An Open Letter to Florida Attorney Jeff Childers…..

…and to all the Christian Zionists and Evangelicals at Coffee & Covid

Hi Jeff,

Let’s begin by acknowledging all the great work you’ve done for the people of Florida over the years on many important fronts.

Let’a also offer our deep gratitude to you for the awesome research and invaluable advocacy you have conducted regarding the COVID-19 Plandemic, and especially the highly hazardous and often deadly Covid ‘vaccines’.  Thank you!

Few attorneys anywhere in the USA have done the yeoman’s work that you have performed, which was done at great risk both personal and professional.

May we now turn our attention to your Coffee & Covid blog since October 7, 2023.

It seems, Jeff, that perhaps you and many of your readers have been operating under the influence of an extraordinary mind-control program.

Honestly, from the many comments about, and even from your lack of response to, the ongoing genocide in Gaza, many folks seem to have been taken over by an overwhelming power of deception.

Jeff, let’s make this “open letter” very short and simple.

If you … and your family … and your friends … and your business associates … and your whole world was being bombed out daily just like Gaza is today by the Zionist State of Israel, how would you want your Christian brothers and sisters around the world to respond?

Well, what would you want them to do?  And say?

Would you want them to put the things on the Internet the way that your readers have done at Coffee & Covid in reaction to the truly terrible plight of the Palestinian people?

Would you and your many Evangelical commenters want to read so many justifications of this utterly horrendous genocide if you found yourselves in the same terrible predicament?!

Put another way, how would Jesus respond to this exact situation?

Would he provide a forum for debate about whether this horrific Gaza genocide is justifiable in any way, shape or form.

Or, would Jesus quickly and emphatically condemn the sin, while pointing out the extreme wickedness of the exceedingly vicious and vengeful sinner?

Quite likely, Jesus would do everything in his divine power to assist in the peacemaking process while helping the Palestinians in any way that he could, YES?


A Group of Concerned Florida Residents





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