BEWARE! NWO Terrorists Strategically Activating Their Quaternary Weapon System Throughout 2024

Submitted by A Conspiracy Realist
SOTN Exclusive

NWO Geoengineers are routinely manufacturing extreme weather just like today’s nationwide deep freeze alert demonstrates, especially during the cold season in order to wreak havoc with our immune systems so that as many folks as possible will get very ill and die. 

A sick and diseased populace is a submissive and overly compliant one.  This is why the globalist cabal does not even care about blowing apart their utterly fake CO2-driven Global Warming narrative with now regular Polar Vortexes, since killing and incapacitating as many US citizens is their primary goal as we saw with the COVID-19 Plandemic

However, it’s the various weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ and boosters which have made tens of millions of Americans extremely vulnerable to this very stealthy “jab and sicken” strategy overlaid by geoengineered extreme weather patterns.

CAVEAT: What we have seen the geoterrorists employ this winter is their seesaw weather scheme whereby they freeze the whole place one day, and then radically warm it up the next, and then quickly follow with a polar vortex.  Everyone knows that it’s drastic temperature and pressure fluctuations just like this which really set the people up to get latest seasonal bug.  Therefore, it’s very important to stay warm and protected from the elements. (Look at what the geoterrorists just did to Iowa during the GOP primaries by practically freezing those voters from even voting)

Quaternary Weapon System

What very few folks really understand is the way in which this furtive genocidal stratagem is used in tandem with chemtrails, vaccinations and 5G thus making this a highly coordinated Quaternary Weapon System.  As follows:

  1. Geoenginered Hostile Weather Events

  2. Weaponzied Covid Injections & Flu Shots

  3. Intensified Chemtrail Operations

  4. Military Deployment of 5G

It ought to be very easy to understand that when these four types of weaponry are fully and strategically activated throughout 2024, it will be much easier for the election thieves to steal the POTUS election just as they did in 2020 with The Great Scamdemic.

Incidentally, 2024 has already seen an explosion of chemtrail operations across the USA.  Reports have been coming in from all 50 states that residents have never seen so much thick and nonstop chemcloud cover as they have during this past holiday season and right up until today.

Of course, the military deployment of 5G has been an ongoing government-corporate endeavor since 2019 which had been secretly accelerated in 2023, particularly in the major urban areas.  2024 is the year when they will likely flip the switch that will bring about their long-planned Zombie Apocalypse.  

PLANDEMIC 2.0: To be launched in 2024 via the
new NWO bioweapon known as DISEASE X?

For the unaware, there’s also much informed speculation that all seasonal flu shots now contain the same mRNA biotechnology as the Covid injections.  Each version of flu shot going forward will be formulated to produce specific adverse physical and/or psychological effects unrelated to all previous medical ailments and health conditions that were deliberately caused/triggered by the Covid clotshots, cancershots and killshots.   In this way, both the government bioterrorists and corporate genocidal maniacs believe they will enjoy plausible deniability.

A Conspiracy Realist
State of the Nation
January 16, 2024


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