Bouncer Attacks Man Over Bill – Police Do Nothing

This incident took place at Molly’s Bar in DeKalb, Illinois. After being rushed out the door before the bar had closed, I forgot to pay my tab. After I realized that I had forgotten, I immediately went back to the bar. The bar closes at 2am, I made it there at 2:08. I asked one of the waitresses to close me out and she came back to me with an unauthorized charge on my card. Its one thing to charge a card a gratuity that’s been left over night, but not when someone returns for it 8 minutes after close.

After she returned with my receipts, I decided to record the amounts on the paper and explain the situation so that I would have something to show a manager the next day for my dispute of the charge. I would have been more than happy to leave a tip on the card, but I do not approve of money that has been taken from me without permission… and I’m a great tipper.

After a few moments of recording, I was approached by one of the bouncers. After telling me that my card has already been charged, he snatches the phone out of my hand and throws it onto a parked car in the lot. I had my video camera on me (because I carry it everywhere) and recorded the remainder of the incident. The bouncer turned around and struck me, immediately crushing my camera in his hand and walking off.

12193653_1113673201977012_1656825262597282037_n12193653_1113673201977012_1656825262597282037_nBeing hit caused my lip to bleed. My video camera was destroyed but the data was still good. However, I still had the video from the phone. When the police arrived, they asked to see the video and I showed them. Then they asked to see my injuries and I showed them those as well.

After talking with the bouncer, the police return to me and tell me that there is nothing that they can do. That the entirety of the situation was contingent upon my video evidence, and that it was my word against his.

Some questions to ask yourself while watching the video should include:
Would the situation have been handled differently if there were a woman assaulted?
Were the police impartial to make an arrest because the victim is a Copblocker?

The man who attacked me is yet to be identified.

The responding officers work out of the DeKalb Police Department.

The officer in the video is:
200 S Fourth Street
DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 748-8400


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