Russian daredevil jumps from high-rise balcony with opened parachute and survives: Video

nsnbc : A Russian daredevil was filmed jumping from a high-rise balcony with an unfolded parachute in the Moscow region. Surprisingly, he lived to tell the tale.

Moscow Obl high-rise parachute jumper_Jan 2018_RussiaVideo footage of the hair-raising jump from a snowy high-rise balcony was uncovered by the local website on Thursday.

The video (see below) shows the man lowering the unfolded parachute down from the balcony before climbing the snowy railing and making the jump.

The man who accompanied the “jolly jumper” on the balcony to film the event is heard saying “idiot” as he filmed the jumper’s landing in the snow below.

The landing wasn’t exactly “gracious” as the chute had barely broken the free fall so much that the daredevil didn’t poke a hole into the ground to go straight to hell. The height from which the daredevil jumped is unclear. Scientists say that 30 meters is the lowest height one can parachute from and survive.

CH/L – nsnbc 12.01.2018

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