The Surprising Anti-Left Twist in CBS’s Under the Dome Conclusion

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Steven Spielberg is on a roll funding politically correct sci-fi entertainment. He is the Executive Producer of Under the Dome, a sci-fi TV show based on a Stephen King novel about an invisible and mysterious force field that descends upon a small but racially diverse town called Chester’s Mill in Maine after an otherworldly egg, believed to be the energy source of the dome, was discovered in a meteor crash site. The residents are trapped inside, cut off from civilization.

The show intro calls Chester’s Mill a place like any other. Like any other good ol’ White small town found in Maine? Unlike the White state of Maine in real life, this version of Maine is as contrived as a diversity propaganda pamphlet passed out in school complete with Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, White liberals, feminists, biracials, mixed race couples and lesbians living in a fantasy world.

The affirmative action casting of the background actors became absurd with a multiracial mix constantly hovering like mindless drones in the backdrop, just in case the foreground looked too White.

Then comes the big reveal in season 3, where some of the townspeople emerge from slimy alien cocoons in which they experienced a confusing tangent, alt reality. They wake up in new personas, infected by an alien ideology, a new collective consciousness. They refer to it as the “kinship,” but of course they are referring to the alien ideology because kinship is shared by common ancestry and blood, which this multi racial society does not share in common.

And who is boss in charge running the kinship, in charge of social engineering? A White liberal feminist cougar type named Christine, a She Christ who turns out to be an alien horticulturist working to facilitate the birth of a new alien queen.

The behavior of the infected kinship can be compared to libtard social justice warriors, mind controlled with programmed responses. If you’re not in with their agenda, they will kill you while talking about diversity and unity.

Jim is a rough, tough White guy who they portray as the asshole, but he sees what is going on and sabotages the alien infected, leftist, multicultural collective orgy on many occasions. He also turns out to be right. Jim may even be a reference to Jim Crow as he is opposed to integrating with the multicult at all costs.

The love story focuses on Barbie, a White neutered male goy, who becomes brainwashed by the multiracial kinship and leaves his red haired, blue eyed milky skinned beauty for a mocha, mixed race woman named Eva. We know where this is going. Eva (might as well be Eve) ends up getting pregnant with Barbie’s baby. We find out that this mixed race baby is the future queen of the kinship.

The actress who plays Eva is Kylie Bunbury who in real life has a Swedish/Polish blonde mother but you’d never know it since her dad is Guyanese.

In order to bring this baby to full term in a matter of days, Eva sucked the life force out of numerous White only female residents of Chester’s Mill, to give the energy to her baby.

There was no racial diversity in this scene. Only White women lined up in their White dresses, holding hands one by one voluntarily giving their life force, sacrificing themselves to give life to Eva’s mixed race baby, the future queen as though it was a sacred, spiritual act. “The queen needs you,” says Eva.

This conjures up ideas of anti-White propaganda calling for White women to have brown babies, to usher in the “new age of peace among the races.” Without racial differences (and White people) it will be a utopia. White genocide=peace, right?

In one scene, the camera zooms in on the dead White females in a hole, unknowingly perhaps showing how White women’s diversity was sacrificed symbolized by a red head, a blonde and a brunette. They gave their life to enable the future of a mixed race baby. Contrary to what Hollywood likes to show, when White women with all their diverse color combos, have a child with a non-White man, that diversity is most often eradicated. Kylie, is a perfect example.

But one White blonde female, clearly the self hating liberal, is left to care for Eva and is psycho about it.

Eva shows no gratitude to these White women while sucking them dry, and clinging obsessively to her White goy toy, fearing that his former red headed, pale beauty may be returning to get him back.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town Hektor, a black man who heads a powerful, technologically advanced corporation seeks to harness the dome’s energy capabilities. The oh so White scientist working under him is reminiscent of a Jewish fantasy of a Nazi scientist.

Consciously, this show staged several scenes with the multiracial kinship gazing together at the stars united in hope with the American flag behind them and the biracial couple at the forefront as though pushing messages of a “post racial” America where White people are hardly there even though they built the place.

In the second to last episode called Incandescence, the queen baby is born via Eva, then cocooned in order to suck energy from the dome which is there to protect her until she is all grown up. But the dome is calcifying , which means some people in the kinship have to die in order to spare oxygen. Who is first to be sacrificed? White males, of course!

