Beware of St Patricks Marist Brothers College dundas

Back when I was there, there was so many peodophile school teachers.

Lots of older groups bullying and physical attacks to younger persons. .. usual suspects were Marist brothers boys home students.. but school principle who was a brother (cloth of god)himself didn’t care or take action.

Drugs and porn material in the school by Marist brothers boys home students.

Teachers there would give you the cane across your hands and knuckles even though you were the victim of abuse and harassment.

It is one very screwed up School, I would not send my children to it.

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  1. Patrick Smith says:

    Dear Mr Rolis,

    A am connected with St Patrick’s Marist College, Dundas and I am asking whether the comments made about the school could be taken down. Many students and staff have been associated with the school over the years and find the comments quite distressing.

    Hoping that you can help.

  2. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    Patrick, your lack of empathy for the victims says it all.

    Patrick, what about the victims of the peodophiles, and the victims of the daily terror and abuse by bully gangs…

    Would you like this swept under the carpet, as per usual mentality of St Patricks Marist College Dundas?

    Patrick have you ever been bashed by a group daily waiting for the bus just outside the school fence?

    Patrick have you ever been bashed daily at lunch times?

    Patrick have you been taunted and threatened daily in the classrooms?

    I still have scars from being burnt by lighters in the classrooms, by heating up wire red hot then melting my skin with it.

    I still have scars from getting my skin clipped with nail clippers, taking chunks out of my arms and legs.

    Patrick have you ever had a teacher feel your back, chest, crotch and ass with their arm down inside your shirt collar in year 7?

  3. malditosmarist says:

    Maltrato y abuso infantil.ESPAÑA

    Deseo informarles del maltrato que mi hijo recibió en el colegio Hermanos Maristas en Madrid.

    Le pegaban entre 4 o 5 compañeros de clase, sujetándole brazos y piernas, comenzaban a golpearle por todo el cuerpo, puñetazos, patadas, golpes en la cabeza, en la tripa.

    Esto se repetía todos los días desde infantil con 4 años hasta 4º de primaria con 10 años, le tuve que cambiar del colegio en el mes de marzo.

    Le robaban el material escolar en clase, todos los días, el hijo de la directora de infantil que coincidió con él en clase en 1º y 2º de primaria.

    El hijo de la directora de infantil le decía a mi hijo que no podía jugar, excluyéndole en los recreos, y si mi hijo le decía que por qué no podía jugar, iba a buscar a su madre y castigaban a mi hijo todo el recreo en la columna del patio sin moverse y sin que le hablase nadie.

    Mi hijo en 4º de primaria escucho a Aurora una profesora, como le decía a Jorge el niño que le pegaba todos los días, escucho como le dijo que fuese a pegarle, mi hijo echo a correr escaleras a bajo, pero en le patio le cogieron y comenzaron a pegarle.

    En 4º venían dos niños de 6º a pegarle.

    Además de pegarle, le bajaban los pantalones y calzoncillo hasta abajo, y mi hijo veía como las profesoras se reían.

    Maltratos físicos, psicológicos, vejaciones, amenazas, coacción, torturas, ensañamiento, abusos y agresiones.

    Los agresores y profesoras siguen en el mismo colegio.

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi, I’m not sure how long ago you went to this school, but I only recently graduated.
    None of things ever happened in the six years I was there. I completely empathise with what you must have experienced and I hope that one day you can find closure. But this school is not responsible for the actions of just certain teachers. It’s one of the best schools I know now and it’s completely unfair to tarnish its reputation when none of those teachers are even there anymore. Instead you should focus on the perpetrators, not the school in general. I can assure that if that is what the school was like in the past they have well and truly moved past it.

    By taking the actions of one person or a group of people as representative of the whole, you become just as bad as a racist, sexist etc. I’d ask you to reconsider your position and instead take legal action against the individuals that were involved. You can’t send an institution to jail, but you can put people there.

    • Michael Michaels says:

      none of these things happen during your 6 years at St Pats? maybe you just turned a blind eye to it which makes you even worse than the perpetrators. Shame on you.

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