Blood Ritual

A Review of Blood Ritual by Philip de Vier
Published by National Vanguard Books, P.O. Box 330, Hillsboro, WV 24946.

By Eric Thomson (2002)

For many centuries, Moslems and Christians whose peoples are hosts to jew colonies have found members of their own, fellow Gentiles, who were murdered, their bodies drained of blood via multiple stab wounds. The common characteristic of ritual bloodletting is (1) The victim must be a Goy. (2) The body cannot be concealed, as in buried. (3) The victim must die slowly and painfully, either by kosher slaughter in which the throat is cut, or by multiple stab wounds. (4) The victim’s body is drained of blood combining vampirism with ritual murder.

The author points out that the jews who harbor their practitioners of human sacrifice are unified in their denial of the practice, which they deem “blood libel”. He also reveals that non-jews have long practiced bloodletting rituals, accompanied by fiendish torture of the victims, in the past and in the present, as in today’s African Juju or Voodoo religions, in which these ‘ceremonies’ are similarly reserved for the privileged few believers. The Juju or Voodoo bloodletting rituals are further extended in the Western Hemisphere in the Santeria version of Roman Catholicism. As the author observes, where animal sacrifice is practiced, one finds also human sacrifice. Where animal blood is given magical powers, so is human blood.

The author points out jewish denial of blood rituals, in particular of any consumption of blood, human or otherwise, but they lie, as always. Ritual circumcision (a bris) involves vampire fellatio, in which the mohel, or rabbi who performs the circumcision, sips wine from a ceremonial goblet, then sucks the blood from the infant’s wounded penis, which he spits back into the goblet, which is then passed around to privileged members of the group, each of whom sips and swallows the contents. The kosher practice of mixing human blood with ritual foods is similarly denied, although jews who converted to other religions confirm that it is indeed the practice.

The author has researched blood rituals and ritual murders from the beginning of recorded history, up to the present. In Western society, the jewish role in such practices is most evident, but other peoples also continue the practice with theme and variations, as we are now experiencing with the massive non-White invasions of our remaining livingspace. Such are the ‘joys’ of diversity.

The author points out anomalous incidents of bloodletting by notorious serial killers, sparing no group of people as being ‘immune’ from such practices, but these incidents lack the major ingredients of religious blood ritual in terms of continuity and consistency, because such rituals are passed on orally, from generation to generation.

The reader may draw the conclusion that jews who practice such fiendish perversions must be brought to justice, but this can only occur if the jews as a group would identify and denounce the criminals in their midst. Since they do the exact opposite, the logical course for a host people would be collective punishment of all jews, similar to the jews’ punishment of the entire German people in regard to the alleged atrocities of a few Nazis, which we can call “gas libel”. What’s ‘good’ for Germans would be just as ‘good’ for jews, who should begin paying reparations to their injured host peoples, while apologizing for their collective madness, in perpetrating these and other atrocities upon their host peoples and cultures. We are reminded that the vampire myth resides in Eastern Europe, most infamously in Romania, where there are no natural vampires, but where one out of every 3 Romanians was a jew! In the first Dracula movie, Bela Lugosi is seen wearing a Star of David as a pendant.

My own experience confirms the accuracy of the author’s research on this grim subject. During my stay in Toronto, Canada, 4 jews murdered a little Portuguese boy and left his body on a heap of trash on the roof of a building under renovation. In Louisville, KY, a jew got away with a fiendish torture-murder of a “‘shiksa” or Goy female, despite the testimony of an eyewitness, whom the jury entirely disregarded. The jew denied his crime, under oath and was found “not guilty”. When the evidence was later found in his former residence in my neighborhood, it was “inadmissible in terms of “double jeopardy”. The evidence consisted of the blood spattered list of tortures he had inflicted upon his bound victim and Polaroid photos of the victim at each stage of her murder, exactly as the eyewitness had described to the jury. Had the victim been non-White and the perpetrator a White, the ZOG would have tried and retried him until a verdict of “guilty” was reached. Jews have certain privileges in this jew-supremacist society under ZOG, as we should know by now.

The author mentions the demonic deity Moloch or Molech in regard to infant sacrifice. A recently discovered stella in Palestine reveals that “molech” was not only a demonic deity, but the demonic practice of infant sacrifice.

Obviously, Moloch or Molech is more popular than ever in Western societies, for abortion is the sacrifice of the young, accompanied by pain and death under procedures which can also be described as ritualistic, whose proponents and practitioners are most often jews, and whose victims are most often White. A fetus in the womb is sentient and discrete from the mother, albeit dependent upon her for life support, for science reveals that the DNA of the fetus is that of a different person. As long as “murder” is not used to describe the ritual torture and destruction of a defenseless individual, White wimps and selfish hedonists think it’s ‘right’. In fact, it is utterly kosher, and the jews use fetal components in a growing number of products which they sell at a profit to Goy consumers. Moloch/Molech pays cash. You want that new car, that vacation, that nifty videogame? If you sacrifice your baby to Moloch, you’ll be able to afford them.

I see that I’ve been delaying your entry into the “air raid shelter”, Eloi, so go right ahead, and give my worst regards to the Morlocks.

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