Video: Newt Tells Lie About His Attendance at Bohemian Grove

Kurt Nimmo
January 11, 2012

It’s often said the ability to lie convincingly is a job prerequisite for modern presidents. If so, Newt Gingrich has the skill down pat, although he will never get anywhere near the White House.

Newt lied (again) about attending Bohemian Grove the other day. Fact is, Newt not only attended the “most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine,” as Nixon deemed it, he delivered a speech there.

Instead of admitting it, he told Luke Rudkowski he’s living in a fantasy world. See the video below.

Here’s a photo of a much younger and slimmer Newtster at the “faggy goddamn thing” along with Bush the Elder and his son, George the Lesser. The photo is from the Annals of the Bohemian Club, Volume 7, 1987-1996. An reader sent it along back in 2004.

Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon tried to get confirmation that Gingrich attended the “saturnalia of juvenilia” (as Maureen Dowd of the New York Times put it), but they were spurned by Gingrich staff writer Robert George, who admitted Newt had attended but there was no transcript of his speech.

People in serious denial of reality are usually characterized as suffering from mental illness. On numerous occasions Newt has declared 9/11 truthers are insane because they question the government’s contention that cavemen in Afghanistan were able to make NORAD stand down and defy the laws of physics.

So, is Newt insane for denying what is documented and readily available in the public domain?

Naw. He’s just a liar.

More classic confrontations by Luke Rudkowski:

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61 Responses to “Video: Newt Tells Lie About His Attendance at Bohemian Grove”

  1. Forward this post everywhere and Romeny and Huntsman will fall like Newt and Perry.

    MITT ROMNEY HURT U.S. = 777 in multiples of 3
    JON HUNTSMANS AN EVIL MAN = 777 in multiples of 3
    RON PAUL WOULD HELP USA = 777 in multiples of 3 reverse order
    RON PAUL HEALS THE U.S. GOV = 777 in multiples of 3
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    NEWT GINGRICH’S RACIST KKK = 777 in multiples of 3
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    RICK PERRY AN ANTICHRIST = 777 in multiples of 3

    SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN TRUE = 777 in multiples of 3

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    YEHOVAH LOVES YESHUWA = 777 in multiples of 3

    YESHUWA LOVES YEHOVAH = 777 in multiples of 3

    YEHOVAH IS YESHUWA’S GOD = 777 in multiples of 3

    YESHUWA IS THE SON OF A GOD = 777 in multiples of 3

    YESHUWA IS CREATOR OF MAN = 777 in multiples of 3

    CHRISTIAN RELIGION IS GOOD = 777 in multiples of 3

    CHURCHES ARE TRAPS OF SATAN = 777 in multiples of 3

    BEING IN MILITARY IS CAIN LIKE = 777 in multiples of 3

    NATIONAL FLAGS ARE IDOLATRY = 777 in multiples of 3

    REAL SATAN IS CAIN = 777 in multiples of 3 reverse order

    A=3 B=6 C=9 D=12 E=15 F=18 and so on all the way to Z in multiples of
    3 through the alphabet

    Add these up and see…….

    Z=3 Y=6 X=9 W=12 V=15 U=18 and so on all the way to A in multiples of
    3 revere order through the alphabet

    • I hope nobody even takes number games seriously. I bet you shit a brick when you seen 23 with Jim Carry. Dude there is no secret code dictating our lives, we make our own choices. Mitt and Newt choose to live a bad life, some number doesn’t make them lie.

  2. “The Club’s patron saint is John of Nepomuk, who legend says suffered death at the hands of a Bohemian monarch rather than disclose the confessional secrets of the queen. A large wood carving of St. John in cleric robes with his index finger over his lips stands at the shore of the lake in the Grove, symbolizing the secrecy kept by the Grove’s attendees throughout its long history.”

    To escape this world every secret must be revealed. I wish they would have invited me. I have been known to channel mysterious forces and power when gathered around fires in the woods. My baby sitter as a child was a native American. I was raised by Indian guides. They say Chief Seattle has a god daughter who can defeat any mystical forces using only her mind. She’s known as a dragon slayer.

    It has been said that Thor and his daughter can move mountains much like Orestes and his mother Clytemnestra. It has been said that Odin’s dark side is Poseidon, their godson is Moses and when his mother cries her tears can melt the earth. It has been said that when Lilith hears her cries it stimulates of Fury that even Thor admires.

    These are of course just legends. I assume they tell these type of stories in California at Bohemian Grove. Many wonder what dying star Thor receives his power, it’s endless. I wonder if they ever tell the legend of Perseus. His mother Danae can cripple god in ways he never imagined.

