Colin Jordan: Britain Awake

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March 12, 2016


Colin Jordan gives a full 90 minute speech to a packed election meeting held at Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton North East in 1971.

The European common market had just begun, which was to metastasize into the EU and the coloured invasion from the Commonwealth was well underway. Colin highlights both of these, along with the crimes of Wilson and Heath and how we no longer need to go to Asia or Africa to see the wildlife, because because it is now right here in Britain. Out go the Whites and in come the savages, house by house and street by street they advance, the dark tide steadily seeping forward into what used to be England. In a thousand years the British had never seen an invasion and occupation like this.

The worst form of treachery ever to be carried out was by the Tory and Labour governments after the war, a war that was supposedly fought in order to keep the country British. Fight on the hills and on the beaches we were told, in order to throw the invaders out, but now it is the dark stranger taking over, we are told the right and proper thing to do is to welcome them! We should be seeing them as new Yorkshiremen and new Londoners, here to enrich us and do all the jobs we were incapable of doing before they came.

Making a point of contrasting the coloured invasion with the non-existent German one, the large audience regularly shows it’s approval for Colin’s words.

What this speech shows, is that the same language as now was being used 40 years ago to decieve our people into welcoming their own destruction. Colin proves himself to be an accomplished speaker, slowing his words down for effect before rising again in tempo and repeating important phrases for effect.

It is a great shame there are not more recordings of Jordan around because judging by this, he was one of the best speakers we ever had.

Speech by Colin Jordan for 1971 election

Colin Jordan: Britain Awake

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