Chinese Travelers Land in Italy, Half Test Positive for Coronavirus

Italy’s decision to take extra precautions with Chinese travelers paid off on Wednesday as two flights from China landed in Milan and half of the passengers tested positive for Covid-19. Source

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  1. Cecille says:

    Not only has the Covid virus never existed, but no virus of any kind has ever been isolated, including the HIV virus. A young engineer here in the US just filed a lawsuit to compel the government to show in court the existence of a virus, scientifically. I cannot wait for the hearing to commence. I hope this young man survives this. FOIA reports from the UK and the US show no virus has ever been isolated. A lot of charlatans, with PhDs, shilling for the New World Order, claim to have isolated a virus here, there and everywhere. Anyone insisting we need “safe” vaccines is on the same order. Think Robert Kennedy deviousness. The CDC has not isolated the Covid virus. The forced masking, quarantines, social distancing and coercive vaccinations were all based on a computer-modeling of a virus. Kary Mullis who got a Nobel prize for inventing the PCR test was boldly saying the PCR test could not and still cannot diagnose a disease. He added that Fauci does not know anything. “He thinks one can look through a microscope and see a virus on a slide.” They keep drumming that “virus” into our brain for the time when they bring in more “viruses” and vaccines. Without the virus, they have nothing to justify forced vaccinations. The story will be, “The safety of society supersedes your individual right to refuse”. Research on what true isolation and purification is. Those people in Wuhan who were walking briskly one minute in obvious good health, were spinning and falling flat on their face dead the next second. That was not a virus kill. That was an EMF hit. That Chinese military whistleblower said the government fired up the 5G towers that day. Those that survived the EMF hit were summarily finished off with gunshots to the head. The controllers of this planet always build up these “geniuses”, “seers”, and “experts” for the sheep to look up to in complete awe and unquestioning belief. These people are continuously trying to kill us by poisoning our water and food supply, spraying heavy metals and other toxins into the air we breathe, etc. Hopefully anyone with more than a single digit IQ gets this. Please look up these videos.
    Here are the different ways they are slowly killing us:

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