More Hard Proof the Oregon Kip Kinkel Shooting was a Hoax

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More Hard Proof the Oregon Kip Kinkel Shooting was a Hoax

Among the main crisis actors of the fake Thurston school shooting hoax, 1998, in Oregon is a man named Ryan Atteberry. He was supposedly shot by a .22 pistol in the face. Does anyone sees any evidence of such a wound? Nor does it make sense that a school gunshot victim would be allowed to walk around, right before a ‘sea of cameramen,’ that is unless it was a hoax.


Real gunshot wounds to the face; all create entrance holes.


The Atteberry wound has no such hole. Just a round dot of purple coloring. Yet, why would anyone believe it to be real? It was preceded by a mock disaster where such moulage was applied on Thurston students:


“Twelve of the injured students…. were rushed to the McKenzie-Willamette Memorial Hospital... Fortuitously, a few weeks before the shootings Thurston students had volunteered as casualties during a mock disaster drill at McKenzie-Willamette so ER teams could practice caring for large numbers of injured at one time.”

“The cold, still bodies of Bill and Faith Kinkle lay in the quiet house for almost a day and a half while the demolitions team went about its precarious work. Even as coroner’s deputies were at last removing the corpse of fity-seven-year-old Faith Kinkle at about 1:30pm, investigators turned up another bomb in the house.

The latest bomb was sophisticated and especially sensitive, and it exploded while technicians were attempting to disarm it from a distance. …. Forensic teams who had just entered the house trooped back outside while the bomb squad resumed the sweep. It was almost four hours later before another all clear was at last agreed upon. All in all, the bomb squad carted out twenty explosives from the home.

Source: “Babyface Killers,” Clifford Lindecker, St. Martens Paperbacks, 1999.


Here, it should be noted what are the parallels with Columbine, where, once again, the bodies were purportedly not picked up right away. That was a next-day pick up as well. In Columbine as well there was a bomb supposedly that was detonated off-site plus other bombs in large numbers that ‘were not used.’ The booby trapping has parallels with, too, the Aurora-area theater shooting, which, like Columbine, was also entirely fake.

How did, regardless, the weakling Kip Kindel do all this? Plus, he managed to have 1200 rounds on him? Plus, he held in his possession numerous guns, including a long rifle, all this on his seemingly feeble frame? Moreover, it is simply not plausible that Mr. Kindel was able to construct such a large number of such devices: bomb upon bomb in his own home.

Yet, the world is supposed to hold this as real. There were purportedly real victims, after all. In 1999 got political virtually overnight. While before the U.S. Senate he said:


Said the arch-fraudster Atteberry, “I don’t believe in (anything),” that is “religion.”


The panel of arch-fabricators was infested not only with this Thurston High School shooting hoax fabricator but also crisis actors from the Heath (Paducah) and, of course, Columbine phony shootings. The fact is Columbine was a terminally wr fake. Therefore, all others represented at this hoaxing event must be considered fabrications unless proven otherwise. The burden of proof is on those who fake the school shootings, not any Internet-based investigators. Now for Mr. Atteberry’s ‘testimony:’

Hello,. my name is Ryan Atteberry. Thank you for inviting me here today. I’m here to talk to you about the events of May 21st at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon. My school.

May 21st started out like any other day. I met some of my friends and we visited on our way to our first class.

That was the last thing that was normal about May 21st. The next thing I know I’m laying on the ground paralyzed, my head filled by a deafing ringing sound.

After a few minutes I was relieved to be able to move my fingers and legs. I still didn’t know what had happened, but at least I could move.

Being able to move made me feel better.

I realized something terrible had happened when I noticed blood on the ground by me. Then, I realized it was my blood.

Comment: Really? He is shot near or in the spinal column, presumed from the symptoms  represented. Now, alone is a medical emergency. Moreover, it is no minor issue to any degree. Such a person should not be moved, virtually an inch. A spinal cord injury victim must be stabilized., If he could not feel is legs or fingers at any point just after a gunshot injury, that is direly serious.

Such a case must be dealt with by medical professionals and in this regard rendered supine, while stabilized, in fact, immobilized. He would be strapped to a gurney. It would be impossible for him to be moved without being so strapped. For his own sake it must be done, let alone the medical-legal consequences of failing to immobilize a potential spinal cord or neck injury case.


Now, just how is this possible? How could it be that a person with a bullet lodged near the spine could be walking around for a camera-shoot? Too, he is “helped to a waiting ambulance” not right away but, rather, “hours after?” Really, a spinal cord injury involving the potential for paralysis and the inability to breath on the person’s own, one requiring, as stated by Atteberry, intubation: really, they waited “hours” to begin transporting him? Moreover, he is transported, actually, paraded about, like a virtual walking Frankenstein? Who in the world believes such inanity, especially the claim that the was transported “hours after?”

Right, he was allowed to rot in the school with a bullet wound to the face for “hours” – and only now he is rescued? Hours later and the media is still there shooting pictures. What’s the man with the notebook or clipboard doing? In “hours” he would have bled to death. In those “hours” no one even bothered to put a bandage on him. It’s simply not plausible.


