Truth Barometer

Some tell-tale signs that all our efforts our beginning to pay off, that the Truth seeds are finally sprouting:

  • Day to day conversations of those around us are showing many people are becoming aware of what is going on and they’re becoming more vocal, and less self conscious about not being politically correct.
  • Family members, colleaugues, friends who once rubbished our distasteful views nowadays either agree with us, or just remain neutral. They can sense the Truth at a subconscious level and tend not to be so argumentative or mocking about our whacky conspiracies.
  • More and more articles are popping up in JMSM denouncing the rise of fascism and neo-nazis. They have to report  them, even if they desperately try to vilify these people (who BTW are not nazis nor fascists; just ordinary people pissed off about the injustices around them and equally pissed off about being labelled as extremists).
  • Occasional stickers and fliers on lampposts, and general graffiti of right wing/jew-wise material can be observed. Also it is uplifting to see others have deliberately torn off or de-faced lefty fliers/stickers (to me this is my personal barometer in the real world. Despite whatever my experience is within the choir online; a tangible acknowledgement that there is an awakening is when others are physically communicating their outrage in this way).
  • The comment sections of the online newspapers are peppered with anti-jewish comments and pure Truths (even though they are soon taken down).
  • Online forums are alive with the subject of zionism and the jewish agenda – plus the lefties are getting smashed in the debates. With many of them realising how ludicrous their argument is and automatically migrating to our side (and once you come over to the Truth – there’s no going back. And the jews know this).
  • They’re having to enforce new hate laws, which on the surface is daunting and will be an initial set back, but again, these laws will only be a superficial hindrance to us, as they’ll force the Truth out into the open for all to see.
  • Many mainstream talk radio call-ins are getting callers talking about these uncomfortable issues, despite the host trying to cut them off or down play the Truth.
  • They can hardly sell the newspapers now. They now have to give the London Evening Standard away **for free** to ensure the sheople will read their bullshit. But I’ve noticed now even at the end of the evening, the racks are full of them. It’s the same for their shitty Metropaper, which is all over the London Transport. And how much does all this propaganda cost? A fortune, just to ensure they keep the masses in their trance. But people don’t want them. I know it could be argued that people read news online more so these days, via their phones, which they do, but in doing so, a vast majority of them are now inadvertently stumbling across the Truth.
  • Those of us in this struggle online are becoming more emboldened and accurate in defining how, what and who is behind the deterioration of our societies.
  • Those online who were once half-Truthers, only talking comfortable Truths, are now beginning to sing our tune.
  • The shills in the movement like fat face Jones are being forced to at least mention white genocide and zionism, albeit in a distorted way. He’s having to work really hard now at shilling to keep the cover. But he’s looking more and more ridiculous and his doublespeak is becoming laugh-out-loud.
  • Politicians like Trumpstein are also having to be inclusive to white genocide issues, as a pressure valve, even though he is a jewish-controlled puppet.
  • Even non-whites living in our countries are commenting and even complaining about the amount of foreigners who are invading the countries they themselves have invaded – now that has to be telling! They are complaining, by the way, because the mass invaders will make them look bad. Plus not enough share of the white cake.
  • A compendium of books, audios, articles, websites has burst out onto the cyber arena more than ever before – a real indication of both an awakening and an outrage.
  • Many people like myself who once tiptoed around the issues of race are now feeling more comfortable about expressing the qualities of the white race. It is so obvious to us now. How could we not have seen this before, even though we were awake to most of the Truth?? A huge layer of Truth unraveled (more conditioning breaking down) and we’re now not timid about expressing the distortions of Truths about our race.
  • Apparently the animal rights groups are now being divided between those who toe the party lines and those waking up to the bigger picture, who can see the animal rights as just addressing a symptom and not the bigger picture. The word Zionism is also on their tongues. Hopefully this progression is also true for the war movements, and other activists groups.
  • The overt demonstrations happening across Europe are becoming more frequent. Especially the strong organic resistance movements happening in Eastern European countries.
  • The Truth is even bubbling up to the surface via some public figures, such as the boxer Tyson Fury telling it all on a video and the London politician Ken Livingston talking about the Palestinian Transfer Agreement. And anyone with half a brain can just google ‘Transfer Agreement’ and right next to it is the film ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’. How easy is it now to get access to the undiluted Truth(?) (so no excuse for these ridiculous half-Troofers these days).
  • The holocaust narrative is increasingly being seen for the whopping lie that it is, along with the outrageous legal implications (Orwellian laws) imposed upon 17 countries for inhabitants who deny this fat kosher lie. And of course there is a backlash against this lie. And a backlash against imprisoning people like Ursula Haverbeck, the elderly German lady who called out this lie. The mere fact they have to create an insane law like this and incarcerate innocent law-abiding people like Ursula, the more alarm bells they are ringing, and therefore the more people are going to wake up to this gargantuan fabrication.
  • More and more people like me have made the transition from using the euphemistic term Zionism/Zionistic jews to judaism/jews.
  • Most of us can see now that ‘alternative’ TV stations such Russia Today and Press TV are simply pressure valves and clever propaganda outlets designed for those who have turned away from the JMSM. And they too are having to do contortions of doubletalk around the Truth as things get so blatant.

