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On Sunday June 26th, I jumped on my computer to find out how the rally of the Traditional Workers Party (TWP) (organized by Matthew Heimbach) was going in Sacramento at the state Capitol building.



California Highway Patrol Officer George Granada:

About 30 members of the Traditionalist Worker Party gathered at the Capitol for a rally when they were met by about 400 counter-protesters… We had no obligation to make sure the group’s members made it safely to the rally… If I had to say who started it and who didn’t, I’d say the permitted group didn’t start it… They came onto the grounds and were met almost instantly with a group of protesters there not to talk.

Here is Matt’s promotion of the event, including the YouTube link to the Red Ice live stream:

Livestream: California March into the Inferno

Here is the Golden State Skinheads promotion of the event: 

The June 26th United Stand for Freedom

Here are some Antifa promotions for their counter rally efforts:

Antifa Sacramento Calls for Shut Down of June 26 Nazi Rally Twitter: @Indybay 

Battle for Sacramento: Antifa Sacramento to Confront Tradionalist Workers Party on June 26th Twitter: @antifa_news1

I was flipping back and forth from the Red Ice live stream on YouTube and Frances Wang’s account on Twitter from ABC10, who was there documenting the event. I was posting her tweets into the Red Ice’s live stream chatroom in order to help provide helpful information. As of right now, the Red Ice recorded stream is not posted. My thought process on this is that Henrik/Lana will comb through it with Matt Heimbach to see what should and should not be revealed to the public. Legal reasons?

Matt Heimbach with members of the Traditional Workers PartyMatt Heimbach with members of the Traditional Workers Party
Matt Heimbach with members of the Traditional Workers Party

To my amazement, Matt Heimbach was one of the people on the Red Ice stream inside of a home, relaxed, instead of leading his folk who were involved in violent altercations with Antifa, at the rally Matt organized. Unless one has a drone scoping out the terrain and his opposing forces, I don’t believe a general can be effective sitting at home and not present on the battlefield to lead his men. I also wondered why the Golden State Skinheads were included in this rally. They are not the best image to use for representing European traditional values, which is what (TWP) claim to represent unless the sole purpose was to be in a violent confrontation. Skinheads would definitely be a group of people to use on the battlefront. Give them a copy of Might is Right and let them do the “dirty work”.

While watching the Red Ice live stream, there was a lot of technical difficulties, too much useless commentary and unfunny jokes coming from Henrik/Lana, and lack of coordination with a live streamer that was present at the rally; so I focused on Twitter hashtags that were covering the rally/protest while listening to the audio of the stream. It became apparently obvious that the Antifa were utilizing the Red Ice stream as a strategy. Not only were they trolling the Red Ice chatroom, they were repeating what was being said on Twitter and describing to their comrades, what the live streamer looked like in order to attack him. You have to question why Matt Heimbach, who is under Antifa’s microscope, would Tweet out the Red Ice link and include it when promoting the rally on his website. Another question I have is, why would Matt post a group photo of the (TWP) members who would be attending the event?

I tried warning Red Ice that Antifa was planning to attack their live streamer by posting the Antifa tweets into the Red Ice chatroom. Soon after, Red Ice ended their show abruptly due to not being able to have communication from their live streamer. A video from Frances Wang shows the live streamer being chased down and later a photo of him bleeding from his head being cared for by EMTs. You can hear her in the video shouting for police to help him while he was being chased.

Antifa were mobilized and already at the capitol building hours in advance. They were well aware of this event many days in advance and promoted it heavily in their area by having stickers on light poles and street signs all over Sacramento.

From viewing the tweets from the various hashtags (#NoNazisInSac #AntiFa #Sacramento #BAMN) I found some of the Antifa who were posting their live streams. Here is one of the accounts:

@OccupySac247 – He produced most of the footage on Periscope that I asked Hugh to compile into one YouTube video. His Facebook page says his name is James Lee Clark and he also posted the videos on his page. Several mainstream media outlets have asked permission to use his footage. He’s bragging about this. In the beginning of the rally, you can witness him aggressively chasing and shouting at (TWP) members while instructing Antifa on what to do. There was another Antifa live streamer recording this same incident from a different angle with a closeup of the (TWP) members and Antifa fighting, while some cops on bikes didn’t do much to prevent it:

There were a few more battle scenes that took place this day. One of the main ones in question by people that look into the staged hoax angle (I personally don’t believe this event was a hoax) is when the two Blood and Honor members were on the steps of the Capitol building. One was heavy set, and he had left a wheel chair at the bottom of the steps (later you can see him walking as if he does have a leg injury), and the other was a skinnier guy. Police were on horseback in front of them while Antifa began taking apart the sidewalk and throwing concrete at the men. Police threw the wheel chair to the side and out of the way. Both men gave the “Roman Salute” while concrete was still being thrown at them and the Antifa snuck behind the police, preparing to attack with at least one Antifa having a large board/stick. The police stood down while the altercation ensued. Antifa were cheering on, signifying damage had taken place, but video footage does not show any physical contact occurring until the two Blood and Honor men were coming down the steps. The heavy set guy was already bleeding from his head and one video I saw had a close-up showing the skinny guy get hit in the head with a concrete piece. They sit down for a minute while the police surrounded them. They got up and the skinny man was helping the heavy set man limp away while both are bleeding. The police escorted them out of the area while Antifa cheered. The image of the two Blood and Honor men with head injuries became the main image the mainstream media decided to use, along with Antifa. This is propaganda for suggesting that it was an Antifa victory and a warning that this is what happens to those evil Nazis who want to hold rallies in the future.