A short while after, the queen bursts out of her cocoon all grown up and disappears. Somehow, the kinship leader Christine who see this, magically awakes from her alien infected mind control, dazed and confused. Maybe something like this will happen to White women who are rejoicing becoming minorities in their countries and who are adopting African children instead of having their own.


While Christine is slumbering, the new queen appears by her bedside. Christine says, “It’s you. You have your father’s eyes.” Standing beside her is a mixed race queen who somehow inherited her father’s blonde hair and blue eyes. Only in make believe. The new queen grabs Christine with force, and sacrifices her to the dome and says, “I’m the queen now.” Christine’s altruism was rewarded by death to facilitate the new queen, a mocha toned blonde with blue eyes.

In the finale which CBS called “ground breaking, breath-taking, holy moly mind-blowing,” the first scene opens with Dawn, the new queen, speaking to an all White crowd saying, “Christine’s reign (White women) is over. She fulfilled her purpose to create a new, stronger queen, me (mixed is better). I’m here to lead you (white people).”

She then talks about a threat, namely the unaffected resistance which happens to be all White. The resistance has not been brainwashed by the collective (liberalism, anti-White politics) and they stand in the way of her movement (alien ideology of multiculturalism). She is Dawn, dawn of the new day, which is a multiracial country lead by aliens.

What’s surprising is that they portray this mixed race queen as an evil woman, although she’s supposed to be sexy and alluring because it would be racist to put her in a completely bad light. Jim says to Barbie, “well on the plus side, she has your eyes.” Again, with the blue eyes reference but of course they are only contacts, fake.

Now that the queen is all grown up and most of the town has been successfully programmed with an alien ideology (like university) within the dome, it’s time to be released into the world to spread the alien infection.

Before this happens though, there’s a duel of White men who fight to the death for the alpha role to serve this queen and Jim has to kill his own crazed son over her. It’s like leftist mind control that can be so strong that families disown their own blood over it.

In the end, the dome comes down. Everyone thinks the queen is dead after Barbie enabled her fall into a deep hole. The town is surrounded by military that went missing for 3 seasons. The unaffected are given a new story to tell (censorship) concealing the truth about alien mind control (leftist programming). The infected are held by the military for “a cure.” If only this was the case in real life.

Even alien infected liberal Hollywood writers can sometimes understand how easy it is to poke fun at racial political correctness. Jim (the “racist”) was interviewed by Walker, refusing to sign a gag order and making deals instead said, “I can sell ice to an Eskimo.” The pc general said with a straight face, “That’s derogatory, They’re called Inuits.”

One year later after the resistance was freed, they reunite from their happy lives to learn that the queen is still alive. Big shocker there.

In the final scene, the queen approaches 3 kids, 2 White and 1 black who are hovering over an alien egg that will power a new dome. The camera zooms into the two White blonde boys. Targets? Leftist programming never takes a break. It seeks every man, woman and child, especially if they’re White.

An interesting message channels through the last few episodes of Under the Dome but it’s doubtful any of it is conscious on the part of the writers. The truth has an interesting way of seeping out from our unconscious and leftist ideology is ripe for the ridicule, crumbling before us.

Under the Dome could be summarized as such:

The force field/ dome enclosing everyone symbolizes the indoctrination of liberalism, leftist ideology, political correctness, censorship

The kinship = multiracial America, multiculturalism, so called diversity, out breeding, leftist drones, social justice warriors, mono culture, the death of differences

The alien infection = Hollywood, hostile foreigners, Marxist education, anti-White establishment, feminism

The result = White Genocide, no White countries, total enslavement by leftist Puritanism

In the end, the red headed beauty Julia learns her trust in the dome was misplaced and her and Barbie live happily ever after making lots of White naturally blue eyed babies in a town with good schools.

Don’t worry you can still see another politically correct shoah funded by Steven Spielberg featuring another mixed race, feminist called Extant and she also becomes pregnant with a supernatural baby.

Whereas some alters would point to the use of the monarch butterfly in this series, claiming it is a nod to the MKUltra mind-control project known as “Monarch,” while simultaneously implicating the Nazis, there’s no doubt this show is programming but we don’t have to look for a secret government program and it’s definitely the opposite of Nazis.

Although the Under the Dome finale shows Whites as the strong wise ones in the end, don’t misunderstand, Hollywood isn’t against White demise, they endorse it daily.

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