16 Scientific Facts That We Did Not Know Prior To 2017

In the scientific world, more and more things are being discovered. Even before we had the beauty of technology, people have been studying the way the world works. Whether it’s in the field of biology, psychology or the world of physics.

We learn about things that we never knew before starting in school, regardless if those facts are basic or not. But the learning doesn’t end there. As time goes by, various things are beginning to appear that are coming to scientists’ attention.

So the science that you may have studied in school is probably a bit different from the science that kids are learning today. But don’t worry, we’ll fill you in! Here are 16 scientific facts that we didn’t know prior to 2017.

1. Lungs aren’t just for breathing. Mammalian lungs produce about 10 million blood cells per hour. That’s the majority of blood cells that circulate the body.

2. According to ScienceAlert, it is mathematically possible to build a time machine! We just have to figure out how to bend the fabric of space-time and it can only be done towards the future.

3. Siberia’s ancient forests are being exposed for the first time in 200,000 years. Their colossal crater’s permafrost is melting fast.

4. Humans are currently creating the world’s first semi-synthetic organisms, using an expanded, six-letter genetic code.

5. For physicists out there, ScienceAlert notes that we now have a blueprint to create time crystals. This is a new state of matter that was an “impossible” object to access.

Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/16-scientific-facts-that-we-did-not-know-prior-to-2017/

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