IF he sticks to his constitutionalist roots then our country has a chance to regain some stability. All of you must admit tho 70% of the country is so uninformed that they will blame him personally once he gets into office and they find out that the only way to save the U.S. is to make the hard choices that previous Democrats and Republicans refused to do. Be prepared to vote out the rest of Congress and the senate of you vote Ron Paul, he will need all the intelligent help he can get and as it stands now Congress and the Senate apparently fall in that 70% of American people who couldnt find there own ass in the dark with both hands.

    • true.
      keep in mind hes not a young man. if anyone can make the tough choices work it will have to be someone old to balance it out.
      great statement you have posted. the only thing left out is he will need to be surrounded by the army,and ware a bullit proof vest.

  23. As long as the mainstream media continues to completely ignore Ron Paul, it will be so easy to convince the sheeple that Romney or Bachman won the primaries with their little electronic voting machines! When I walked into my polling station in 1996 and saw that electronic voting machine for the first time, I knew in my heart that this country was finished!

    How difficult is it to rig the voting machines? Well, Vegas has been doing it since the 80′s on their electronic slot machines and have been caught hundreds of times with no real consequences! They just pass the buck and blame it on “equipment failure”!

    Ron Paul would have to get 70% of the votes in order to have any chance to be on next years ballot! I suppose it is entirely possible, but i’m not holding my breath!

    Lets just say Ron Paul did win and become president. How long could he realistically serve before they do another J.F.K. on him? They got away with it in broad daylight the first time even though nearly every single American watched the whole back of his head get blown out from the .45 the driver used! Kind of like 911 I suppose – completely defies logic, but the sheep will believe anything “official” as long as some government croney in a suit tells them it is so! Yep, those building, including building seven, were brought down by fire, ……..GEEEESH!

    • You asked, “How difficult is it to rig the voting machines?”

      If you watch “Hacking Democracy” you will see, for yourself, that it takes 20 seconds and no experience whatsoever to rig an election. They did it in OH for Bush in 2004.

      When the exit polls show 60% for Paul, and noone even close, but the black boxes spit out Rick Perry, I hope the people will understand what’s going on, but the media blackout on RON PAUL is being done SPECIFICALLY to rig the election and insist that despite all the “internet savy” Ron Paul supporters, he was never even a real challenger.

      When RON PAUL wins a straw poll, they say he shipped people in. When he wins an on-line poll, it’s because his supporters use the internet more than the others. Whenever he wins, the media just glosses over it or simply doesn’t even report it. It’s a tell on what’s to come.

      • My point exactly! It takes a court order for the actual paper ballots to be counted by hand and compared to the electronic tally. How do you get a court order? Nearly impossible – exit polls are not admissable evidence because of the wide margin of error!

        Like a mentioned above, even if they did get caught, it just gets blamed on equipment failure or a programming errors! These guys have a million ways to cover their tracks!

        I would love to see RP get sworn in, but I have to be realistic. Sorry for being such a downer.

        • What paper ballots? We don’t have paper ballot anything here in TX. The black box spits out a total, and that’s the total. The re-count is clicking the button that says re-count.

          As for exit polls, just remember, in 2004, when the exit polls were off by 15% showing Kerry as the winner over Bush, the media said that people voted for Bush, but then were so embarrassed they told the exit poller that they voted for Kerry.


          When the Iranian elections exit polling showed Amadenijaad won by 5% MORE than the voting results had posted, they used that 5% error (in his favor) to show election fraud.

          Exit polls won’t do anything but show the people what happened. The question is, when people see exit polls showing RON PAUL won by 60% with the number 2 guy getting 20 or 30%, but the black boxes spit out Rick Perry as the winner with Mitt Romney in 2nd, what will happen?

          In court, nothing. But what about the people’s reaction? And will Obama supporters be so relieved that they don’t have to face off against RON PAUL, will they just sit quiet, believing they can beat Perry. Will the RON PAUL supporters accept the blatant fraud and the courts refusal to do anything?

    • scary isn’t it!


  25. YAAAAAAWN. huh? oh. another globalist trying to be the new slave master again. how exciting. yaaaa. anyone need some ammo or survival gear? I’m on my way to pick some up now so we can fight the gov’t off when they attack us on the streets. yeah rp will be here too helping reload and shoot his crime partners in d.c. yeah, he’s all about that dontcha know. yep. he’s all that and a bag of chips. The epitome of a nwo agent dressed up like your dear, sweet grandfather that loves and cares for you.

