Syria: Germany wants help from Qatar and Turkey

On Monday, the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle traveled to the Middle East to discuss on site with his new democratic cuddly friends some solutions for Syria.

The German Foreign Minister Westerwelle has just chosen the dictatorship of Qatar to seek ways for democracy in Syria, while in Qatar, people who are not members of the minority, the leadership, have fewer rights and some would even say, these people in Qatar have no rights at all. But Germany does not care as long as they can achieve its duties and even gain some benefits.

Although the only thing, that one knows about Qatar, however, is the oppression and disenfranchisement of the population. How is such a dictatorship, such a regime, which has not even begin to democratic structures or accepted these, deliver democracy in another country? Is Germany on drugs?

Sure not, the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle knows, what he does, although a lot of Germans would put this into question, and Germany overall, wants to benefit from this farce, the so-called “Arab Spring“. That Germany wants to benefit from these situations in some countries is already proven by the German intentions in Egypt and, in addition, by the German interests for the time after the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Is it no surprise that the German Ministries support the so-called “Syrian opposition” and that the media propaganda in Germany is even at the same hypocritically level like in Britain. This farce has nothing to do with democracy, peaceful intentions, human rights or free press. Germany commits serious offenses against the truth, against peace and also against the dogmas of democracy. It should be noted further, that as Qatar, just like Saudi Arabia, breeds the Islamism within its own borders and is also interested to spread this radical Islamism, as much as possible.

If one would be very harsh, one could assume that the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and the Emir of Qatar are carrying out a questionable relationship while no one knows if both will not end in the bed, because it seems that Mr. Westerwelle is a huge supporter and fan of the Qatari regime and their practice of “democracy” within the Qatari borders.

After the visit to Qatar, the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle will travel to Turkey in order to seek further solutions for Syria, too. Are they really searching for solutions or do they talk about possible ways to attack Syria or, at least, to infiltrate it better, so that the goals of the West can be finally reached? It is no secret that the German government has a huge interest in becoming a „Lord of the Syrian (new) economy“.

Turkey under Erdogan’s leadership is Islamized; religious freedom is a foreign word in Turkey. Not to mention that it seems that the Turkish government is using lies in order to boost the propaganda against Syria. How often the common practice was reported that Christians are oppressed.

One should also not forget how the Turkish leadership “cares” about the Kurds in the south of the country. Are they really partners with whom you can discuss democratic changes in Syria and with whom one is able to lead Syria into freedom, while the religious tolerance can be maintained and while there will be no mass murder of Christians, Alawites and other minorities?

Both Qatar and Turkey pursue political goals and they have not even a small thing to do with the freedom of religion, let alone the protection of human rights in Syria. It seems that also Germany does not care about both things as long as the German government can benefit from this, in these days of the financial problems in Europe. The plans of NATO are fixed: The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has to go; they only debate the way how to achieve this.

After the massacre of al-Houlah, which was carried out by a huge amount of armed rebels, and after Bashar al-Assad’s latest speech, Hillary “AIPAC-darling” Clinton exudes more aggression and her venom literally screams for a foreign intervention. Of course, Hillary Clinton sells the false imagination that the U.S. government only cares about the welfare of the people in Syria, which is wrong.

But the person, whom the NATO Liars want to remove from the Syrian people, is perhaps the one person who is able to keep the country and its people together. NATO is on the side of the gunmen, who are equipped and supported. This does not help the people in Syria, the contrary.

Reports on a different truth than those intended by NATO, are hardly advertised. Although the Western people learn that the International Red Cross is working in Syria now and that the International Red Cross is also able to expand its activities in Syria, they also learn that there are allegedly shots at the rescuers, but the Western media and governments blame this on the Syrian government in Damascus, without any evidence. Although people in Syria tell a different story and, wow, they have experienced such sad events with the International Red Cross.

The people in the West also read nothing about the fact, that the International Red Cross provides help to the armed gangs which bully the Syrian population, which is already living in fear of these armed radicals. The West, an imperialistic unity on every level.

