Bitcoin price fluctuations in Iran

With the rise of dollar in Iran The price of bitcoin breaking records every day! Despite the relative stability of the dollar, the price of each bitcoin unit has increased from less than 100 million tomans to more than 361 million tomans in one year.

The global price of bitcoin has not reached the highest level for almost three years, but the situation is quite different in Iran, Venezuela, Turkey, Argentina, and Lebanon. In December 2017, when the price of Bitcoin hiked significantly to $ 20,000, each unit of this digital currency was traded at a price of about 85 million Tomans. But now the price of Bitcoin in Iran is quite up and it traded with the price of 1,304,808,671 milliard toman that is equal to 48856.36$.

Bitcoin Rial Peaks

The hike price of Bitcoin has become a practical tool for investment and it makes people reach. Also, you can buy bitcoin through the TetherIran website.

Except for Iran there are many countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, Lebanon, and Cuba that turning to bitcoin and digital currency. Some
Examples for fluctuations in bitcoin price at the Differents period of time:

November 2013 (1390 Ordibehesht)

in March 2013 the price of bitcoin was less than one dollar. Thus, the price of each bitcoin was about one thousand tomans. But a month later, when the price of Bitcoin reached to 19$,at the same time the price of Rials reached 25,000 Thousand Tomans and set a new record.

March 2013 (1392 Farvardin)

During the year 91, The price of dollar in Iran Increased sharply from 1,500 tomans to about 3,500 tomans, At the same time, the price of bitcoin went up and reached 500.000 tomans.

November 2017 ( 1396 Azar)

But in 2017, there was a dramatic jump in the digital currency market and the price of bitcoin reached 20,000$. This caused the Rial price of this digital currency reach to more than 85,000,000 Tomans in November 2017.

August 2018 (1397 Shahrivar)

After November 2017 the price of bitcoin sharply Reduced. But after 8 months, The value of the dollar rose from 3,000 to more than 13,000 tomans. This also pushed up the price of bitcoin and reaching 91 million tomans.

June 2019 (1398 Tir)

The dollar price was fixed for a while but in June 2019 Increased again and The value of bitcoin doubled. It was a new record for bitcoin in Iran and it traded with 190.000.000 tomans.

2021 February (2021 Bahman)

Now today in Iran there are many requests for buying bitcoin because most people think it is a very good investment. At the moment of writing this Article, the price of bitcoin is 49245.53 $ and 1.304.576.577 toman. This price is the highest bitcoin price in recent years. Many triders say The dollar has a direct impact on the price of bitcoin in Iran.


It is true that many people made money with bitcoin but also it Caused many people to lose. We talked a lot about Bitcoin but do you know what is bitcoin? If you don’t any Information about bitcoin the TetherIran website can help.

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