Amish Farmer raided by Jack Booted Feds, extorted for $300,000 For Producing Healthy Food

The U.S. Government mafia is running wild once again as they try to shake down an Amish farmer, another entry in the war against self-reliance.

When you think of enemies of the state, I would guarantee that the Amish would never come to mind. The Feds didn’t seem to think so, however, as they decided it would be a good idea to raid Amish farmer Amos Miller’s farm on August 19th. Yet another example of the criminal tactics favored by the Biden regime’s enforcement arm, they have essentially invaded a private Amish citizen and are extorting him for over $300,000 in fines for not capitulating to their by-laws set up and maintained by generous corporate bribes from companies like Cargill to ensure small-time farmers can never begin to challenge their market share.

Amos Miller’s organic meat and dairy farm is located in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, offering,“ 100% raw grass-fed and finished cow’s milk and dairy products, pastured meats and eggs, and other real farm foods to its members. We sell real nutrient dense foods, grown on our own farm and other surrounding Amish farms,” they write on their website. With a clear commitment to unadulterated food raised in the cleanest, most natural way possible, it’s obvious why the USDA feels the need to shut it down — it might result in strong, healthy citizens.

The only real caveat to being able to buy food from them is having to become a member of their food club. With a membership of 4,000+ people, Miller has built a sizable customer base and has been providing clean food free of chemical adulteration for 20+ years. In the government’s eyes and the eyes of their corporate masters, this clearly is something they feel the need to correct by running Miller out of business.

The reason for Miller’s persecution are many, though Miller first found himself on the FDA’s radar when they apparently detected Listeria in samples of raw milk sold at Miller’s farm. There were allegedly two cases of Listeriosis where the bacteria seemed to genetically match the Listeria detected in the aforementioned milk from Miller’s farm. Sounds a lot like typical fear-mongering from the government who enjoys the power they’ve given themselves and will happily amputate the leg to save the body from a stubbed toe, but it’s still something that should be considered.

Miller is also being maligned as a ‘sovereign citizen’ which is where I think some of the persecution is coming from. Despite having obtained council from a lawyer, Miller has insisted on filing his own paperwork and tends to utilize language consistent with the sovereign citizen movement in his writing, like RPII ( Real party in interest ). The significance of that is simple — sovereign citizens don’t recognize the authority of the Federal government, though as this matter continues to become worse, Miller has stated that he’s considering paying the fines to avoid any more trouble, as advised by his lawyer, Steven Lafuente of Dallas, Texas.

Lafuente stated that the court has given Miller many chances to rectify the situation, but Miller has refused to do so. I feel there’s a bit of a conflict of interest there with Lafuente, though, whose very career relies on the sometimes gross rule of law and the court systems existing. Naturally, he would take issue with his client’s stubborn refusal to bend over backwards and let himself be freely extorted. Ever since the concept of a permit was dreamed up by some lazy bastard who wanted to earn money off the sweat of someone else’s brow, people have been getting shaken down for the profits they make off their own labor, and lawyers help maintain the status quo while also being another party whose work does nothing to feed the population, but still they get a piece of the pie all the same. Not saying its right or wrong, just stating facts. It shouldn’t take selling your kidneys on the black market to afford the costs of starting and maintaining a business.

The court’s findings read like the rap sheet of a real criminal mastermind, here’s the shortened version:

On-site slaughtering of livestock as well as preparation, processing, storage, and distribution is also conducted from this location.

The Millers sold their meat and poultry products, as well as many other ethically sourced products from other farmers they work with through their food club.

Federal inspection is required at any such facility that slaughters livestock or poultry and then prepares or processes food products from these materials meant for human consumption intended to be distributed commercially to interstate or foreign recipients unless exemption is granted.

The Millers have been operating their meat and poultry business without a USDA-FSIS Federal Grant of Inspection or exemption while also failing to take their livestock and poultry for slaughter and processing at any federally inspected facility.

The Millers failed to change their business model in order to qualify for an exemption and refused to comply with federal inspection and processing regulations for religious reasons.



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