US’s “greatest ally” Did This

Look at the date, this terrorist was reassuring the Red Russian Khazarians occupying Palestine less than a month after the false flag which holocausted 3,000. Americans in one day, Israel had America by the balls and there would be no retribution for Israel’s crimes against America/Americans

The “history” the American sheeple are taught is 90 to 97 percent US GRADE A UNADULTERATED BULL SHIT.
From what is put in the books and movies about the American revolution to the reasons Americans are being given right now as to why the US military is illegally occupying many countries and why American kids in uniform are getting their asses blown off in places they should not be.

I have written articles laying out the lies used to drag Americans into wars they should not have been involved in throughout the time from the American revolution till now.

I have laid out legal reasons and in plain English why the evil seated in Sodom & Gomorra on the Potomac is not the Volunteer Union formed by the American Revolutionaries and why my Country, the Illegally Criminally Militarily Occupied Republic of Texas is NOT part of the current ‘UNITED STATES’

which not a nation, not a country, not a government but a corporation.

If American want to be free, they will have to deal with the evil in Tel Aviv and Washington DC.

‘Like A Red Shield Dragon Falling From The Sky In Flames’

Like a Red Shield dragon falling from the shy in flames-
Israhell will light the night sky with her burning shame-

Exposed as FAKE Hebrews, Liars, Fakes Frauds, bunch of pedophile-
Slaughtering the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians in their own domiciles-

A demon god’s promise to another people in a long gone time-
Provided the cover needed to rape rob murder the Semitic Paleistinian line-

Now their evil stands shown to the whole world by the illumination of the Morning Star-
Which sends the reflection of the LIGHT from distances afar-

Naked they stand before the world and it is not a pretty sight-
This evil demon possessed bunch on humanity’s ass a cancerous blight-

The cancer must be surgically removed from the Middle East-
Thus saith all the good gods and their favorite war beast-

The name will become one when spoken men spit on the ground-
At the memory of the evil conjured up by the revolting putrid sound!

The Ole Dog!


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