The Best Rings for Men (Who Want to Rule Them All)

Unless you’re a married man (or you’re a hobbit on a cross-country journey that terminates at the fires of Mount Doom), there’s a good chance you, a dude, have never considered integrating rings into your personal style. Honestly it’s never been a better time to add a little bling to your fingers; it’s true—hot men wear rings, from rappers to mob bosses to motorcycle bros. Sure, pulling this off successfully is a balancing act—you’re going for A$AP Rocky, not Criss Angel—but now that more men are building out their own jewelry rotation, there’s also a lot more variety out there.

Still not convinced? We’ve got references—whether you identify with A$AP Rocky’s high-fashion steeze, or vibe with Harry Styles’ gender-non-conforming fits; cool dudes have been rocking jewelry for decades, from Jimi Hendrix to Tupac to Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz. These are the best rings for turning your spring/summer wardrobe up to 11; since you’re making a statement, don’t be afraid to challenge convention. While mixing metals used to be a faux pas, now a mashup of silvers, golds and gemstones are the look du jour (regardless of what color your watch is). Feel free to pick out jewelry that speaks to you. When in doubt,  you can never go wrong with a few signature pieces that stay in your regular rotation. No matter what style you identify with, whether you’re a minimalist, a skater, or even a die-hard GWAR fan, here’s a few of our editors’ favorite rings for men.

Gold rings for men

A classic for a reason, gold jewelry tends to go with everything so you don’t have to think too hard about whether or not you’re clashing. For everyday, go with a simple design like a subtly branded chain link. Once you’ve locked down the basics, then start piling on the skulls, pearl-adorned, and pinky rings for more festive occasions.

Silver rings for men

Silver is great if you work with your hands or are really active, since the material tends to look even better with scratches and patina (whereas gold’s lighter shade shows off more imperfections). Make sure you know your ring sizes for different fingers so you can build a full roster of rings for your hands. A combination of more delicate, simple pieces on your pinky or index fingers look even better when accompanied by a big statement ring or two on your actual ring fingers.

Black rings for men

We get it: You’re a minimalist. Your closet consists of black, navy, and charcoal, and you don’t consider yourself a flashy dresser. You can still accessorize without all the sparkle. Titanium, gunmetal, and unpolished sterling silver are a great way to add visual interest without looking “flashy.”

Signet rings

If you Google “famous wearers of signet rings” the results are a group of elite gentlemen: Steve McQueen, Michael Caine, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill… need I say more? Traditionally used as a person’s seal or signature (hence, “signet”), signet rings were a way to show off who you were, where you were from and—frankly—how important you were. Today, a signet ring is a pure power symbol, alerting anyone in your path that this man knows how to dress, and if a man can dress himself, he can probably do a lot of other things well, if you know what I mean (wink).

Unique men’s rings

Many of the aforementioned badasses who rock jewelry lean on a signature statement piece or two—whether that’s a giant silver fly, an engraved DAD ring, or a teeny tiny butterfly. If you’re trying to get flashy, this is the way to help an everyday fit pop off, kings. Find an interesting piece that speaks to your inner self and rock it every damn day.

Speaking of rings….they make ‘em for your dong too.

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