2018 Prediction: CNN collapses and goes bankrupt after Trump’s FDA bans prescription drug TV commercials

Image: 2018 Prediction: CNN collapses and goes bankrupt after Trump’s FDA bans prescription drug TV commercials

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Trump haters are in abundance these days, and millions of civilized Americans have turned into seething, writhing hate machines that all seem like they would love nothing more than to participate in a public stoning or hanging of any Trump supporter, or better yet, POTUS himself. But, why is that? It’s because many people read lying, fanatical newspapers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post, front to back, every morning, and rely on CNN or MSNBC for their broadcast news, feeding themselves a relentless assault of fake news, toxic food ads and poisonous direct-to-consumer (DTC) medicine commercials – all of which they consume like an excited child eating candy on Halloween night.

Within weeks, every Trump hater will forget everything they heard and read and the scripted “Hate-everything-Trump” news will recycle more lies and propaganda for them to consume. It’s a vicious cycle that breeds vicious Neanderthals who walk around with smart devices spewing their brainwashed leftist venom on social media and suffering daily road rage. So the big question is: Where’s it all heading?

The FDA is under Executive Order to implement directives that have been rescinded, possibly including banning all drug commercials from television

Trump signed a directive (this past February) as an Executive Order that requires all Federal agencies to create regulatory reform task forces to help “alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens placed on the American people.” The biggest burden of them all is the unethical, unnecessary coercion of people to ask their doctors for experimental, chemical-based drugs they see advertised relentlessly between news segments on network television. These DTC commercials were all illegal before 1997 and righteously so.

Part of the Executive Order states that:

[E]ach federal agency’s Regulatory Reform Task Force shall evaluate existing regulations and make recommendations to the agency head regarding their repeal, replacement or modification, consistent with applicable law.

At a minimum, according to the order, each Regulatory Reform Task Force shall attempt to identify regulations that: …

(vi) Derive from or implement Executive Orders or other Presidential directives that have been subsequently rescinded or substantially modified.

Take away CNN’s “Hate-everything-Trump” propaganda and their advertising revenue from Big Pharma and CNN would go bankrupt virtually overnight. Here’s why. During the election debates last November, CNN was charging 40 times its usual price for advertising spots during the Republican Debate. That means CNN was making $200,000 every 30 seconds they advertised symptom cover-up medicines that breed more chronic illnesses across our country.

By milking fake, anonymously-sourced news, fabricated “dossiers,” hypothetical “memos,” and cross-sourcing other fake news outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post, CNN brews and stews lies about Trump that gets their brainwashed fans all worked up and addicted. All of that propaganda was recently ousted by Project Veritas, that caught CNN producers and anchors admitting the whole Trump-Russia collusion is all “bullsh*t” and a big “nothing burger.”

Help make President Trump aware that if his FDA bans pharma commercials, CNN will go bankrupt next year

Nearly every day since Trump won the election, he has tweeted out or announced in a press conference that CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post are fake news, and he’s right. That’s one big reason he won – because he called out the lying propaganda-filled media that tens of millions of Americans recognized was a major tool for the dangerous wave of communism and socialism that almost completely imploded this country. It’s time for Trump to de-fund the entire fake news media with one swing of his pen.

Currently, Big Pharma ad revenues are propping up the biggest fake news rag of them all – the “Counterfeit News Network” (CNN). You see, DTC drug advertising is illegal everywhere else in the world (except New Zealand). It’s time to outlaw it in the United States once more. Pharma advertising accounts for at least half of CNN’s revenues, and they’ve already lost their main topic of propaganda – the fake Trump-Russia collusion.

Share this article on social media, or write your own letter to Trump about ending the CNN fake news reign. Imagine how many lives you could save and the mass suffering that could be ended by eliminating the ability of Big Pharma to brainwash the masses with poisonous drug propaganda. This is a peaceful way to destroy the insidious enemy and fight for liberty and natural medicine. The AMA almost banned all TV pharma ads two years ago, but then they backed off. Let’s help make it a reality soon! don’t forget to turn off the pharma-funded TV and burn the leftist-scripted newspapers.

Don’t forget to turn off the pharma-funded TV and burn the leftist-scripted newspapers.













Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-07-05-2018-prediction-cnn-collapses-and-goes-bankrupt-after-trumps-fda-bans-prescription-drug-tv-commercials.html

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