    • Thors day,Friggs day=Odin father of Thor ,July=Julias Ceasar,August= Augustus Caesar,Autumn=Amon Ra who is Sun Day =Helios,Apollyon,Moons day,Tiws day a Nordic god,Wodens day,the planets,Jupiter=Zeus=Satan,Venus goddess of love.Mars,god of war,Saturn Nephilm god of agriculture,oh yes ,Saturn day.And there Anubis standing over there underground bunker to escape the passing of Nibiru/Nemisus=dealer of divine retribution,

  3. I love my family but i can be a badman in the blink of an eye should harm ever come there way i will exhausht what i have i care not to go to my trianing.

  4. We all Newts a professional liar , a classic and sterio typical example of a carrer politician . And Hey Newt ,why would you deny attending the sodomite festivals at the grove? Did they make you run around in an adult diaper? Now that would be funny. The reason he doesnt want anyone knowing he attends the grove is because its becoming more evident to the common clay that those that attend B. Grove are the top tere ILLUMINATI. Moloch a demon god of the Nephilim . The ancient Egyptians called Moloch,Thoth ,the ancient Mayans,Kukulcan . Anunnaki/Ashkenazi=those who say they are Jews and are not,but are a synagogue of Satan,Revelation 2:9,3:9 ,Jesus Christ is Lord,

  5. So, did Newt squeal like a pig when he lost his ’2nd virginity’?

  6. what would you do or could you ever scalp someone refer to you tube

  7. Anyone watching the GOP debates has heard Newt say that the U.S. should be involved in covert attacks against Iran and of course the U.S. can and will claim deny-ability, meaning lies, lies, and more lies. Like the magnetic car bomb yesterday in Iran that killed 2 Iranians involved in Iran’s nuclear program.

    End the madness, elect Ron Paul 2012!!!

  8. as an operator iam way out there.

  9. If you watched the CNN coverage of the New Hampshire primary, you would have heard David Gergen (whom Alex confronted about his Bohemian Grove attendance in video) continually say with an arrogant air of certainty that “Ron Paul will NOT be the Republican nominee”.

    He said this several times, each time with a tone of elitist pride that would make you sick. Obviously he is covering for another NWO dupe and his Bohemian Grove brother Newt Gingrich.

  10. Im with yuns damit i like the math if it all comes down which i pray to Tokasela (grand father) it dont. you know when this is going on you have no sleep that is where you should have a warrior society it is at this timehard to find fo me same thinking folks. but its ok iam a the only lakota warrior that i know of here.

  11. Important if you want to know who might be one of the hidden hands behind the nwo!

    Check this site out.

    • Certainly there are people that like to dwell in cesspools of occult rat-shit, worshiping un-Earthy gods. They hide in their closets like cowards.

  12. now its your turn i know but damit what else greedy to long are not in my class to watch this sucks having the option to get out of hear is good FINALLY we can do biz the thing i havent checked into is our nations soverignty mostly because they are a part of the U.N. oops thats when it was one of those fuck them indians moments .

    • midnightsa,

      Please if you are off your meds, go back on them. If you are on them, stop and see your doctor. You might know him as “medicine man”.

  13. Newt, Arnie and Bush had a Ménage à trois in the bunkhouse of the Mandalay camp. Newt was on the receiving end of course.

  14. only 38 hanged there were 200 supposed to be hanged the day after christmas look to minnesotas dakota uprising iam lakota dakota dont think it cant happen again.

  15. If Newt can remember Bohemian Grove he’s either a liar or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and is unfit to run for president. Checkmate, game over. Bye.

  16. many times i came to the rescue of my freiend some i won some i didnt but i didnt do to bad it goes back to my roots 1886 Mdewakanton sioux i want peace and liberty even tho lincoln didnt afford my ancesetors it because they should have payed there bills the last mas execution in the us took place in mankato minn.

  17. my friend was a dutchman and we believed in JFK and martin luther even tho we natives werent on the screen as we are not now.

  18. well iam sorry for getting off the subject yep the first time i ever heard the name newt it was refered to as a mud puppy that lived underneath a piece of concrete at my friends septic tanks cover which was plugged and leaking we saw .
    walowing in crap and trying to bite us when we try to pick it up we had sticks and dispatched it quikly and fed it to the chickens.

  19. Ahhhh

    the thief and swindler Rudkowski

    People here sure do love greedy assholes

    • Now THAT sounds like village!

      • Yup…welcome back village! How’s the bridge doing?

  20. If ron Paul get in will that be the end of what we have left is this the american machine a great big land grab how stupid is that if what we have left in the way of life run over them indians anyway fuck no we have 80% of whats left of the usa natural resource s fuck your cigar box indian we aint that.

  21. i have to wonder if my own people know what is going on? iam sure that it doesent matter to them because they live in freedom anyway no matter what these rules we live by are different for us often clashing with authorities for as long as i can remeber i walk on bothsides and it is har and has been.

  22. i was born on prison camp 44 pine ridge indian resevation

  23. Newt thinks to himself, “Hey that owl looks like me.” Lying is first nature to politicians. Ron Paul tells the truth and confuses the lot of them.

