Could It Really Be, The End Of Meat? (Video)

It is no longer a secret that the mass production and consumption of meat and other animal products are one of the leading causes of environmental degradation and climate change on our planet. The cat is out of the bag, and even though (for some reason) large environmental agencies have swept this issue under the rug for some time now, this issue is finally getting the attention it deserves.

We have seen a massive amount of awareness raised around this important concern over the past few years -especially with the release of documentaries and specifically one called Cowspiracy. This was produced by celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio which helped to garner a lot more attention and to open a lot of eyes about the true environmental cost of that burger, that steak or those wings.

This Is How Change Happens

Luckily, with all this awareness comes real, physical change. Not only have the numbers of vegans and vegetarians increased drastically around the globe, but we are also seeing more and more consumers choosing more ethically sourced meats and animal products and eating much less. Let’s face it; no one needs to be consuming meat and other animal products for every single meal that is just excessive. People are opting for more of a Flexitarian type of diet and being more mindful of  how much meat they are consuming and where those products are coming from. Sure, this isn’t perfect, and some people might argue that it’s all or nothing, but I think we can all agree that drastically cutting down the consumption of meat and other animal products is a huge step in the right direction.

With all of this mindful consumerism, we are seeing the companies make some massive shifts as well to keep up with us, the consumers. Big businesses are starting to stop the use of hormones and antibiotics in the animal products that they are selling, because they are aware that is what the consumer demands. This is another fine example of how voting with your dollar is one of the most powerful ways you can impact change on this planet. More and more vegan and vegetarian restaurants are popping up, and we are seeing some incredibly realistic plant-based substitutes for milk, cheese, and yes, even meat!

Would You Ever Give Up Meat?

So, a good question to all those who consider themselves meat eaters and would never consider giving it up. If there were a plant-based alternative that looked, cooked, and tasted exactly like the real thing, but no animals were harmed, would you consider giving that a try? What about a product that was made from animal tissue, but was created in a lab, and once again no animals were harmed, would you consider that? Because these things are real and becoming much more of a reality in this day and age to the point where it seems that it is only a matter of time before the archaic practice of factory farming becomes obsolete. The more awareness that is raised about the true cost of factory farming and animal consumption the quicker this would happen. So, if you would like to see this happen much faster, and maybe in your lifetime, check out the video below and share, share, share!

The End Of Meat- Trailer

We can all do our part to help make a difference.

Much Love

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