Dark DNA: The Language of God

This segment is from the “Ascension of the Molecular Biological Machines”, aka the “Rise of the Graphene Zombies” about the Bacteriorhodopsin Operating System which electrically excites the “GQD Particle” that is used to transform humans into Biological Computers or Androids capable of remotely processing at exponentially higher speeds than that of modern computers.

On April 8th CERN is set to be reactivated the very same day as the Great American Eclipse and their accelerator will be working till December 2024. While CERN masquerades as a “research facility,” the truth is that scientists at CERN are slamming Protons together at an unprecedented energy level in order to unlock our world’s mysteries like “other dimensions” (and dark matter, which we know little about despite it accounting for 26.8% of all mass and energy). 1

What exactly is “Dark Matter”?

In Astronomy, unlike normal matter, dark matter does not interact with electromagnetic force. This means it does not absorb, reflect or emit light, making it extremely hard to spot. In fact, researchers have been able to infer the existence of dark matter only from the gravitational effect it seems to have on visible matter.  Dark matter seems to outweigh visible matter roughly six to one, making up about 27% of the universe. 2

What role does “Dark Matter” play in humans?

The Human Genome Project discovered that most of our DNA (approximately 98%) does not actually code for proteins, with humans having approximately 20,000 to 25,000 protein-coding genes, comparable to that of a fruit fly. This 98% of DNA has been deemed ‘junk DNA’ or ‘the dark matter’ of the human genome. Many scientists are now discovering that this junk DNA plays an essential role in our biology and the epigenetic processes that respond to the environment. 3

What is epigenetics?

Your genes play an important role in your health but so do your behaviors and environment. Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body cells read a DNA sequence. Environmental influences impact the epigenetics of cells which respond by making modifications in the DNA of an organism. Such environmental factors include food limitation, stress, and environmental toxins. 4

It turns out that all the epigenetic programming and interfacing with the environment is happening in the “Dark Matter”. Research shows that dark matter produces a type of RNA molecule that regulates the ability of our biological processes to interface with the environment and change cellular states. This is called epigenetic programming. 5

So is the White Rabbit CERN Particle Accelerator being deployed the exact same day of the April 8th Solar Eclipse going to be tampering with your DNA? 6 IDK? It’s definitely doing something to your “Dark Matter”? Is this  the calibration step required for the AI Tribes to start their “Game of Natural Selection” we discussed earlier where those individuals most genetically adaptable to their environment would be selected as victors? 7

How does Natural Selection bring about evolution?

Evolution occurs in two stages: mutation followed by natural selection. DNA mutation is a common and continuous process, and occurs completely at random. Natural selection then acts to determine whether mutations are kept and passed on or not, usually depending on whether they result in higher reproductive success. In short, mutation creates the variation in an organism’s DNA, natural selection decides whether it stays or if it goes, and so biases the direction of evolution. But this process of evolution is very slow and can take millions of years to take place. 8 9

Could the activation of “Dark Matter” or junk DNA by the CERN Particle Accelerator change all that whereby “Natural Selection” can proceed at an unprecedented rate due to Epigenetic changes? Science seems to think so and perhaps CERN activating its particle generator on the 8th is not a coincidence after all!

Can Scalar Waves induce epigenetic changes required for evolution?

Scalar waves are electromagnetic waves with unique properties, including the absence of electric or magnetic fields. Some proponents claim that scalar waves can influence biological processes. However, there is no scientific consensus on scalar waves’ existence or their role in epigenetic changes. Most of the research focuses on well-established mechanisms such as DNA methylation, histone modifications and non-coding RNA regulation in “Dark Matter.” 10 11

These are all types of Epigenetic changes as described by the CDC: 12

DNA Methylation

DNA methylation works by adding a chemical group to DNA. Typically, this group is added to specific places on the DNA, where it blocks the proteins that attach to DNA to “read” the gene. This chemical group can be removed through a process called demethylation. Typically, methylation turns genes “off” and demethylation turns genes “on.”

