The Curious Case of Roosh Valizadeh

The story of Roosh (@rooshv) is an old story, for it is told in the song “Amazing Grace” and retold over and over by those who claim, and will hold, moral superiority over others through the so claimed ‘sinful life’ they have once lived, and then self-claimed ‘salvation’ they have gained by exploiting popular religions.

Yes, let us make it clear that such people as Roosh AKA ROOSH V are exploiting a faith that is popular in the culture they live in for personal gains.

Popular religion is nothing at all like Academic Theology, rather popular religion or what is also called ‘Local Spirituality’ is the beliefs and faiths of regional people, and such beliefs and faiths are very diverse and different depending on the region of the world one is in.

Local spirituality is loosely, and I mean very loosely, based on academic theology where local preachers, or holy-men, simply exploit theology for personal gains while serving the local community with low-level physiological counseling and facilitating socializing.

In the last decade, there has been a rise of the Identitarians, those who claim moral and religious superiority through the self-identification and exploitation of Local Popular Religion. In the middle-east, we see this as the rise of ISIS, and here in the West, we are currently seeing a rise of a Christian Identity movement. Asia and the far-east is also no stranger to Identitarian movements either, Sri Lanka and Myanmar are just the latest examples of Radical Buddhism using violence to purge out Muslims and Christians.

Religious Identitarians tend to greatly romanticize local beliefs to gain attention to themselves, but more so to gain notoriety as to being someone ‘in the moment‘, a leader to speak. Leadership in these movements is not academically bestowed, rather its gained through charismatic presence and public confession of ones so-called ‘sins’.

The story of Roosh is that prior to his so claimed salvation, he published many articles against feminism, promoted misogyny and antisemitism. Roosh gained Internet fame as an Alt-Right figurehead, as well as an expert ‘pickup-artist’ where he blogged about his casual sexually.

In all accounts, Roosh during his so claimed years of debauchery was a very typical 30-year-old Iranian-American male. He voraciously blogged about his sexual escapades, as well as expressing views that the ADL considers misogyny and antisemitism. Roosh gained infamy with the Mainstream Media, and respect with the Alt-right.

Roosh claims that the death of his sister lead him to an Identity Crisis, where he denounced his previous Identity through a so claimed Religious Conversion. But what was the real reason?

Roosh during his Alt-right years ran into a number of difficulties: Censorship, bannings, media attacks, and protesters at his speaking events. All of this I believe created the stage for his so claimed Religious Conversion.

Here is the thing about such guys like Roosh, for they are well-spoken and can write. A guy like Roosh with his documented past infamy can easily pack the churches with Christian Identitarians to hear his conversion story, who will not only pay to attend the event but also buy his books, audio recordings, and pay for personal prayer sessions.

In my view, Roosh simply traded one audience for another, if only because the prior became inaccessible.

Roosh takes the risk that all Religious Identitarians take, and that is rejection from the establishment that they are trying to endear, whereas in the past those who brought the ire of the establishment onto themselves faced persecution and worse, death. Who is Roosh out to save? Is he trying to save the Christians, the Alt-right, Whites, or just anyone who will pay a buck to hear him speak and buy his books? Does Roosh believe he is the new messiah of the Christians?

What do you think?

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One Response to “The Curious Case of Roosh Valizadeh”

  1. Marco says:

    The renegade tribune,a blog so heavily guarded that it blocks almost all browsers with a bit of security into it.

    The content must be made out of gold bars…

    But no, after reading your critic of Roosh V, it appears to be made of excrement slices.

    Who are you to judge Roosh’s conversion and tell it’s a fake?

    How do you know?

    Did you talk to him, did you ask even for an interview during which you could try his fortitude into his new faith?

    Have you even ever met him or are you just slandering someone you don’t know because of personal reasons or political/ideological reasons?

    If you have nothing else than your opinion to offer, no facts, no proofs, please refrain to slander anyone.

    By doing so you help the lamestream media (guardian, wapo,and all the other controlled media) do what they do to you too.

    Your article is a piece of crap and unless you can prove what you claim, just shut up.

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