Saw Post on Twitter Litter Saying US WW2 Troops Did Not Vote For Fascism

I do not know which political whore hand puppet

of the same puppet master

they were railing against, but yes some WW2 soldiers did vote for FDR who was a Fascist, a communist who called the mass murdering Red Russian Khazarian communist Jew Jospeh Stalin who holocausted an estimated 66 Million humans, “Uncle Joe”.

Lincoln killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union in 1861 replacing it with a Soviet Styled mandatory Marxist military Dictatorship

thinly disguised as a constitutional republic which Incorporated and became a For Profit International Corporation in 1871

in which Americans are the cattle farmed for profit.

American’s votes in the pretend elections mean exactly jack shit.

One more thing.

The Ole Dog!


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