Histone modification

DNA wraps around proteins called histones. When histones are tightly packed together, proteins that ‘read’ the gene cannot access the DNA as easily, so the gene is turned “off.” When histones are loosely packed, more DNA is exposed or not wrapped around a histone and can be accessed by proteins that ‘read’ the gene, so the gene is turned “on.” Chemical groups can be added or removed from histones to make the histones more tightly or loosely packed, turning genes “off” or “on.”

Non-coding RNA

Your DNA is used as instructions for making coding and non-coding RNA. Coding RNA is used to make proteins. Non-coding RNA helps control gene expression by attaching to coding RNA, along with certain proteins, to break down the coding RNA so that it cannot be used to make proteins. Non-coding RNA may also recruit proteins to modify histones to turn genes “on” or “off.”

Recently Blushield came out and presented research on the effectiveness of their devices in mitigating Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) damage on cells and DNA. Participants showed enhanced DNA Methylation within three months use of their Blushield device. They believe this is an expression of cellular adaptation to harsh EMF environments. We believe it may be an epigenetic adaptation. 13

How are the NWO Elite surviving this harsh environment?

If the NWO believes that they are the true children of God… the children of the light… then scalar waves may be how they are empowering themselves and in fact they may be interfacing too. 14

How do Scalar Waves and our thoughts impact Dark Matter?

Scalar waves can alter dark matter within DNA. Genetically this is where the genes of our evolution since the beginning of time are stored. This “Dark Matter” is also called the “Eternal Dark Matter ” form.

 This “Dark Matter” is guided through thought where every single thought affects the observable state of the mind-body-spirit system and the materialization of events. 15

“Our thoughts co-create our own personal reality hologram due to the fact that thoughts are scalar wave configurations of trans harmonic patterns of bi-polar, electromagnetic energy radiation, which create specific patterns of scalar frequency within the personal morphogenetic field manifestation blueprint. Wandering and directionless thought produces chaotic information arrays within the personal morphogenetic field manifestation blueprint thus resulting in ineffective manifestation abilities. Conversely, thought guided by clear intention produces organized information within the personal morphogenetic field manifestation blueprint resulting in efficient manifestation and materialization potentiality. Human beings that can combine experiential knowledge of the cosmic anatomy structure with thought guided by clear intention reclaim one of the most potent forms of scalar power. Thoughts will eventually materialize into reality, whether it is in this space-time vector or in the other alternate realities.”

These thought patterns are recognized by “introns” in the Human Genome “Dark Matter” or “Junk DNA” which play a vital role in genomic regulation. 16

“Words deliver electro-magnetic instructions to the introns (potential DNA) via the morphogenetic fields surrounding every atom, cell, organ, organ system, in the physical atomic body. Words are sound drivers that convert into manifestation lattices and sound vibrations that affect the personal morphogenetic field body. Specific word arrangements can function to either assist one to advance and be more conscious or devolve and digress. Quantum Morphological Repatterning (QMR) are powerful word instructions such as “I AM” sound encoders that program powerful electromagnetic instructions into your own personal morphogenetic field body. Examples of positive “I AM” sound programs:





“The optimum time for quantum morphological repatterning is just prior to sleep and immediately upon waking. Prior to sleep, repeat out loud the specific “I AM” sound encoders and as you begin to fall asleep, repeatedly mentally recite it until you reach the sleep state. Upon awakening, repeatedly mentally recite the “I AM” sound encoders until you fully awaken. Language is a type of harmonic resonation consisting of symbols (alphabet) and sound frequencies. Language also directly influences the personal morphogenetic field manifestation blueprint, as well as the consciousness level that materializes within the physical atomic form. Therefore, our language can either stimulate or turn off the introns. The truth is our language is a distorted language that keeps us imprisoned via feeding the mutations in our DNA.” 17

And although a scalar wave generator would help you can do this exercise without one as long as you recite certain phrases because the body already produces scalar waves. Sound through words are important in activating dark matter that contains God’s original blueprint for your DNA. 18

“The pre-ancient Hebrew tribes knew about the scalar wave patterns that when generated within the DNA, allowed the physical body to metamorphose into light as it allowed particles and antiparticles to merge, changing into fire and rise up to the next octave. They understood there was a system that possessed the key to advanced spiritual development and connecting with God and that secret was found in what is known as “Fire Letters or Codes”” 19 20

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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