The True Heathen

Editor’s note: this was a comment left on The New Attack Against Heathenry, edited slightly.

by Ocko Von Dornum

Heathenism isn’t defined, what a heathen is is also not clear, who a heathen is is mostly by self declaration, and that’s it. Often ‘heathen’ is just a synonym for a nationalist who is disappointed with Christianity.

So to define who cannot be heathen is a valid point. The one who is against the folk cannot, by our definition, be a heathen. Heathenism follows the ‘old ways’ but in modern times that isn’t really possible. So we try to live heathen ways as much as possible.

In the past, in the sagas, there were heroes who were exemplary, and were seen in high regard.

In modern times there was a truly exemplary hero – a German/Austrian whose name is still everywhere. But that hero, and his many followers who lived heroic lifes, aren’t very popular among the LGBT ‘heathen’ fakers. Their kosher heathenism is role play with false models.

Of course not every heathen in the olden times was a hero or even a great man/woman, but the free spirit, the thinking for oneself, the connection to the natural world, the celebrations of life, Gods and nature was what everyone shared.

Not everything was ideal from a modern point of view, but in total it was assuredly far more healthy than life is today, where living out every moral sickness is celebrated as freedom and liberation from the chains of convention. This is basically the absence of any culture in the old sense. Essentially Jews redefined culture so that their degeneracy is also ‘culture’. Kosher Heathenism therefore is free of culture.

This fake culture is being injected as a cancer into people who want to live a healthy conventional life, the old way. The kosher gamers will never be able to connect to the ancestors nor to the Heathen Gods and thus they have no strength. Their ‘strength’ comes from Jews who promote them.

A heathen is a true heathen through his spirit, his soul, and his conscience, which are not entirely definable, but yet present in every moment. We are not heathens through our bodies, though the body is part of it, but through our ability to connect. Without this connection to a nebulous existence, which despite it’s unclear appearance, is very real and active, there is no heathen. Either you connect and you are a heathen or you cannot be a heathen.

According to the lore, Odin did not know all the past, as he stole the knowledge from the Giants or coaxed it out, and he did not know the future, as he had to awaken a Wala to find out what is going to happen. So Odin lives in the presence and that is where you find him and that is where you can connect to him. Or to any other heathen God to whom you have an affinity. And that is why the Gods are real; they can only be real in the presence, not in the past in old books nor in the future in predictions. The Gods are in the here and now.

The ‘old ways’ are here right now and can be walked at every moment as Adolf showed.

The illusory kosher heathens therefore cannot and will not ever be able to connect; they are living a Jewish pipe dream, following Loki, the terminator, deceiver and destroyer. In the old trinity of creation, maintenance, and destruction to a new creation, the kosher heathens got stuck in the destruction, deceived to believe they are the coming new.

The coming new is not a copy of the old, nor does it follow a Jewish script; it is new in a way that it is fresh and it will be born through our struggle against destruction. Our Gods will guide us and lead us. We are part of the struggle, as they are.

The great awakening, which happens right before our eyes, is an effect of the victory of the Gods against the children of Loki – the Midgard snake, the oil industry and its parts, encompassing the world, living deep on the bottom of the sea as its Odem poisons the air and the land, and Fenriswolf, the greed of The banksters, devouring everything which cannot be stopped. The Odinic Adolf Hitler died, Thor is fighting and hammering and will die after nine steps. The old has to go before the new can come.

It is an exciting time to live, to be a witness and participant of this struggle.

May all of you gain in strength.

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