They Want You To Die In Their World War | The Rob Maness Show EP 263

Obviously, the world is clearly on the brink of World War 3, as we’ve been warning would happen for over a year now. Why are we here? Because we have actively taken decisions that brought us here. Entering a proxy war with Russia without a US or NATO industrial base to back it up and without a vital national interest at stake. Appeasing Iran, the largest state supporter of terrorism in the world. Refusing to adequately focus on the Chinese Communist Party’s building military threat to the West. All of these actions, or inactions, weakened our deterrent capability, what Donald Trump so effectively used to keep the peace, and emboldened bad actors such as Islamic Nazi’s in the middle East that are Iran’s proxy militias.

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Comment:  The Scum Fucks Who Run our Gov’t have looted the pensions so killing off seniors is their Priority.  They seem to want to kill off EVERYONE!  Our Politicians are all compromised on Videos having sex with kids (CIA Slaves of the Monarch Programs) so they will vote the way they are told to or else!  The Rich Jewish Financiers own them.  Lindsey Graham is likely on film having sex with a little Monarch Slave Boy and this is how the CIA maintains control over him as the CIA runs the Sex Slavery program.


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