US Admits to Sending Radioactive Weapons to Ukraine that Left Thousands of Iraqi Babies Deformed When US Illegally Invaded Iraq, Holocausting Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqi Children, Based on Damned Lies US Political Whores Made Up Themselves

The Burning in Hell Colon Powell holding up a yellow powder and lying his ass off Iraq had “yellow cake” and was going to try to build weapons of mass destruction like US has millions of to “justify” starving to death half a million Iraqi children and then illegally invading a Sovereign Nation which did not first attack America.

The burning in Hell Madam Albright says starving to death half a million Iraqi children based on US lies leading to economic sanctions to force a foreign sovereign country which had not attacked America to it’s knees so they would obey US political whores, was damn well worth it!

In the annals of modern warfare, few decisions have been as controversial as the use of depleted uranium (DU). This radioactive waste, stemming from the production of enriched uranium for nuclear reactors and weapons, has long been the subject of intense scrutiny and criticism. Today, as the drums of war beat louder in Eastern Europe, a chilling specter from the past reemerges: the US’s intent to ship DU-laden armor-piercing munitions to Ukraine.

A Reuters revelation this week threw the spotlight on the Biden administration’s unnerving decision to dispatch these potent and controversial munitions to Ukraine. This move, while strategically aimed at fortifying Ukraine against Russian tank assaults, casts a long, haunting shadow over US foreign policy and the broader humanitarian consequences of warfare.



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