    • …..and has voted exactly the way he said he would since 1976. The wolf in sheeps clothing, hanging out in Congress voting against the NEW WORLD ORDER and waking people up for 25 YEARS, so that on his 3rd attempt to be President, when he is most popular because the economy is failing, he will turn coat and hand us all to the New World Order while we just stand there and say, “aw shucks.”

      Is that right? Is that how it’s gonna work?

      A 25 year COINTELPRO agent in waiting, who woke up TENS OF MILLIONS to their scam, and even has Newt Gingrich calling for a FED audit!

      You are getting so f-ckin’ dumb, I want to barf!

    • roaddog. i as of today plan to vote for (practical paul)

      without going threw your usuall mess of critisism. will you give me some examples of things ron paul has done that would indicate he is a globalist…i just dont see it.

      • james/free and all other politician worshippers: you suffer from stockholm symdrome. You believe in the system you so desperately say you want to change and the status quo remains. You believe in d.c. of which you say you hate. You stumble into the ballot box every 4 years expecting a change because you were told there would be a change. The only change is the nwo moves forward and you ‘vote’ every time for the ones doing the changes. You believe that if you wrap yourself in the flag and do your duty by ‘voting’ that the ones in d.c. will suddenly love you and hear your bleating. You’re brainwashed into believing there’s a hero in d.c. mk ultra victims. You watch your tv and it tells you there is hope. You even pray for change, but wishful thinking doesn’t apply to politics. james: there has never been a president that was not a globalist. Thats their job. To do business and back room deals with all other elite globalists to move the nwo forward. You can’t see it because you’re scared and in denial. The same with the rest of the politician worshippers. They want so bad for d.c. to love them.

        • That is ALL 100% full of sh-t!

          1. I do NOT believe in the system I want to change.
          2. I do NOT believe in DC.
          3. I vote every two years or better.
          4. I do NOT believe in wrapping myself in a flag.
          5. I do NOT believe we have a “duty” to anyone.
          6. I do NOT believe that people in DC love me or ever will.
          7. I do NOT believe that DC is listening to us.
          8. I do NOT believe there is a hero in DC.
          9. I do NOT watch TV.
          10. I do NOT have “hope.”
          11. I do NOT pray.
          12. I do NOT apply wishful thinking to politicians.
          13. George Washington was NOT a GLOBALIST. Neither was Adams or Jefferson
          14. Back room deals are ILLEGAL, not their job.
          15. I am NOT scared.
          16. I am NOT in denial.
          17. I do NOT worship polticians.
          18. I couldn’t give a sh-t about what DC thinks.

          Virtually every statement you made, total horsesh-t! I like RON PAUL because, unlike the others, he promises LESS gobvernment, MORE liberties, and getting the federal government out of my life, AND, unlike the others, he has voted the way he has promised to vote, every time, 100%, since 1976. I like RON PAUL because I HATE dc, and want to be left alone, as is my RIGHT!

        • dog you sound like a typical politician….YOU DIDNT ANSWER MY QUESTION.!
          so i will simplify the question again.
          what has ron paul DONE to indicate he is a globalist?
          such a simple question. no doubt you cant answer it.

    • What a trolling arsehole spook you are roadDOG,Hiding in the open.

    • there went my smiley face… kinda makes me think though.. if washington hadnt crossed the delaware his whole army would have been gone the next week… whos going to be around when our army doesnt get a paycheck.? crazy roaddog muthers like you thats who… and how long you gonna last with 400 million screaming china men chasing you out of your rabbit hole? so man up and cheer for Paul… damnit hes the only chance we got.

  26. Just read the BBC article on this debate thinking that they must at least have something to say about RP. Why was I so naive? They listed him in a group of several names once and then…..nada. All the others get paragraphs of irrelevant typical nonsense about how they are frontrunners vying to contend with Romney at the top. MSM certainly does was everyone on here says they do, that is, simply attempt to brain wash the masses

    • amazing how the main stream media scum didn’t mention this!

    • and brain wash they do well..thats how we ended up in the mess we are in.

