British Royal Family drug dealers


The Jewish World Bankers that control the CIA is the largest group of drug dealers on the planet, and has been for over 50 years. The people they blame for all the drugs, are merely the people growing it for them. They arm the cartels just like they arm the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The CIA gives them guns and large sums of cash. Then they bring the drugs in the country, and they sell it to ‘controlled’ dealers who filter it through our system. The more drugs on the market, the better it is for the people who control our system. Cops, lawyers, judges, the people who own prisons, the politicians who get paid off by those people, etc. The drug war allows ENORMOUS sums of money to float around under the table, and it allows them to manipulate people and prosecute whoever they please. Even ex CIA agents have come forward with proof of everything I said above, but what good is having proof when our entire system is corrupt? How can a Zionist Government that’s corrupt to the core, purge the corruption? Fact is, it can’t.. That’s why it’s up to us.

British Royal Family Opium Business

The CIA & the US GOVT’s old secret business: DRUG SMUGGLiNG


The Last CIA Whistleblower: Drug Trafficking, Training Terrorists, and the US Government

BILL CLINTON and CIA DRUGS for GUNS, and IRAN/CONTRA (Censored Documentary)

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