The Media LIES By Omission: Ten Stories They Conveniently Left Out This Week

The top 10 stories this week from Vigilant News that the media “forgot” to tell you about.

#10 – Cattle are being injected with mRNA “vaccines,” but one beef rancher is taking a stand.

#9 – Kari Lake makes a fiery accusation against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

#8 – “Turbo cancers” are targeting young people — and it’s likely to get even worse.

#7 – Top cardiologist breaks down four ways the COVID-19 shots injure and kill before the European Parliament.

#6 – Top data analyst makes a chilling prediction on how the COVID conspirators will cover up their crimes.

#5 – The CDC dropped a bombshell on itself, exposing an alarming risk/benefit ratio.

#4 – Brave EU politician delivers an explosive message to the global tyrants, telling them all to ‘go to Hell.’

#3 – Oncologist unveils why fasting for 48+ hours is a potent therapy for COVID “vaccine” injuries.

#2 – Fitness enthusiasts, not just athletes, are dying suddenly.

#1 – New-found emails prove Biden White House hid COVID Vaccine Harms from the public.

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