  24. at any rate that gingrich guy reaks of evil like one of those reptile people on you tube or maybe its cause hes really pale faced lies and bad he can contain anymore or maybe its jus me pale face speak with fork tounge and now its hasa pa (black man) speak with fork tounge what is a native to believe.

  25. oh well enough of that we never screamed like you guys do even if we did nobody listened. they looked the other way. aint that the shit.

  26. lesser of the two greedy evils remeber nobody cared when we were like you are now NDAA its karma should listend now its your wounded knee.

  27. Newt is just a fat, bloated WAR pig…. Leave him alone……………………

    • Ps…. Excuse me…. I did not mean to call Newt a ” bloated war pig.” I meant to call him a
      “fat, bloated mother fucking war pig.” Excuse me……..

  28. you guys are the indian now and were with youns but dont try a land grab on our rezs cause you will get a fight.

  29. So did he pitch or catch? Or both?

    • Team player!

  30. That greasey old fart was rubbing elbows wit ronold reagan back in the day i think he was suckin the same sucker that 700 club lap dog for the globalist pat yoda robertson was. check there bank accounts for the last 20 years.

  31. Come on folks — everyone knows that Newt is a secret purple dinosaur. He eats babies in one gulp and spits out the bones.

    • Wrong, Dunagan, you are wrong.
      Newt eats the bones too.

  32. Folks in SC need to make signs with the above pictures, with captions and such. I know one candidate who wouldn’t attend, nor, I’m sure, wouldn’t be invited. Ron Paul, for a Bohemian Grove-free future! Weaving spiders…INDEED!

  33. Luke is cool.The Georgia guide stones pretty close to Newt.Has he found the People who Think like that.

  34. Luke Rudowski is awesome. The Gingrich interview is absolutely priceless.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  35. i am so not going to allow any of these replutocrats to bull shit my brain,

    i have railed on here about the retarded record of sanitarium and gingrich.

    seeing all those secret service mormons its just revolting.

    do you suppose the mormons are any worse than muslims???

    etched gold plates with words from god sheeple???? come on

    no matter how bad the bible is as a collection of old sumerian stories

    with the names changed, its worse with the new chapter.

  36. Evil never fights fair. Remember what the tyrants invented can be used effectively against them.

    • Evil, regardless of wishful thinking, demands its due. Courage truth, or subjugation destruction. If you choose courage truth, then you will have to “do” something. If you wish subjugation, death destruction. Do nothing, it will come. Evil respects only truth courage. Do not attempt to use evil’s methods against it, because upon this it feeds.

  37. What does the Christian Church in America think of the Republican Bohemian Grove??
    do they approve of it, do they go there?? Would Jesus attend such a place? or maybe they just dont care about such things.

    • 44 years old never heard of it till 2008

    • The creation of care ceremony is a reenactment of the “comet of 562″ — that is it’s secret meaning. It certainly did cremate the Kingdom of Christ under King Arthur, scorching the Earth and vitrifying surface of castle walls. 90% of the population of Britain gone in a few days and risks of starvation for the rest. It took 7 to 10 years to reestablish farming. Later the Romans came and were offered little resistance to open lands. Google: comet of 562

      Was this a natural comet, or was it a Phobos space-ship covered with carbon carbon that would bare the heat and be piloted by a dark fallen angle to reward Babylon.

  38. Is that a child’s blood running down your chin Newt ? All those children you fucking extreme Dahmer you ! Newt will soon be down on his knees screaming in Hell to die ! and death will never come for him !

    • With the rest of the tyrants

    • To be fair I’m not sure that necessarily he’s killed any children at the Grove, he’s just attended it. But he has been responsible for killing many children overseas needlessly, for profit.

  39. I’ve said it once i’ll say it again.. Newt Gingrich=anything for a buck! .. Newt should be investigated for TREASON! VOTE RON PAUL 2012!

  40. The neut wouldn’t know the truth——till he stands before the judgement throne of Christ

    • He will want the Bill of Right then

  41. seriously… you americans should be dragging these lying bastards out into the street by their feet and stringing them up from the lamp posts for their treason.

    • We have cops for that.they just have found alex jones yet.

    • WE americans? How about getting the world’s head out of the sand and coming to grips with the fact that this is a dog and pony show? This is a GLOBAL problem and every single head of state from the queen of England and the pope himself is involved. We’re not going to fix this problem by “voting” in somebody new to be prez of the US. They’ve been puppets of the globalist NWO scum for at least 100 years. Or even further back, since Napoleon lost at Waterloo.

  42. He’s not lying. He’s just a don’t ask don’t tell attendant of the Bohemian Grove.

    • Gingrich’s campaign can’t get out of the starting blocks. Give it up ya fat f*ck.

      • “Voting” is a joke. The NWO manipulates and gets whoever they want into office.

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