Henry Kissinger — ‘It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews.’

By Mary Kakatos
The Daily Mail
via The Truthseeker

“It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews,” Henry Kissinger tells author Michael Wolff, explaining there was a growing rift in the White House between former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Jared and Ivanka Trump.

“It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews.” Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger has said it’s an all-out war in the White House of President Donald Trump. ‘It is a war between the Jews and the non-Jews,’ Kissinger, the former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser to presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, told Michael Wolff for his book ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’.

It appears that the remark was an attempt to characterize the clash between former Trump chief adviser Steve Bannon on one side, and Jewish Trump family members Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump on the other.

According to Wolff, Trump seemingly pushed Kushner into a role as ‘Israel’s great protector’, a role he was not familiar with playing so Bannon began pushing back to grab the ‘stronger-on-Israel’ label. (Pictured left to right:  Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon, January 2017)

‘For Trump, giving Israel to Kushner was not only a test, it was a Jewish test: the president was singling him out for being Jewish, rewarding him for being Jewish, saddling him with an impossible hurdle for being Jewish – and, too, defaulting to the stereotyping belief in the negotiating powers of Jews,’ Wolff wrote.

However, Bannon did not like this and intended to grab the ‘stronger-on-Israel’ label, which was embraced by Trump. The Breitbart editor seemed determined to make Kushner appear weak and inadequate, according to Wolff.

LD : Reader, please note. This is not a clash between a Jew and a goy in the ordinary sense, with the goy trying to defend the interests of the goyim against increasing Jewish encroachments. It is far more bizarre.
Here we see Bannon, the shabbos goy, trying to make out that the Jew, Jared Kushner, is not Zionist enough! Bannon is seen here as more extreme in his Zionism than Kushner, whose Zionism is represented as weak and insipid in comparison. Bannon is basically saying to Kushner, “I am more Jewish than you are, because I love Israel more than you do!”
In the same way, the Christian Zionists in America would appear to be far more fervent in their Zionism than the average Israeli. Getting one’s head around this psychological phenomenon in not easy, where the non-Jew competes with the Jew to see “who can be more Jewish.”  [LD]

In turn, Kushner brought on former president of Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn and pushed for him to be the president’s top economic adviser. Bannon’s choice had been CNBC’s conservative anchor and commentator Larry Kudlow. For Trump, the clout of having a former Goldman Sachs head was more impressive than even a television personality.

Cohn started to describe a soon-to-be White House that would be business focused and committed to advancing center-right to moderate positions. In this new configuration, Bannon would be marginalized.

Jonathan Sarna, a professor of Jewish history at Brandeis University, told Forward that Kissinger maybe saw the battle of a Jewish-inflected moderate wing and a culturally non-Jewish hard core. ‘Jewish Republicans have been different from the kind of paleo-conservative Republicans, and that battle goes back a long way,’ Sarna said. ‘What none of us know is whether the neoconservatives will come back to the Republican party if there’s a different man at the top.’

The two sides continued to remain at odds until Bannon exited in  August 2017.

‘Bannon regarded Kushner and Cohn (and Ivanka) as occupying an alternative reality that had little bearing on the real Trump revolution,’ Wolff wrote. ‘Kushner and Cohn saw Bannon as not just destructive but self-destructive, and they were confident he would destroy himself before he destroyed them.’

Sourced  from  The  Daily  Mail  via  The  Truthseeker

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