What If All Jews Are Evil & Lie All The Time???-Israeli Lawyer Who Pushed ‘Hamas Mass Rapes’ Hoax Accused of Scamming Donors


Cochav Elkayam-Levy, the Israeli operative who was awarded with the Israel Prize last week for pushing the “Hamas mass rapes” hoax, now stands accused of scamming donors of millions of dollars and spreading misinformation.

The scandalous allegations are only being reported in Hebrew in the Israeli paper YNet but the Grayzone spotted it out and translated the story to English.

From The Grayzone, “Israeli propagandist behind Hamas ‘mass rape’ narrative exposed as grifter, fraud”:
[…] Yet three days [after receiving the Israel Prize], Israel’s largest newspaper, YNet, published a damning exposé accusing Elkayam-Levy of ripping off major donors, including a member of the Biden administration, spreading fake Hamas atrocity tales, and failing to deliver on her promise of a major report about sexual violence on October 7.

“People have disassociated themselves from her because her research is inaccurate,” an Israeli government official told YNet. “After all, the whole story is that they want to accuse us of spreading fake news, and her methodology was neither good nor accurate.”

Government officials were particularly incensed that Elkayam-Levy spread discredited claims that a Hamas militant cut a fetus from a pregnant woman before raping the woman — a lie first spread by confirmed fraudster Yossi Landau of the scandal-stained ZAKA organization. “The story about the pregnant woman who had her stomach cut open – a story that was proven to be untrue, and she spread it in the international press,” the official complained to YNet. “It’s no joke. Little by little, professionals began to distance themselves from her because she is unreliable.”



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