More photos to be found at this Antifa page.

Although no arrests have taken place as of yet, police are still investigating, utilizing social media and the evidence provided by several photographers and the media that were present. Claims that two firearms were seen at the rally (one handed over to the police) are being emphasized in the news cycle, possibly to perpetuate the gun control agenda. Here’s a recent article from the local media on the situation.

Antifa have legal support for their actions via the National Lawyers Guild. Cres Vellucci, a representative for the National Lawyers Guild, said his group had about a dozen people present to monitor the police response. (Source)

This photographer was at the rally and claims to have a photo of one of Matt’s people with a knife plus the license plate of the vehicle he escaped in. I am not sure if that will cause an arrest.

Towards the end of the chaos at the capitol building, Frances Wang interviewed @YvetteFelarca of an Antifa organization called BAMN (aka By Any Means Necessary, Twitter: @followbamn). I immediately looked into who follows her and who she follows on Twitter to find any nuggets on their organization. The person that stood out the most is (((Donna Stern))) @DonnaStern, who happens to be the National Coordinator for BAMN, located in the city of Detroit. I shared this information on Twitter and the information on (((Donna Stern))) went viral. Another Twitter handle did extensive work on who these BAMN members are and some of the actions they have taken in the past. Check out his account for more details: @RabbiHighComma

UPDATE: Here is a new video that was posted showing a close up of one White Nationalist with a Celtic cross flag, calling out several Antifa and they come after him. After he escapes, he stands near the police while Yvette Felarca of BAMN is antagonizing the situation, getting in his face, pulling on him and yelling, “Nazi, get the Fuck of our streets.” This gets her troops riled up as they pull him to the ground and kick him several times; all in front of the police. They finally rescue him. You can also see the police roughing up Yvette. This probably caused her head injury that you’ll notice later because of her having a bandage on her head with some remnants of blood showing through when she is being interviewed by Frances Wang and other media.

Financial Support/Donation Links for Both Parties:

Trad Youth Fundraiser: Our Sacramento Spartans Prevail 

It’s Going Down: How to Support Those Injured in #NoNazisInSac Shut Down 



Antifa Sacramento Statement:

Today in Sacramento, Anti-Fascist Action in conjunction with hundreds of fellow Anti-Fascists from near and far successfully shut down the Traditionalist Worker’s Party (TWP) attempt to hold a white supremacist rally on the capitol. Protestors took and held the west steps, preventing the fascists from being able to reach their rally destination.

TWP chairman Matthew Heimbach skipped out on the rally despite making previous plans to attend, opting instead to send his footmen out to do his dirty-work. Two lone bigots briefly made their way to an adjacent side, where one of them sieg heiled on the Capitol steps. Despite the circumstances, the fascist thugs celebrate their poorly coordinated and executed “mobilization” of around 20 people as a victory, solely on the grounds that they injured more people than their opposition did.

Our victory did not come without consequence, and several have been hurt. So far we know of 8 comrades who have been injured to a degree that required hospitalization. Our next step is to provide support for those who sustained injuries during the shutdown, as well as legal support as needed. If you want to help the brave souls who put their well-being on the line today to keep neo-Nazis and white supremacists out of our streets, we ask that you make a donation to our support fund at:


Watching the battle scenes of White Nationalists up against the odds and kicking Antifa ass was inspiring. For years now I’ve been going back into the archives of videos when White Nationalists take on Antifa beta boys. I really can’t stand Antifa and they make me sick. It does appear that Antifa initiated the violence first while WNs acted in self-defense. The police stood down in many instances, and Antifa even admitted in their live streams that they were surprised by this.

However, there are many unanswered questions such as: What was the true intention of scheduling a rally in Sacramento? Was there an ulterior motive? Was this a game of King of the Hill? Retaliation for what happened to the KKK in Anaheim, CA in February? Was violence planned ahead of time? Was this a media stunt to bring more members into TWP while sacrificing skinheads at the behest of Matt Heimbach? Should Red Ice have streamed this event? Should more people have been there for TWP? Could this rally have been planned and strategized better? With the Republican National Convention three weeks away, will the results of this rally cause even more hostility between Antifa and Trump supporters so that complete chaos will erupt? Matt Parrott of (TWP) states:

they will be at the RNC to make sure that the Donald Trump supporters are defended from the leftist thugs.

Many Pro-White folks consider the event in Sacramento a victory. Many in the Antifa circles consider this a victory for them. More Antifa were hurt than the White Nationalists while being out numbered by more than 10-1. We should honestly ask ourselves: did anyone truly win anything?

Here is Matt Heimbach’s latest Podcast explaining why he scheduled the rally and what happened to the best of his knowledge.

#SacramentoSpartans is the hashtag being used by those who support (TWP) after the rally in Sacramento, which is based based on Matt Heimbach’s original promotion of the rally:

After carefully weighing the pros and cons, we have decided that this would be our Thermopylae, no matter what it costs or what it takes, the march will go on!

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