Tony Spell and Alex Jones Trade Conspiracy Theories

Radical right-wing pastor Tony Spell has become a hero to right-wing activists for his refusal to comply with restrictions put in place to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Spell, a Louisiana-based pastor who has proudly and openly defied the state’s stay-at-home orders, mask mandates, and other public health restrictions, appeared on “The Alex Jones Show” Wednesday, where he revealed that he’s also an unabashed bigot and conspiracy theorist.

“We have a command—not a suggestion, not even a recommendation—from God to resist and never comply,” Spell said. “Daniel 11:32 says, ‘And such as do wickedly shall the Antichrist corrupt by flatteries.’ That word ‘flatteries’ means feminism, it means de-masculinization of mankind. That’s what the mask does. That’s what the vaccine does. That’s what complying with these inhumane, ungodly orders does.”

“Satan conquers us by domesticating us and making us weak,” replied Jones.

“He does,” Spell agreed. “That’s why Pharaoh said murder all the baby boys in Exodus 2. That’s why Herod wanted to kill every baby boy two years and younger, to kill Jesus. Yesterday, an attorney in our church is representing a nine-month-old Black baby boy who is being adopted by two married Black women, and whenever she called it ‘an abomination,’ the judge stopped the proceedings and put her out of the courtroom. This woman was simply protecting a nine-month-old helpless baby boy that is already an endangered species!”

“You know, statistically, those couples then do the transgender deal,” Jones interrupted. “It’s like a ritual. They go after their testicles. I mean, it’s like a religion to target boys with this whole transgenderism. They admit it’s a transhumanist move.”

“Exactly right,” Spell declared. “The vaccine takes away people’s ability—because of Bill Gates’ agenda that is in Daniel 7:25—it takes away your ability to resist. It takes away your desire to be zealous and fanatical. Look at people that are vaccinated, they’re like zombies. They’re just wandering around with no goals.”


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