Speaker Johnson Continues to Enable Biden After Border Patrol Indicates No Confidence, Military-Age Chinese Nationals Flood Border

After an unprecedented indication by the US Border Patrol that it would not follow orders to dismantle barriers erected by the Texas National Guard, House Speaker Larry Johnson is decrying the “catastrophe” at the border while allowing Biden to continue it. The 25th Amendment was written in the event a president became so disjointed from reality that he could no longer perform his duties. 

Days after Biden gave the State of Texas until Friday, Jan. 26, about 24 hours, to allow the Border Patrol to cut razor wire at Eagle Pass, TX, the US Border Patrol Union (BPU) issued a statement which said that BP will not interfere with Texas National Guard and its border security measures, saying:

“Rank-and-file BP agents appreciate and respect what TX has been doing to defend their state in the midst of this catastrophe that the Biden Admin has unleashed on America.”

Even more concerning, Newsweek has reported that there has been an unprecedented surge in single, military-age Chinese nationals coming across the border in the past year. 

Newsweek writes:

“Melissa Dalton, assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense, told the House Armed Services Committee in March that China, along with Russia, was now posing “more dangerous challenges to the safety and security of the U.S. homeland.”


Public data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency shows 2023 has seen a spike in encounters of Chinese nationals at the southern land border compared to the previous years—when border crossings were overall lower due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

As of April, there had been a total of 9,854 encounters in the fiscal year-to-date, which runs from October to September, rising sharply from February. In 2022, there were 2,176 encounters.”

Below: Excerpt from letter from DHS to TX Attorney General Ken Paxton, dated 1/23/2024

Red State News reported:

Furthering the division between the Border Patrol and the White House was a senior CBP official who said they have no plans to follow through on removing the razor wire put up by Texas. 

During the Trump years Trump’s political enemies often raised the specter of the 25th Amendment as they made the case that Trump was unfit for duty. However, never did Trump lose the confidence in such a public manner of men and women in federal uniform, a dangerous situation for a country beset by enemies.

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