David Sacks: “Biden’s Big Backfire” Is Ukraine, Warns Of “Woke War III”

Venture capitalist David Sacks, who also hosts the All-In Podcast, sat down with Saagar Enjeti, a political commentator and podcaster from Breaking Points, to explore President Biden’s failures in Ukraine and Gaza

Sacks has been a vocal critic of Western propaganda on Ukraine, advocating for a more nuanced understanding of the conflict and opposing NATO expansion to prevent further escalation. 

“I was a little bit familiar with the conflict and with the idea that NATO expansion was something that the Russians really didn’t like. And so I started advocating on the All-In Podcast that we should take NATO expansion off the table; it’s clearly a huge irritant here in the situation,” Sacks told Enjeti. 

Sacks continued, “I realized that this was the result of a deliberate US policy, kind of a neocon policy that either wanted this war or certainly wasn’t willing to avoid it. They weren’t willing to take NATO expansion off the table to avoid the war, so um, so yeah, I just started speaking out about it, I guess, using my channels.” 

Enjeti asked Sacks what sources he reads to gather intel on the Ukraine situation. He blasted corporate media for “shading the truth or not telling us what was really happening in the war,” adding that independent media outlets and certain X users were giving the most accurate information about the conflict. 

Sacks then criticized US foreign policy and neoconservatives for making “horrible policy decisions” on Ukraine in what could be the biggest blunder since the Iraq War. 

Cough, cough, Victoria Nuland… 

“The whole mainstream media stampeding us into this policy – and um the sort of the taboo they’re trying to create around it – where you know, it’s a lot like the Iraq War where anyone who opposed it was considered unpatriotic or sort of treasonous.” 

Sacks pointed out, “I guess I wouldn’t speak out as much about it if I thought that the issue was being covered accurately – and it is such an important issue. This could lead to World War III or what I call Woke War III if we’re not careful.” 

He also spoke about the “fusion of the woke left and the neocon right” in supporting the war in Ukraine, expressing concern over their views of not finding a peaceful resolution and only escalating the war closer to World War III. 

Jumping to the halfway point of the interview, Sacks said:

“I call this Biden’s big backfire. If you look at all of his claims at the beginning of the war, they’ve all come true in reverse. He said that we would weaken Russia in order to prevent them from waging uh this type of War again. In fact, we’ve made the Russian military stronger – it’s larger than it was before. It’s produced, uh, far more weapons the industrial base is ramped up, plus it’s now a battle-tested battle-harden, especially against Western weapons. It’s a much more formidable military Biden has created on the part of the Russians than when we started.

Meanwhile, it’s the United States that has seen its stockpiles depleted and hollowed out. Then you look at the economic claims that Biden made, he said that sanctions would crush the Russian economy. In fact, the Russian economy is growing faster than any of the G7 economies.” 

Enjeti then asked Sacks: “How would you rate President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict so far?”

Sacks responded: 

“In the wake of October 7th, the first thing I said this was a little bit of reminiscent of 9/11. And the purpose of an outrageous terrorist attack is usually provoking overreaction, yes, and I hope that the Israelis would react wisely and not in the 911 manner as the United States did. It’s safe to say now that the Israeli reaction is exactly what Hamas wanted. 

“They’ve created this humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and it’s basically turned the whole Middle East and most of the world against Israel. I’m shocked by some of the arguments I’m seeing now that this sort of decolonization narrative that used to really be in academic circles has now kind of gone mainstream. 

“I think Biden made a huge mistake of basically going to the Middle East initially and hugging Netanyahu and giving him carte blanch … Israeli indiscriminately bombing a civilian population in Gaza is going to backfire horribly.” 

Watch Sacks’ full interview below:


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