Chicago Alderman: If a Liberal Governor Was Busing Migrants, Lightfoot Would React Differently

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” Chicago Alderman and mayoral candidate Raymond Lopez argued that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wouldn’t react to Gov. Greg Abbott (R) sending migrants to Chicago if it was a liberal governor doing it and Lightfoot is just trying to distract from her failures on city issues.

Co-host Ashley Strohmier asked, “It’s obviously a humanitarian crisis and I feel like it’s being made out to be a political ploy. But all of these hits are being taken by Gov. Greg Abbott because he’s sending the migrants…to D.C., New York City, and now Chicago. Do you think, if this were a liberal governor doing this, that you would see the same type of reaction?”

Lopez responded, “No. Unfortunately, I believe that both sides are playing politics with the refugees and asylum-seekers while ignoring the fact that this all falls on the federal government. This war of words that’s trying to be politicized by Lori Lightfoot against Gov. Abbott comes on the precipice of her reelection strategy to show that she’s engaged in fighting. And once again, gaslighting national issues to deflect from the failures in the city of Chicago. … And it’s outrageous to many of the people that I meet on the street who want to know when is she going to take care of the issues locally with the same gusto that she’s trying to take on Gov. Greg Abbott with.”

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