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India Announces it Will Pay for Russian S-400s in Rubles and Rupees, Not Dollars

Last month, Washington issued a threat of sanctions against India if it were to move forward in purchasing the Russian s400 missile defense system. US President Donald Trump warned India that if it went ahead with the $5 billion deal to purchase S-400 Triumf air defense systems from Moscow, that certain repercussions would soon follow […]

Price swings in Tehran housing market

What is going on in Tehran’s property market? Would it be fair enough to claim that this once vibrant sector of the economy is finally out of the woods? The Central Bank of Iran publishes monthly reports on the latest developments in the housing market in Tehran that is indeed a useful indicator of market […]

Amoral tricksters that enhance world mythology

     Mythologies around the world speak of beings which cannot be defined as good or evil. German folklore mentions a household elemental named kobold. Even though he can be helpful, as a trickster, he can make mischief and play pranks on the members of his household. He can hide tools and other objects and he […]

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