Anti-LGBTQ Pastor John Amanchukwu Is Creating An Army Of ‘Clones’ To Rant At School Board Meetings

Last year, right-wing pastor John Amanchukwu generated lots of media coverage for himself by making appearances before North Carolina school boards to rant about the supposedly “perverted” books that were available in school libraries. Buoyed by the praise he received from fellow right-wing activists, Amanchukwu then decided to continue his efforts in at school board meetings in various states as part of a “national school board tour.”

Recently, Amanchukwu appeared on “The Eric Metaxas Show” to announce that the next stage of his crusade will involve creating an army of “clones” who can duplicate his performance in front of school boards all over the nation.

“I’m working on a program now called Cyclone 400,” Amanchukwu said. “I have been told several times by parents, by school board leaders, by superintendents, by teachers, ‘We need to find a way to duplicate you around the country; we need to clone you.’ And so I’ve come up with a plan called Cyclone 400 where I’m going to recruit, train, and develop 100 school board warriors to do what I’m doing nationally over the next four years.”

“So, we’re gonna have a total of 400 in 4 years,” he added. “I’m looking for people who you may not know what to say, you may not be gifted at public speaking but you are concerned. … If you are willing to have the boldness and the courage to just get behind the podium, and to defend your offspring—we must draw the line in the sand and say, ‘Enough is enough.’ So, through this program, I’m going to recruit, train and develop individuals and deploy them to do what I’m doing.”

It is worth remembering that Amanchukwu is not simply some outraged parent or concerned local citizen but rather a right-wing activist who is affiliated with Turning Point USA and this effort is part of a far-right movement to purge classrooms and libraries of “offensive” material by harassing school board members who support welcoming school environments for all students.

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