Read what it says: hours. Why the failure to respond to a youth with a bullet wound in the face or, alternatively, head? Was the entire school booby-trapped? Did students virtually bleed to death. Moreover, if Atteberry was there for “hours” why isn’t his entire shirt full of blood?


Sure he was. He was a hero, just like Gene Rosen.


What about the blooooddd? He said there was blood,  his own, on the ground near him.

I had been shot.

I spent 5 days in the hospital with a tube stuck down my throat so I could breath. My throat was so swollen that it was almost shut. The bullet is still lodged near my spine. The doctors say they have to leave it there because it would be more dangerous to take it out.

I survived my injuries and have fully recovered. Two of my friends were not as lucky. Ben and Michael did not survive.

I’m here today to encourage everyone to help stop violence. There is no place for violence–especially at school.

We all need to work together to solve our problems.

We must use words not weapons.

Here are other story lines by yet additional crisis actors that simply do not appear to be plausible:


Does anyone really believe he slept with a picture of the youth that was supposedly killed? Who even does this when losing a brother or sister to a gunshot catastrophe?


Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.09.23 AM

Here is a child that was supposedly rescued by yet another good Samaritan, a school administrator. What do people consider? Does she appear trustworthy?

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.09.34 AM

Talk about speaking from the corners of the mouth. Now, then, watch what happens as the camera proceeds to capture the imagery. A child in a blanket, wrapped up so nice and warm by a loving school employee. What could touch the heart more than this?

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.10.11 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.09.56 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.10.28 AM

Well, well, well, let us see what happens. Look at that mischievous smile. Look at it, and look at it again.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.10.39 AM

Therefore, the Thurston school shooting in Springfield, Oregon, by a youth named Kip Kinkel is an arch-Zionist fabrication. While it is hotly contested by those who seek to suppress these findings, let anyone prove it differently; let anyone prove otherwise.

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8 Responses to “More Hard Proof the Oregon Kip Kinkel Shooting was a Hoax”

  1. Brian Bay says:

    As a Columbine student who survived that day, you are an idiot and a piece of shit. I stood in a mortuary holding Susie Curnow, who was my mom’s classmate and best friend in elementary school, viewing Steve’s dead body. I was in the cafeteria when it started and watched Dave Sanders getting hit with bullets. I stayed in a science room for hours until a SWAT team moved us out. I heard and saw everything that happened that day. To sit there on your computer and tell people it is fake and deny all of the evidence is to be a shitty person in general. I fucking hate you. Do you have no compassion at all? It may have been a long time ago, but people here in Littleton are still dealing with the pain.I welcome you to Colorado and we can talk about this face to face. I’ll take you to Steve’s grave then to his mom’s house so you can tell her that all the crying and depression she has dealt with over the years was all fake. And for fucks sake! That kid was shot in the face by Kip Kinkle and there are pictures of it and your saying he is faking? You really are one of the shittiest people on earth.

  2. Madi says:

    This is such bullshit.

    I am currently a senior at Thurston High School (yes the same one as the shooting you’re talking about I’m not talking out of my ass in case you’re wondering) and I have teachers who were there that day. We have a memorial to remember those who were injured and the two students who lost their lives. We had news reporters from all over the country packed on 58th street (the tiny street at which Thurston is located) there to capture the story. We have family members who live here in Springfield that were directly affected by Kip Kinkel’s attacks. There is plentt of tangible evidence and eye witnesses who can attest to this being true, and you are here saying that it’s a hoax? How fucking insensitive are you? People lost their lives, and here you are saying that it’s all made up bullshit.

    Seriously, I’d never normally say this to a stranger over the internet out of anger, but go fuck yourself.

  3. Dimitrius ΑΝΦΑΚΜΙ says:


  4. Admin says:

    Friend, We at respectfully ask that you remove all citations and references to our images and posts referencing the Kip Kinkel shooting.

    We have removed these posts from our own website after additional evidence caused us to reverse our position.

    We appreciate your immediate assistance in this matter.

  5. lacy janeena cunningham says:

    I was there covered in Theresa miltonbergers blood.COVERED IN HER FUCKING BLOOD!!! I held her head together with my own clothing as a 16 year old child. I saw things a child should never see.
    Why in the world would anyone think this was a hoax??? I suffer from pretty severe PTSD from this.
    This is the lowest form of snowflake idiocy I have read. Please remove Ryan’s photo, it’s incredibly disrespectful to his family and he to have to see this.

    If you would like more proof go dig up Michael’s grave. He saved my life. I will forever be indebtedto him and thankful for him.

  6. Maynard Alvis says:

    I wonder who the author of this website votes for? Oh right, Donald Trump. This is your typical Trump supporter, folks.

    • Awake Goyim Awake Goyim says:

      Rabbi Maynard Alvis.

      Why dont you like your Satanic Pedo Rabbi Trump?

      He is doing exactly what Rothschild Chabad Lubavitch tell him to do… just like all Rothschild Presidents before him.

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