  27. Woopeee. However, Ron Paul won’t get the Republican nomination no matter how many polls he wins. He needs to go Independent. Another good reason to dismantle the 2 party system, boot ALL the Dems and Reps out of Congress, along with the scumbag lobbyist system, and vote for new political parties that serve the people, not the corporations. But this can’t happen in America because NOBODY is paying attention (or has a very short attention spam) and there is no outrage or will to really do something about this! We do not have a real government but a bunch of gangsters running the country.

    Free PYO baseball bat bumper stickers

    • If you go independant, you spend all your time and money getting on the ballot, and fail almost all the time.

      You can’t win 3rd party. And if RON PAUL doesn’t win the primary, it’s because the black boxes can’t count to 10, 3 times in a row, without f-ckin’ up!

      Saw THAT myself.

  28. Omg!!! Fox s online poll clearly shows Ron Paul in lead 48.3 %! so I took a snap shot with my phone then 1 min later foxnews on live tv showed the online results and switched the names on line one and two! The live tv showed picture with newts name one line one and with Ron Pauls votes!!! I get sooo sick of this!! We must let people all over know why the big media fights to not acknowledge Ron Paul and how they manipulate the results!! The media is soo stupid thinking that we will be lead like sheep to the next candidate!!

  29. BOOYAH!!!

  30. Wyclef Jean “if i was president”

    “If I Was President”

    If I was president,
    I’d get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday,
    and buried on Sunday.

    If I was president…
    If I was president

    Instead of spending billions on the war,
    I can use that money, to feed the poor.
    I know some so poor, when it rains that’s when they shower,
    when screaming “fight the power”.
    That’s when the vulture devoured

    If I was president,
    I’d get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday,
    and buried on Sunday.

    If I was president…
    If I was president…
    If I was president…
    If I was president

    But the radio won’t play this.
    They call this rebel music.
    How can you refuse it, children of moses?

    If I was president,
    I’d get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday,
    and buried on Sunday.

    If I was president…
    If i was president

    Tell the children the truth, the truth.
    Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America.
    Tell them the truth.
    The truth
    YEAH! Tell them about Marcus Garvey.
    Tell the children, the truth, yeah! The truth
    Tell them about Martin Luther King.
    Tell them the truth.
    The Truth.
    Tell them about JFK

    If I was President
    If I was president,
    I’d get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday,
    and buried on Sunday.

    If I was president…
    If I was president

    • ok i watched it..but wyclef is from haiti and we all know foreigners arent allowed to run for president…right? so he can just forget about being president…

  31. ROn Paul is the ONLY choice.

  32. He should have STFU’d about Iran. If a republican crowd starting boo’ing you, you know you are going to be in trouble to get the numbers to be the republican candidate.

    However, I do hope he is the candidate.

    • Santorum’s crowd was a little close to the microphones for the event. Santorum was the anti-Paul, pro-Bush NEO-CON candidate, and they had his supporters yelling and screaming all night. They were few but loud.

      Iran is not a threat to anyone other than a corrupt Israel afraid of losing their hegemony in the Middle East.

  33. They’ll put whatever f-cking a–hole they want into the White House. Hillary came out and said that Palin would be the next Pres, even though she’s a joke. The White House is where the crooked establishment puts their shoe-shine boy. Even if Paul gets elected, there is so much driftwood and wreckage floating around Washington, he would never be able to get anything done.

    The only election you can win is electing to go down to the gun shop and vote with your money while it still has some value left in it. That’s the only election the fat pigs in suits respect.

  34. “Perry and Palin have yet to officially announce they are running for the GOP nomination for president, so they will not be included on the Ames Straw Poll tomorrow.”

    Perry/Palin didn’t announce to avoid the straw poll! Perry unofficially announced just before the debate as to avoid the debate as well. His so-called prayer meeting was an Iowa Caucus in Texas. The crap about praying and fasting was SPECIFICALLY a reach out to traditional religious values that are ever present in the Iowa process. If you want to win in IA you must love (give lip service to) Jesus and Israel, (not necessarily in that order). Perry did that from Houston during the Iowa process.

    What do people think will happen regarding Colbert’s P-A-rry campaign? Will Rick PARRY come out the winner in the Iowa straw poll?

