Belarus Aircraft Now Can Carry NUKES

Belarus President Lukashenko says his military aircraft can now carry nukes

Sukhoi Su-24 aircraft of Belarus can now carry nuclear warheads, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said during a visit to the Minsk Mechanical Plant, BelTA news agency reports.

According to Lukashenko, “they” (the President of Belarus did not specify who he was talking about — ed.) should understand that in the event of a decision to aggravate the situation, “no helicopters or planes” will be able to save “them.”

“Do you think we just do the talking here? All is ready!” Lukashenko said.

Should “any serious provocation” is made against Belarus, Minsk has already decided which targets will be struck first, Lukashenko warned.

“Decision centers — we know them. I’m not threatening anyone,” he said.

In late June, Lukashenko had a meeting with Russian President Putin. The presidents discussed, among other things, training flights of US and NATO aircraft. Lukashenko assumed that they were “preparing to carry nuclear warheads and nuclear weapons,” and asked for a mirror answer immediately.”

“Please help us at least modernise the aircraft that we have so that they could carry nuclear weapons,” Lukashenko asked Putin. Then he called for the modernisation of Su-35 fighters.

Putin pointed out that Belarus had a large number of Su-25 attack aircraft that could be modified accordingly. “This modernization should be carried out at aircraft factories in Russia,” he added.

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