The NATO press only delivers one side of the atrocities in Syria. The false truth that the atrocities were carried out by the Syrian army or by the useful myth, the so-called Shabiha (Shabi7a). The level of propaganda has already reached the days before the beginning of World War II.

Western media always cheer the rebels, when they have killed government soldiers. Unfortunately, that the people live in fear before the armed gangs, that these armed rebels kidnap, rape, are torturing and murder Syrian civilians, is not reported in the Western media.

Instead, these armed criminals and religious fanatics are celebrated as heroes and protectors of the Syrian population in the West. The biggest propaganda warfare one could imagine. A crime against humanity. This is no song of praise for the Syrian government, they don`t have earned it with certainty. This Syrian government, regime, has made a lot of mistakes.

NATO is a war association that kills and destroys countries and people under the veil of democracy and human rights.

The German Foreign Minister Westerwelle, as a defender of NATO’s trash campaign, is now in the Middle East, while the German government had the honor of opening an office for the future of Syria and the economic re-building of Syria. This is already planned by Germany, Gulf States and the dubious Syrian opposition. As said, the stance of Germany and the propaganda in German media is no surprise anymore.

They do not want to lose time in getting ready and thus, they are already preparing for a time after Bashar al-Assad in Syria, as it is emphasized repeatedly by the German government.

Germany sells itself to the oil monarchies in the Gulf and throws its basic democratic principles overboard, and why not, one hopes for big profits. Bashar al-Assad is still the president of Syria, but that seems to bother no one. You put the gunmen under a blanket and cannot wait to be able to let off steam in the rubble.

A look to Libya should be warning enough, another view of Iraq should be enough to immediately give up the policy of aggression and imperialism. Both countries do not deny democracy, as the Syrians are also for more democracy and political change, but they deny the support of armed Islamists and dubious intentions which kill people.

Both Libya and Iraq are devastated countries, where religious extremism, fanaticism has arrived. Unfortunately, this is swept under the table in Western media. The NATO vassals, thirsting for blood, are certainly not the best side to bring peace and freedom.

If someone really wants a solution to the Syrian conflict, as Westerwelle has spat so loudly, before he went to the dictatorships in the Gulf in order to sell himself and especially to betray the Syrian people, then the Syrians should be allowed to decide for themselves, what they really want. Currently, the majority still supports the Syrian President and the Syrian people differ between the Syrian government and the President Bashar al-Assad.

The solution to the conflict in Syria could have been accomplished long ago. To end the conflict and the killing, however, everyone who supports the gunmen in any form should immediately stop these violations of the six-point plan and even those violations of human rights and democracy. No money or weapons should continue to flow to the armed rebels. Furthermore, all sides should have a real interest in the implementation of the six-point plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan and not only feign this interest.

The Syrian government always speaks about diplomatic talks and even invites all sides for such talks to solve the situation. These talks should begin, but these talks cannot begin because some sides are not interested in peace and a decrease of the violence in Syria, these sides are interested in the overthrow of the Syrian government in Damascus and the removal of Bashar al-Assad.

Some would also say that some want to murder the Syrian President Assad, like they did it with Muammar Gaddafi. No wonder, some members of the dubious opposition have already confirmed this “goal” in recent months.

The Syrian government is not the only evil in this struggle for power and struggle to maintain power. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which is even not recognized by the majority of the Syrians, was founded by the NATO country, led by the United States. No agenda, no ideas and no peaceful interests for Syria. This “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and these dubious “Friends of Syria” do not care about the welfare of the Syrian people.

They reject negotiations with Assad, and here lies the problem, why no discussions and negotiations can be initiated. After the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has declared that the ceasefire in Syria is over, the violence has again increased in the country.

Syria seems to be increasingly drawn into the spiral of violence and the armed rebels and NATO countries carry, at least, as great a responsibility as the Syrian government, if not even the armed terrorists, rebels and criminals bear the main responsibility for the bloodshed.

Instead of learning from the mistakes of the past, the West is committing exactly the same mistakes as usually and the Western people get brainwashed by media, as usually.

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