Controlled Opposition or Stupid As S#it???

The below was a post by someone who claims to be intelligent, awake, enlightened who has thousands of followers.

“If you are a Zionist Christian in the USA, don’t vote for Trump. You are on the side of his enemies (the ELohim worship cult / the pharisees /the rabbinical councils).

All that shit you THINK you know about zionism and israel was put in your mind by a ELohim (satanists) plot that began in 1855. You are being duped.”

End of post———————-

Trump is a 30 shekel whored out blackmailed with Mossad jeffery Child Rape videos IsraHELL FIRSTER bitch of the Jew Cult.

The person who did this post is a Jew who tries to excuse the evil done humanity by the Jew cult

by saying space aliens abused the Jews and that is why they are evil soul-less f##ks.

None of the evil the Jews do-

-is the fault of the Jews themselves according to the poster.

The Jews are just blameless victims of space aliens according to the poster.

Jews teach and take delight in raping children because the space aliens make them do so according to the poster.

The Jews start wars in which millions are slaughtered because they are victims of space aliens according to the poster.

To be fair, he is a atheist communist Jew who worships the Mass Murdering Marxist Lincoln who killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union.

Atheist Jews don’t believe the “god” who ‘promised ” Jews they would rule the world exist, but they believe the “god” they don’t believe in really did choose them to rule over the Goyim.

Zionist Zombie Jews and Communist atheist Jews hate each other with a passion but they will put aside their differences to make war against the goyim.

Veterans Today is a atheist Communist Jew Limited Hang Out.
Every day VT runs articles badmouthing IsraHELL & Zionist.

ANYONE, ANYONE AT ALL who encourages you to “vote” in the predetermined elections in which all candidates are Rothschild’s 30 shekel whored out treasonous to America/Americans is a treasonous to America/Americans fool or Controlled Opposition trying to herd all Goyim through the slaughterhouse doors.

Biden is a baby raper, Trump is a baby raper

and there is a reason Robert Kennedy is sucking the dicks of and cheering on the holocaust of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judeans by the very ass holes who murdered his Uncle JFK and Robert’s own father.

If no American voted for any ass hole in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, the Rothschild’s children raping evil scum sucking ass holes would have a hard time claiming they were the representatives of the people when none of them voted for their sold out asses.

If you have not figured it out already the post telling Zionist “christians” the Rothschilds who run the Jew cult is the enemy of the Jew loving IsraHELL Firster Trump

are the enemy of Trump is trying to convince Americans Trump is not Rothschild’s bitch so they will vote for Trump thinking he will save Americans from the satanic Rothschilds who own and operate his baby raping ass.

Do you “christians know what Jesus said should be done with one who rapes Children?

He sure as hell did not say vote for them!
That means anyone claiming to be a christian who votes for any of the pedophiles in the US/State “elections is the enemy of Jesus who takes delight in pissing into the face of Jesus and God.

“And Jesus said:
“Thou Hypocrites!!!!”

The Ole Dog!


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