3 Ways the World is Designed to Make You a Slave

If you want to truly live free, you have to first recognize the things that are preventing you from doing that. Life isn’t what it used to be.

Being born in our day and age is a lot different than being born 5000 years ago. Back then, you were born, rinsed off in a river, and grew up learning how to work and hunt. 

Now when you are born, you are assigned a social insurance number, you have a government authorized birth certificate, you are piled on with cultural programs, launched into a public education system, and you are brainwashed into conforming with societal expectations.

Nobody wants to be considered a slave, but to be honest, we are all slaves in one way or another.  The world and its institutions are carefully designed by the people in power, and the people in power only care about two things: power and profit.

What we are going to look at is how our lifestyle, habits, and motives have been carefully sculpted by the people who run our planet. They don’t want a population of thinkers. They want a population of docile obedient workers.

Here are 3 ways the world is designed to make you a slave:

1) The education system

School teaches you how to memorize, repeat, and regurgitate. Just the skillset that is needed to spend your life working for someone else’s dreams. 

With ‘writing’ being a subject which is currently being taken out of schools, emphasis is being put more on memorization of knowledge and less on creativity and comprehension.

The system is designed like this. Go through school, don’t push the boundaries, memorize and repeat, get good grades, get a degree, and then land a “job” where you are an employee for someone else your whole life.

It’s designed in a way that will prepare you to be a full-time worker, and it’s extremely difficult to self-actualize as a person when you a buried head deep in studying, tests, projects, and exams.

It doesn’t teach you anything about creating a career for yourself, being self-sustaining, raising a family, being happy, HOW to think, spirituality, developing as a person, or anything that is really important in life.

There is also a lot it doesn’t tell you about such as political conspiracies and government coverups, and this is because it is government owned.

From the time our children turn 5 years old, they get thrown into a government-regulated system of indoctrination that spits them out the other side when they are 18 and have no idea who they are, what they are doing, how the world functions, how to live in the real world, or how to be happy. 

The education system is design to make you an obedient sheep. Nothing more, nothing less.

Form of slavery: Slave to grades

2) The rat race

After you have proven that you can follow orders and have traded your passions, creativity, and individuality in for grades, you are now fit to join the rat race. 

Because of inflation and the crazy amount of money it costs just to survive in our world today, we feel like trading our time for money is the only option we have. After all, we all have debts to pay off and bills to pay. 

And if you chose to go to college or university to increase your chances of landing a good job, chances are you are 20-50 thousand dollars in debt before you even see your first paycheck.

When you work 40 hours a week, spend another 5-10 driving, another 5 just trying to catch your breathe and relax after work each day, you are spending 50-55 hours per week chasing paper. It’s not your fault, it’s just the way the world is designed. 

When your entire life is dedicate to trading your time on earth to simply making ends meet, you are no longer working for the purpose of economic advancement. You are working to stay alive.

We sometimes call that type of work “slavery”. And when our world is set up where its almost always necessary to take out loans and debts, you spend the rest of your life trying to pay it all off. 

Where is there time for self-actualization, self-discovery, soul-searching, enlightenment, developing your passions, or adventure?

You become a slave to your job and your debts, and then you wake up one day thinking “Oh my God, I’m 60 years old”. Start living NOW. 

The rat race is a trap designed to keep you a passionless productive gear in the machine of capitalism.

Form of slavery: Slave to money

3) Television

The average American watches about 30 hours of television per week. The commercials are fear-based propogandas trying to scare you into purchasing crap you don’t need with money you don’t have. 

Not cool enough? Finance this car. 

Not with the in-crowd yet? Drink this type of beer. 

Not getting enough attention from the opposite sex? Use this type of body spray. 

The list goes on and on.

Junk food like McDonalds and Wendy’s advertised as being progressive and healthy. Partying is glorified. The news stations are owned by corporations and are biased, fake, and exclusive. 

Materialism is shoved down your throat in an attempt to make you feel less worth and less successful than you are. 

Even the television shows themselves are typically hollow, unintelligent, and drama-based. Televisions are brain-numbing machines.

But you are too tired after work to do anything except sit down, and your day was so boring that you need some form of enjoyment. Television seems like the perfect solution.

Form of slavery: Slave to mind, meaninglessness, and boredom.

This is all by design

When you spend 50+ hours a week chasing paper and aren’t practicing spirituality, how can you really feel complete inside?

When you go through an education system void of personal development and trade your creativity for grades, how can you expect to feel whole when you come out of it?

So what happens is, you go through school, get a job, and trade your time for money. You then have this void inside you that won’t leave you because life just feels hollow and meaningless, and you are too tired to do anything except watch television. 

You turn it on, and all you see is advertisements promising happiness, fulfillment, and comfort in the form of materials.

Because you haven’t been shown where to look for true happiness, you end up spending money you don’t have in an attempt to enhance your life, and end up being buried even further in debts and depression. 

Because you have been taught your whole life to trade your soul for grades and paystubs, you feel totally empty and end up chasing the high you get from buying new materials.

Not to mention, you are taught your whole life to take your ego for your identity, so by enhancing your ego you feel you will enhance your sense of identity and self-worth. 

Consumerism and materialism is literally built on the conveyor-belt process of school, work, television, emptiness, and a desire to feel like your life actually matters in some way.

Suicide is currently the 10th leading cause of death in America.  Do you think that has anything to do with this worker/consumer labels we have allowed to define us as people? 

The world is literally designed to make us spiritually numb and then prey upon our need for purpose and meaning. 

The best thing you can do for yourself is listen to your heart, practice spirituality and meditation, and gain the courage to go do what makes you feel alive.

Life is too short to spend it living like a rat on a wheel.

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By Steven Bancarz, Spirit Science and Metaphysics

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