Bieber Groomers & Sexual Harassers Exposed-PSYCHOPATHS in Hollywood is My Guess

Comment:  Pretty sickening to watch the way this young teen was treated.  Hollywood is a sick place.  Wonder how these Hollywood people would score on a psychopathy checklist.  Would be interesting to see wouldn’t it?

What the Literature Says about Psychopathy and Parenting
Although psychopathic individuals are almost universally harmful to children as well as to
adults, they possess a confusing external repertoire of loving and hurtful behaviors. It is
important to note that their “loving behaviors” are as instrumental as their aggression, arising
not from loving emotion but from predatory goals (Johnson et al., 2012).
When a psychopathic individual says, “I love you,” the true meaning is, “I enjoy you when you
do what I want.” Engaging in loving behaviors (physical affection, verbal statements, and
provision of physical and emotional needs) reflects manipulation and dominance motives. When
this control is threatened, they may use an ingratiating strategy, become violently enraged—
psychopathy, being at the extreme end of narcissism, is susceptible to “narcissistic rage”—or
engage in litigation abuse through family court (Leedom et al., 2013b). They can transform very
quickly from “Dr. Jekyll” to “Mr. Hyde” when their manipulations are exposed.

CIA Runs Hollywood and the CIA Monarch/MKULTRA “Programmers” are SEVERE CHILD ABUSERS, in fact, the WORST of the WORST:

Actually they are not willing;  they are FORCED to act on command to avoid Near Death Tortures.



Randy sings about his life as an MKULTRA:


Here is a story about ANOTHER Hollywood PSYCHOPATH Chris Ambrose:

Chris Ambrose Loses Motion to Bar Ex-Wife from Contacting Their Children

Hollywood is FULL of Psychopaths.


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