Why Is It Worth Knowing About Mount Damavand?

Why Is It Worth Knowing About Mount Damavand? – Tehran%20Times

Mount Damavand is one of the most iconic places in Iran. That is not just for the challenge of climbing Damavand. Damavand peak has had a notable role in Iranian mythology and literature.

Mount Damavand is one of the most iconic places in Iran. That is not just for the challenge of climbing Damavand. Damavand peak has had a notable role in Iranian mythology and literature. It is a symbol of resistance and strength in Iranian folk stories. It is regarded as an epic mountain in Shahnameh, the popular Iranian book of poems. Every Iranian anywhere in the world can tell you exciting stories about Zahaak, the devil king, imprisoned in the Damavand peak for thousands of years.

Located near Tehran, Damavand trekking is one the most popular hobbies of the local people as well as tourists. From youths to elders, from amateurs to professionals can pick a share of their own from Damavand trekking tours. That’s why it is on the top of Iran mountain tours lists. So, taking a Damavand tour package is not just about the trails and their natural beauty. It’s also about the local life and the stories you’ll get to explore. You meet the nomads that travel by season. Or you’ll get to meet hikers from different regions in these Iran.

The best season for climbing Mount Damavand is in summer when the Damavand peak weather is mild and the pathways are not icy or covered with much snow. The weather in Mount Damavand’s summers is mostly fine but it can drop to below zero as well. So you need to have proper gears. You should know that Iran mountain tour packages are categorized as easy and affordable. And with Damavand peak being the tallest mountain in Asia, Damavand ascent gets you lots of bragging points! Which is worth every penny you spend.

What are important facts about Mount Damavand?

The first Mount Damavand fact which can be interesting to you is that it is the highest summit in the Middle East. Damavand Peak is also the highest volcanic summit in Asia. It’s the 12th prominence summit in the world. Mount Damavand is known as the ceiling of Iran in the list of 7 volcanic summits of the world. Moreover, during a Damavand trekking tour, you’ll come across a range of diverse and beautiful sceneries. From walking on top of clouds to the rare animals you’ll see on the route, it will all fill your eyes with joy. Not to mention a variety of plant species specific to this region.

What Are Unique Aspects of Our Damavand Tours?

Why Is It Worth Knowing About Mount Damavand?

IranAmaze has designed eight Damavand tour packages from 3 to 6 days with different levels of professionalism. All of our tour guides are international guides certified by the Iran mountaineering and sport climbing federation. They’ve conquered many summits of 7000- 8000-meters height. They’ve ascended Damavand peak at least 50 times. Their knowledge and training have prepared them to lead Damavand tours that are stress-free and joyful. We’ve organized our Damavand trek tours in a way that allows you to travel at a pace that’s most comfortable for you. Whether you are a beginner or a professional mountaineer, we’ll ensure your daily schedule and acclimatization program is aligned with your needs.

How Hard Is Damavand Trekking?

Climbing Damavand in Iran is a great challenge that is accessible for all. It does require you to be physically and mentally prepared, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus. However, it does not need too intense of a training program for you to be able to ascend the summit. Generally, Mountaineering in Iran is alpine style, which means ascending Iran mountain summits is easy, especially if you’re in a fit and healthy state. Iran mountain tours require simple gear, and most summits are easily accessible due to their short distance to the cities. Thus Damavand trekking does not take much time, and reaching its peak only takes about four days. Also, due to the low cost of Iran tour packages, Damavand trekking tours are much more affordable than similar ones in other countries.

How is the weather in Damavand peak?

In theory, climbing Damavand is possible in all four seasons of the year. However, summer is the best season, and winter is the hardest for mount Damavand trekking. We can claim that Damavand peak has only two seasons: summer and winter. The spring and autumn are too short to consider. Besides, due to the unstable weather, it is important to be aware of Damavand peak weather before hitting the road in any Damavand tour packages. Yet, if you are ready enough with pretty good gears, climbing Damavand, Iran’s ceiling, will be like ascending a heavenly path. Summer is the best timing for taking Damavand your packages. It is dry but cool during the day and slightly above freezing at night. The footpaths are free of snow and it is possible to pave part of the way by transportation. But the base camps are crowded. From mid June up to mid September is considered as summer. And naturally, the off-season is the freezing winter. Starting from November, Damavand peak is covered by heavy snow and icy winds.

Why Is It Worth Knowing About Mount Damavand?

The temperature could be as extreme as -70 centigrade with a wind speed of 100 km/H. However, there is almost no risk of avalanche. Therefore, the Damavand peak would be only accessible to equipped mountaineers. This tough situation continues to March and even April. But, the professional climbers don’t back off by Damavand peak weather!

What To Pack For Damavand Trekking Tour?

You should consider both general equipment and rock climbing tour packages equipment. For the general part, bear in mind the Iran dress code to have proper clothes either for the ordinary days in Iran or for climbing Mount Damavand. Don’t forget about personal hygiene and medicine. Besides, notice that you have packed the needed electronic devices and their accessories like charger and power banks. To understand how to prepare for climbing Mount Damavand, you need to have a good list of the essentials. First of all, a backpack that holds 40-60 liters is about right for the Damavand trek. Lights, a 2-liter water reservoir, trekking poles, a sleeping bag, and its sleeping pad for a warm sleep are essential for Damavand trekking. Cooking is on IranAmaze when you are traveling with our Damavand tour packages, so you just need to take your cooking utensils.

What to Wear for Climbing Damavand?

The weather in Damavand peak is challenging, and you should wear appropriate clothes to conquer it. Moreover, having dry clothes for when you’re sleeping is necessary for your health and the quality of your sleep. Having 2 or 3 quick-dry trekking t-shirts is enough. Also, a long sleeve shirt is good to protect yourself from mosquito bites and sunburn during this Iran mountain tour. The rest of clothes are detailed in the site.


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