April 18 – Fulfilling Doomsday Prophecy

(Schneerson to Satanyahu- Destroy the world to hasten the coming of the AntiChrist)

I hate to repeat myself but few people are considering the possibility 
that religious fanatics are fulfilling a demented prophecy
that calls for apocalyptic catastrophe. Israel is controlled by these fanatics
and through Israel, the West. This is why Satanyahu refuses to compromise. He insists
on attacking Iran and Rafah. Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas are Freemasons. Satanyahu is a
Freemason Thus the lines are drawn for the third Masonic Jewish world war. The “enemy” is
civilians on both sides. 

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A reader of Christopher Jon Bjerkness explains: “So for the Jews to return to God & ‘redeem’ the world (Tikun Olam), the Kilipot (goyim) must be destroyed & their sparks taken from them.  Previously, as it was not clear, I thought these sparks w/in we Gentiles go back to God, but this Rebbe makes clear they are to be taken by the Jews to enhance themselves, their power (like cannibals) – truly a black magic sort of ideology. (Like ,drinking blood – the soul – which CJB just covered too.) What’s bothered me re all this is Steiner’s Soul Stealing via inoculations. I kept wondering why do they seek to steal the soul (divine spark) instead of just kill us outright? 

Now it’s clearer & this also helps explain the degradation of Gentiles under communism, Weimar & now – we must be weakened to be destroyed in order to steal our souls as well as not allow us to build up our souls. I think this helps explain porn, perversions, poverty, corruption, etc., in order to debase us & remove us as far as possible from the divine. Truly, all this is pure sorcery & is akin to the dark, magical, mystical arts of Babylon, from where I know they got them as well as some from Egypt, Cannan, etc. So primitive & unGodly. Hah! And almost no one knows! All go about parroting the ‘chosenness’ & Juedo-Christianity – insane.”

My time notes on this vid which I was going to send –
Their Divine Mission to Destroy Us – The World to Come – Tikun Olam – CJB – Grab divine sparks. @31:30 Gentiles have no right to exist & their sparks must be taken from them.@47:45 Purpose of Diaspora was for Jews to steal the spark of other nations, destroy them.

Wolfgang Eggert — Jewish Doomsday Cult Controls West, Plots WW3

Twenty years ago German historian Wolfgang Eggert warned us that the Rothschilds belong to a fanatical doomsday cult that is planning to instigate a world war to cleanse the world of non-Satanists.

Dubai just cut off relations with Israel. Related? 

Dubai is flooded…with FLOODS! As city struggles to recover from biggest rainfall in 75 years, a look at how the streets are regularly overflowing after storms – and the reason why

IRGC says ‘nuclear doctrine’ can change in response to Israeli attack
The Islamic Republic has for decades maintained a fatwa on the development of weapons of mass destruction

“If the Zionist regime wants to take action against our nuclear centers and facilities, it will face our reaction … [on its] nuclear centers,” the senior commander said. “It is possible and conceivable to revise the nuclear doctrine and policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to deviate from the considerations announced in the past,” Talab emphasized.

Mark Glenn– Who Are Neturei Karta, the Jewish ultra-Orthodox pro-Palestinian Activists

Despite calling themselves ‘Torah True Jews’, they base their opposition to the creation of a Jewish state on the Talmudic teaching that the arrival of the ‘Moschiac’–Messiah–must precede the creation of this ‘state’, and that to create this ‘state’ beforehand is the equivalent of sex before marriage and therefore, immoral and heretical.

HOWEVER, as their position goes, AFTER this ‘Moschiac’ has arrived, it will be perfectly fair, right, moral and just for the tribe of Judah to go ahead and do everything that it has done for the last century-all the murder, theft and mayhem-and yahweh help anyone who says anything different.

Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich  
I highly recommend this 1.40 min documentary on Netflix. The film focuses on two sexual predators –Maxwell and Epstein.
Epstein had to have sex three times a day and Maxwell was his procurer. The operation included hundreds of girls. The film doesn’t focus on the entrapment of prominent men. Nor does it address the fact that dozens of these victims acted as procurers themselves. They were well compensated to the tune of millions of dollars from Epstein’s estate. 
Ghislaine had a “daddy fixation” which she transferred to Epstein. 
This is a remarkable portrait of two psychopaths.  They just happen to be Jewish and behave like Israelis. 
This is a Jewish ailment. Jewish men are oversexed. No one has rights but them. 

Anthony Migchels-  “The US can’t sell its Treasuries at current rates anymore: inflation is too high, and creditors feel they’re losing too much value at current rates.

The rates for 10 year Treasuries have been creeping up, and are now sitting at 4,7%. Fed rate cuts, which they had been projecting later this year, are off the table.
Rates will in fact continue to rise. With devastating implications for the already gutted economy. Here are some backgrounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIwu24NlxVw

The IMF is also sounding the alarm, in untypical fashion outright calling on Biden to cut spending. The problem of which is that this will add strong downward pressure on demand in the economy (recession).

The Government is now saying they will spend $1,6 TRILLION per year on interest payments yoy at year’s end. That’s 25% of its budget, and unprecedented and totally unsustainable for any state: it’s twice as much as the bloated ‘defense’ budget.

This has been long in the making, and hence my prediction that the Govt will have to severely start cutting the Budget. Including for the military.

And this is why I have been predicting that Trump’s ‘ending stupid wars’ and retreating from Europe and the ME is unavoidable: it is not because Trump is ‘good’, it is because America can’t maintain its current worldwide domination.

The recent Iran attack also clearly exposes US powerlessness: they can’t even handle Iran anymore, not without outright nuking them. Their aircraft carriers are obsolete, and they simply lack the resources. America is imploding. Things will be moving fast now, this year is going to be hot.”


Police arrest Palestinian Hebrew U professor who denied October 7 atrocities
Court issues arrest and search warrant against lecturer after she made comments calling to ‘cancel’ the State of Israel and casting doubt on the events of Hamas’ attack

From CJB reader–Here are some corollary thoughts/info on this matter. Sick, pagan stuff.

Great Chain of Being – Gnostic/Neoplatonic Thought – To move the Divine image & correspondence in man with God to lower levels down to the mineral (silicon) level closer to Satan & Hell by the use of alchemy, science & technology. Thus, Synbio tech, toxin poisoning, EMF & such as Chemtrails & DEW fires to bring about this supernal transformation & chaos. This is why their control, transhumanism & ‘overkill’ of us makes no sense – they are pursuing a Satanic purpose to lower us in all ways & the energy harvesting of our Biofields/soul is a necessary part of this plan. Our Divine vital energy must be taken to place us in Hell with them for their final conquest over God. (Odd, my pics on this did not attach properly.)

Proof of Kosher Cannibals – CKB
Eating the Placenta – Rabbi Dov Linzer
“So what is it about the blood of circumcision? The parallel with the blood of the Pesach points to simple conclusion: the blood of circumcision is like the blood of a sacrifice. Or more to the point, the circumcision is a type of a sacrifice.It is this blood, this life-force, and yet not a human life, that has this salvific power, that saves Moshe’s son and it is the parallel blood of the animal sacrifice that saves the Israelites in Egypt.”
Drinking Human Blood – a 50/50 proposition as to ‘permissibility’, but one site herewith does note making dried drops of it for some use – now doubt ‘medicinal’.
Eating the Foreskin – Confirmed as true. Unbelievably primitive, superstitious practices.


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