Criminal Jews try to ban Jewish run Golden Dawn

Jobbik party member on the lookout  for reprobate Jews and base immigrants who've outlived their welcome in Hungary today

Jobbik party member on the lookout for reprobate Jews and base immigrants who’ve outlived their welcome in Hungary today


Greece’s Golden Dawn political Party is run by the Greek Jews as a PsyOps and false flag operation to make the criminal Jews look like the victims, and bring in more laws to oppress the gentiles for total control



For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

And the woman thou sawest is that great city [i.e., the global metropolis of Jewish monetary power], which reigneth over the kings of the earth.”—Revelation 17. 16-17

Did you know that the current swelling tide of Europe’s militant far-right white nationalist opposition to reprobate Jewry, and her crimes against Christians and Gentile humanity, is consistent with the biblical forecast of a revival of hatred of the international Jewry in Europe, during the last great social cataclysm or end-time apocalypse?

Notable among the relatively righteous and quite rightly indignant white nationalist opposition to reprobate Jewry are the Golden Dawn party in Greece and the Jobbik party in Hungary. Making the wimpish worldly Jews terrified that the slumbering goyim in Europe will finally awake en masse to the Jews as the arch-enemies of Gentile humanity and the chief destroyers of decent white Christian societies.

Golden dawn on the march against the Jews' evil antichristian, anti-white Christian European agenda in Greece today

Golden Dawn on the march against the Jews’ evil antichristian, anti-white Christian European agenda in Greece today

Golden Dawn, known The People’s Association, is predictably spun by Jewish scholars and the Jews’ media as a militantly neo-Nazi, fascist, racist and xenophobic outfit. For the group really rejects these labels, and admires the staunch monarchist and supporter of Constantine I, Ioannis Metaxas, who was Prime Minister of Greece during the Second World War. Golden Dawn has admittedly used Nazi symbolism and praised prominent Nazis; but the association’s leader has only openly identified his popular party as nationalist and racist.

Jobbik is the name for the Movement for a Better Hungary; and it’s a Hungarian nationalist party that says it’s “a principled, conservative and radically patriotic Christian party”, whose “fundamental purpose” is the protection of “Hungarian values and interests.”

On the other hand, Jobbik, which is presently Hungary’s third largest political party, has been described by anti-white Christian Gentile Jewish scholars, the Jewish controlled press, and Jobbik’s predominantly Jew backed political opponents as anything from fascist, neo-fascist, Neo-Nazi, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Roma, and homophobic.


Reprobate Jewry in Europe is evidently quite concerned by Jobbik; and her media is downplaying the rising tide of Jobbik opposition to Jewry, because the Jews don’t want the party’s antisemitism to spread to America, where it has of course been traditionally openly espoused by the best Gentile politicians in the country’s history and the Christian republic’s founding fathers.

For the commie Jews behind Obama’s regime don’t want the slumbering goyim in America to do anything more than the Russian intellectuals and wealthy middle class did to ‘get off the train’ the commie Jews had put them on to the Siberian gulag camps. For just as the Jews sent the best Russians to the gulag camps, so that the Jews could just stroll into their vacant houses and steal the title deeds and their property, so too will the houses of intellectuals and the wealthy middle class in America soon be taken over, after the owners have been sent to the Jew run FEMA camps, some of which are located like Stalin’s gulag camps in Siberia, in the wastes of the Alaskan tundra.

Hungary’s Jobbik party at a recent anti-Jewish rally in Budapest, on the eve of the meeting of the wicked World Jewish Congress in the capital …


“Death to the Jews!” “Auschwitz isn’t this way!” “We’re taking you to a free campsite, with heating!” “No return ticket!” …


Jobbik MP in Hungary demands lists of Jews and says they pose a national security risk …


Check out this article …

One big reason for the recent French resistance to receiving base immigrants from North African, via Italy, was the political challenge former French President Nicolas Sarkozy faced from the right.

Mainstream politicians all across Europe are feeling pressure from the right.

In Finland, the nationalist True Finns won 39 seats in Parliament earlier this month. The True Finns were rewarded with the chairmanship of the Foreign Affairs Committee Tuesday and will be looking to make more gains as negotiations over the shape of the incoming coalition government continue this week.

The rise of far-right parties — not just in France and Finland but in numerous other countries across Europe — has the potential to call into question not only immigration politics but the prospects for continuing bailouts of economically struggling European Union member states.

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Radical Semitic Islamist calls for murder of members of a German far-right party that uses cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed


Jewish Leaders Urge Hungary Crackdown on Anti-Semitic Jobbik Party

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