South African Supreme Court Rules Anti-White “Kill the Boers” Song is Not Hate Speech

South Africa’s Supreme Court has ruled that the “Kill the Boers” song, which advocates for killing white people, is not hate speech.

Yes, really.

The Equality Division of the court ruled that the song, which celebrates the killing of Dutch settlers in South Africa, is protected under freedom of expression.

The song includes the lyrics, “The cowards are afraid. Shoot the Boers, shoot, shoot,” and is routinely played at rallies for the left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, which has previously advocated racial violence against white people.

According to the court, AfriForum, an advocacy group for the country’s white minority population, failed to prove that the song incited violence against whites, despite its lyrics literally encouraging them to be shot dead.

EFF claimed that AfriForum was merely trying to advance the “racist narrative” that there is a “white genocide” unfolding in the country.

“The attempt by the racists to erase the cultural element of the liberation struggle in South Africa has failed miserably,” said EFF spokesman Sinawo Thambo.

The ruling once again underscores how the country’s white minority is the victim of official oppression.

“Since the end of apartheid, Black gangs have repeatedly murdered White farmers and their families in South Africa,” reports Remix News.

“Often, the victims are raped or tortured before being murdered. Their goal is to drive the Boers out of the country and transfer their land holdings to Blacks.”

The campaign appears to be working, with thousands of white South Africans fleeing the country every single year.

In 2018, the EFF’s national spokesman said forcibly redistributing land from white farmers without compensation is justified because “it is not really their land.”


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