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The school-to-prison pipeline: It’s time to get cops out of schools

     I’m still shaking from watching the recently released video of a white, uniformed police officer violently body-slamming a 12-year-old Latina girl face-first into a brick walkway. You can hear a “crack” when her face slams into the brick. The child was reportedly talking with another student when other kids gathered to see if there […]

Saudi Arabia Wants US To Kill 9/11 Bill, Threatens To Dump US Assets Worth $750 Billion

The warning was delivered by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir last month during a visit to Washington, the New York Times reported. He said his country would sell up to $750 billion in US treasury securities and other assets before the bill puts them in jeopardy. The newspaper said Riyadh’s resolve to actually deliver on […]

Infants Bought And Sold At ‘Baby Farm’ Hospital

Police have raided a private hospital in central India where unwanted newborns were sold and swapped for £1,000. The babies, born out of rape or wedlock were being delivered at a private hospital and then sold for adoption police said. Metro reports: Two of the babies have now been rescued by police from the 30-bed Palash […]

Lead designer of Gardasil trials now warns parents against the vaccine

     Gardasil, the vaccine that supposedly protects young girls from the human papillomavirus and the cervical cancer which it can lead to, has come under intense scrutiny from medical professionals around the world over the past few years. Unfortunately, mainstream media outlets rarely if ever share information related to this scrutiny, despite the many eye-opening […]

Colin Jordan: Britain Awake

Radio Aryan March 12, 2016 Colin Jordan gives a full 90 minute speech to a packed election meeting held at Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton North East in 1971. The European common market had just begun, which was to metastasize into the EU and the coloured invasion from the Commonwealth was well underway. Colin highlights both of […]

Putin Orders FSB to Step-Up Protections Against “Refugees”

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer February 26, 2016 All these innocent victims are asking for is unlimited free everything forever and an ability to commit unlimited amounts of crime and never be punished. Mean old Russian patriarchy, coming down on the innocent hajis. Doesn’t Putin understand that they’re only looking for unlimited free everything and gang-rape? RT: […]

Poll: Cruzman Sachs Only has One Point on Glorious Leader in Texas

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer February 25, 2016 He claimed to have the spirit of Jesus. Turned out it was the spirit of diabolical Jew bankers. You will know them by their works (or tricks). HAHA! Cruzman Sachs has been destroyed by Our Leader. He tried some dirty tricks without realizing who it actually was who wrote […]

Man Pulled From Burning Car, What Police Found In Wreckage Has People SHOCKED

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– A miracle occurred in Memphis over the weekend that have many people praising God. A car burst into flames after crashing into a pole, leaving the driver pinned against the steering wheel. That’s when God stepped in. An onlooker recorded video as people leaped out of their cars to try and rescue […]

Vaping Suppresses The Immune System

E-cigarettes are quickly becoming the smoking apparatus of choice, having been aggressively marketed as both an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and as a way for smokers to give up their nicotine addiction. As the debate on the potential adverse health effects of vaping continues to rage, a study by the University of North Carolina suggests […]

First Fully Legal Ayahuasca Church In America To Open Soon

In the past, there has been a variety of other small and private ayahuasca churches in the U.S., but these were very difficult to find and get involved with. Ayahuasca Healings, on the other hand, will be entirely open to the public — and advertised freely. It was recently announced that the first […]

Turkey fines Twitter $51,000 for ‘terrorist propaganda’ – reports

The Turkish Information and Communications Technologies Authority (BTK) has forwarded its decision to the Twitter Company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California, as well as informed the office of the company’s lawyer in Turkey, according to information Anadolu News Agency received from the body. The decision was based on a 2007 law on “fighting against crimes […]

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