What Are Show Notes? – Questions For Corbett #076

I think that stems from a couple of things:

1. The ‘source please’ or ‘citation please’ requests usually comes from bots, shills & morons for whom only establishment approved outlets, filled with lies & propaganda, qualify as valid sources.
It’s a setup so that they can respond with “Whitney Webb?? – Ha! gimme a break!”“Judith Curry?? – Ha! gimme a break!”“Eva Bartlett?? – Ha!”“Steven Jones?? – Ha!”“Niels Harrit?? – Ha!” … etc, etc.
In other words, their request for a source is actually just a premeditated setup for another round of gaslighting & public shaming.

2a. The source is frequently the person doing the speaking.
When you’ve been researching truth & conspiracies for many years, or decades, it’s possible to have learned the patterns of TPTB to such a degree that you can break down and predict certain types of actions, behaviors, statements, events & motives of TPTB with incredibly high accuracy, but because you’re just some guy with no celebrity status, no government stamp of approval and no university stamp of approval, you will never be accepted by these people as a source for anything.

2b. If TPTB left 100% irrefutable, court-admissible evidence laying around for everything they did and plan to do, they wouldn’t be TPTB for very long. Yet that’s the sort of evidence that’s expected in response to ‘source please’ or ‘citation please’.
“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” they’ll say.
If everyone followed this mantra, instead of, for example, learning to recognize patterns, read body language, read between the lines and acknowledge the value of other people who have gotten really good at doing these things… well, the entire world would have a highly false view of reality.

TLDR: I’m not saying it’s unimportant to provide sources but I completely understand the rage that arises when someone asks for a source. Outside of truth research circles, providing sources typically accomplishes nothing. It typically just opens the door for gaslighting & shaming from bots & shills and unless you’re being paid shill money yourself, you won’t be able to afford to sit there for amount of time it takes to counter that gaslighting & shaming, and most onlookers will never dig deep enough into the comment thread to see it happen anyway.


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