Yes I Am Crazy, But I Am Not Insane

The sheep think anyone who embraces the truth, anyone who has a set of balls, anyone who does not go meekly through the slaughterhouse doors with the herd, is crazy.

So yes, as per the sheep’s definition of crazy, the Ole Dog! is crazy.

When I was yet in high school over two generations ago, I was warning if the child raping scum political whores in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac did not stop borrowing and spending like a drunken sailor with an handful of credit cards in a titty bar the end result would be the destruction of the middle class and the resulting 3ed world status of America.

I warned the continuing balls to the wall borrowing and spending by the DC clowns would result in outright economic default on loans and obligations or by hyperinflation of the currency leading to the same result as borrowed fund would be paid back in inflated currency worth only fractions of a penny on the dollar of purchasing power, the middle classes savings, wages would become in purchasing power, worthless as teats on a boar hog.

Folks decided I was crazy as the corrupt political whores in DC assured them the Borrow and spend road went on forever and the “free” stuff party never ends.

Forty something years later, look around you.

The wife and I have been hitched damn near forty years.
All that time I have warned her of where society and the world was going .

My wife decided I was crazy.

Here a while back my Viet Nam vet brother and his wife were in town so they stopped by.
While we were visiting the conversation got around to the 3ed world shit hole America has become because of the evil and communistic lust of the bought and sold political whores in DC.

I had to go do something so left the wife with my brother and sisternlaw for a few minuets.
As my brother and his wife were fixing to drive off and the wife had already gone back into the house, my brother told me the wife had admitted to then she had always thought I was crazy but there was the small problem of everything I said was going to happen years ahead of the events, kept happening.

I have a top shelf pedigree which can be traced back on most family lines for at least a couple of thousand years.
When someone’s name came up in history many times I would tell the wife, that’s one of may great great grandfather, great great grandmother or cousin types.
Such as George Washington being my 2nd cousin and his Great aunt who was the sister of George’s grandfather, being one of my great grandmother types.

She decided I was crazy.

A few years back I purchased a 15 volume set of genealogical books on the Washingtons.

I showed her my name, hers because she married me and our children as descendants of the Washington’s, Presidential branch.

She took a photo of that part, sent it to our daughter saying:
He’s NOT crazy!!!

Well, yes I am crazy.

Growing up if there was anything I had not done which was dangerous and exciting, I had to do it.
Swimming the headwaters of the Nueces River when it was in flood, both ways.

Climbing the sheer broken face of Bull Head mountain with only my fingers and toes, no tools or ropes.

Riding fast bucking horses, fast cars on narrow winding mountain roads, fast motorcycles and such.

I still hold the record for the most barbed wire ranch fence and cedar post taken down with a motor cycle at 75 MPH at around two hundred feet of the chainsaw wired fence.

I did spend about a month in the hospital having operation after operation to put my ass back together, but hey, it was an experience very few can even start to imagine!

I sometimes dated two or three girls at once without them knowing about each other.

I joined the military after there was no draft and did my war.

I will own up to being bat shit crazy by the sheep’s definition.
But I am not insane and history has proved I damn well knew what was going to happen long before most folks alive today were even born.

I like to make sure the sheep do not even get the least idea I am one of them!

The Ole Dog!


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