In essence – the more these junkies push us and suppress us, the more the awakening will happen. So go for it Mr Jewstein, keep pushing, keep prodding us. This spiritual awakening is unstoppable! This must be torturous for you being the control freaks you are. So long can an unwilling host accept a destructive parasite.

Our role in the Truth community is to make sure we:

  • Keep focused – trying to avoid the plethora of distractions to take the heat off of the jew and take us off direct activism. We need to ensure we dance our dance. Not continually reacting to whatever the jews throw at us. We have to focus on our end goal, not theirs. And what is our goal? That needs to be engrained into each and every one of us. No specific goal = no results. It is that simple.
  • Try to maintain unity/cohesiveness – trying to minimise infighting. Keep any arguments and personality differences private. And try to overcome them for the Truth, even if it means we have temporary times of distance – we have to somewhat work together.
  • Be accurate with our Truth-telling – avoiding the many misleading euphemisms for the word jew. It’s not zionism, or cultural marxism or the globalists – it’s the jooos. This is important! Every single time we use a euphemism for for the word jew we are assisting the Jewish NWO agenda.
  • Clean up our act – try hard to avoid the relentless addictions the jew is offering us (offer and acceptance). Clean up as much as we can: ridding ourselves of harmful addictions and unhealthy ill-disciplined lifestyles: destructive/demonic porn, denatured toxic foods, all drugs, drinking habits, slothfulness and self pity.
  • Show tenacity – just as the jews have. Just keep at it, no matter how draining it is at times. Accept that is the nature of war. And recognise we are indeed in a subversive war, despite the illusion we are not.
  • Be mindful of always looking at the cause of the problem (JCN) and not the endless symptoms.
  • Don’t feel bad about getting highly emotive ‘at times’ – this a perfectly natural response to the insanity which is 360 degrees around us. We have to get angry, outraged in order for us to act (and to get others to act), but we need to filter and convert that dynamic energy into constructive, proactive activism. Remember activism is an antidote to despondency.
  • Be mindful that when at times you feel you are so isolated, you are definitely not alone – someone just at the end of your street and in your little village is wide awake and as equally outraged as yourself.
  • Reach out – make tentative efforts to gradually start doing some real life Truthing. We need to get this Truth out there into the real world now. Street activism is our next stage, albeit covertly. To do this we need to form small micro cells of reliable activists (say 4-6 people we absolutely know and trust and who are jew-wise). With intent for these micro cells to organically merge at the appropriate time. Even if initially these micro-groups are just about bonding, support networks (food, finances, emotive support, motivation, etc) and building up trust.
  • Ensure each and every one of us are doing our bit to propagate the Truth – to new blood (outside the choir), stretching our capacities, using as much creative skills as we can foster, being consistent, showing some degree of courage. But most of all, doing activism off our own backs without someone else having to motivate us.
  • Try not to get too despondent, as understandable as that would be. We all get down at times, this stuff can zap us and drive us hard into the ground with depression – but we just have to snap ourselves out it and realise we have no other choice but to keep fighting on; being mindful that progress is being made; and a quiet but forceful undercurrent of Truth is happening real time.

Let these Truth barometers allow us to recognise that we are making progress – that the Truth is finally spurting out on a global scale

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crack in dam

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