  35. RON PAUL won the debate last night as well.

    Within minutes of the debate ending, RON PAUL has a 2:1 lead over the #2 guy, Gingrich (who did really well if you didn’t know that ‘lip service’ and LYING are Newt’s specialty, and a 3.5:1 lead over the #3 guy, Cain.

    Within minutes of the end of the debate (most accurate polling) #4 was Romney, then Bachmann, with Tim Pawlenty coming in dead last with even less votes than Huntsman. After a few hours RON PAUL had extended his lead on the after-debate poll, and Romney pulled ahead of Bachmann.

    I didn’t see the “official” results but as of 11:00 last night it was;

    1. RON PAUL
    2. Newt Gingrich
    3. Herman Cain
    4. Mitt Romney
    5. MIchelle Bachmann
    6. Rick Santorum
    7. John Huntsman
    8. Tim Pawlenty (who they still call a frontrunner)

    • Is it true that Fox pulled the tracking of who was leading when Ron Paul went way out in front? It seems it may be true, because the link to the graph was “unavailable” this morning.

      I also found it interesting that until minutes ago, Drudge still had a photo of Romney and Bachmann as the lead story with the caption, “The Romney / Bachmann Show.”

      I don’t know about anyone else, but Bachmann always looks and sounds like she’s OD’d on her Prozac. She looks like a deer in the headlights and speaks loud and rapid – kinda like a liar does.

      • I wrote down the results of the poll because I believes that Fox would do something to alter it. The streaming comments during the debate were overwhelmingly RON PAUL, with dozens of people commenting about Fox censoring their comments. One person even said 0 of 20 of their RON PAUL comments were posted.

  36. I like Ron, but he is always way too nice, and not aggressive enough. nice people dont get into the white house , I fear.

    • Did you watch the debate last night, RON PAUL grew some teeth.

      • no, I am Austrian, can only watch it on youtube later.

    • Do you think? I wish he would begin to calmly lay out the facts.

      Last night he came off sounding exceedingly impassioned to where he was getting ahead of himself and falling over his words. I believe he needs to slow down and speak firmly and directly to the issue he’s addressing at a given moment. If he does win the primary, he will need a little professional coaching to help him organize his thoughts when he’s in a heated exchange

      • he needs Alex Jones as speech trainer, then he will incinerate and burn his opponents instantly

        • the only thing i worried about was his showing too much teeth on the immigration issue..that can lose alot of votes..its better to play a little nicer then slam the door later and say dont come back to my house any more…fight that fight when you get to it..we will understand..we know your view point…but back off or they will brand you the dreaded R word…

  37. I watched the whole thing. Ron Paul absolutely stole the show and CNN is talking about Bachmann and Pawlenty bickering at each other. WHY CAN’T THE MSM TALK ABOUT SOLVING REAL ISSUES? I just don’t GET it.

    • Forgot something:

      RON PAUL 2012

      • I think, brother Mike, that it is the same reason that all the news shows go to Ron Paul for economic analysis throughout the year, but as soon as the election cycle begins, they revert back to the mandate of trying to keep him underexposed and seemingly irrelevant.

        Neil Cavuto is a prime example of exactly that. He loves RP’s analysis – except when he’s not allowed to. He knows that if he were to break from the mandate, he’ll become the next Cenk Uygur (formerly MSNBC), and be forced out.

        • LOL!

          Don’t believe the hype!

          Cent Uygur was dropped because of his support of Anthony Weiner after the scandal broke. One of his clips stated that there was “overwhelming evidence that Anthony Weiner was hacked,” and the clip was Uygur calling anyone and everyone who believed otherwise an ingnorant kook.

          The whole “I criticized the White House, so I’m out.” is just B-LLSH-T to make sure he continues his lame career spounting a bunch of pro-Obama, pro-liberal, crap all over the net at his next job. Uygur hasn’t said anything that everyone else on MS-NBC has said about the White House, and his criticisms are about how Obama should be more aggressive and ruthless in taking our rights away and stealing our money. Mr. Maddow and Ratigan have been far more critical of the Obama administration that Uygur, but they didn’t tie their boat to the Weiner anchor like Uyger did.

  38. If RP became president, I believe it would send a strong message to the NWO. But I don’t believe that RP, even as president, can slow down or stop the NWO agenda in the USSA.

  39. Go Ron. You the Man.

  40. Moderator:

    Please delete.

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