They knew: why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us?

Many humans tried to warn the sheep.
But sheep are sheep, they are herd animals.
They go where the herd goes.
Even if it is a mass march of death straight through the slaughterhouse doors.

The term Judas goat comes from when a goat would be trained to lead a herd of sheep through the doors of the slaughterhouse.

Of course the Judas goat is not slaughtered, he is much too valuable to use again to lead more sheep to the slaughter.

Jesus the Christ tried to tell the sheep the truth, warn them about the Judas goat and his ass wound up spiked to a tree trunk!

Those of us who tried to warn the sheep about the pre-planned Chemical/Biological Killer Jab Euthanasia death dart were cursed, ostracized, made fun of, discriminated against.

You have to understand a sheep.
Not very intelligent.
Teeth only for chomping on GMO herbicide and pesticide drenched grass.

Their only perceived “safety” is with the herd.
If they can get to the middle of the herd they figure the jackals will get full on their friends who were unfortunate enough to be on the outer portion of the herd before the jackals can make it to them.

Their only perceived “safety” is in numbers.
That is why when some sheep starts learning, questions the load of bull shit they have been fed all their lives, starts wandering off by themselves to take a real look at something other than other sheep’s asses and the teeth of the jackals, the herd goes ballistic.

The herd must be kept all walking in the same direction so they can all march through the slaughterhouse doors together so they will be “safe”.

And they all LOVE the Judas Goat as a savior!

When Jesus the Christ called em sheep, that was not a term of endearment!

After many lifetimes of trying to help the sheep including non stop railing against the killer jabs, useless forced dust masking and small business killing communistic lockdowns, I am ready for the sheep herd to all go play in the busy freeway.

I am tired of trying to stop them marching off cliffs in lockstep.
And as long as they are alive they worship the Judas goat of “government” and celebrities keeping those of us not sheep still wading in sheep shit!

Hey sheep, go get a couple of more boosters!
Works faster that way!

The Ole Dog!

The unvaccinated knew what we didn’t. Some of them said too little. Most said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands.
As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn’t do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.

While well intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID19 vaccinations — now seeming to do more harm than good — their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.

Even though they knew what we didn’t.

Our blood is now on their hands.

Those are strong words. But the unvaccinated had access to important information about the potential side effects of vaccines. They knew about the risks of severe allergic reactions, blood clots, and other serious health complications. They knew that vaccines did not immunize us. They knew it wasn’t effective, and that they can cause more harm than good.

They knew all of that, but instead of warning us, the unvaccinated chose to remain silent. They chose to look the other way and not speak out about the potential dangers of vaccines. They let millions of good folks who did the right thing (at the time) fall to death and disease, and many antivaxxers even gloated online about how their coin flip had been the right bet. The more diabolical even urged folks they disagree with to “get boosted.”

It has become all too clear. The silence of the unvaccinated was a dangerous, sociopathic, and irresponsible decision that has had serious consequences for those of us who received the vaccinations.

And silence is, after all, consent.

It is time for the unvaccinated to take responsibility for their actions and to work with the rest of us to find a solution to this crisis. We cannot afford to let their selfishness and lack of action continue to harm our communities. It is time for the unvaccinated to step up and do the right thing.

The unvaccinated should by any moral measuring stick have done more to warn about the potential risks — to help us make informed decisions about our health. And they must now ask us for our forgiveness.


They knew: why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us?


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